Little Linda

She was the dream of many men and she knew it.  But she also knew that they just wanted her for sex.  She knew because, sometimes, that was OK with her.  It was her body they wanted.  They lusted after her body.  She was tiny, five foot one, with well proportioned hips and breasts.  She weighed a mere ninety two pounds soaking wet and naked. 

The boys liked to pick her up and mount her on their waist, squash her against a wall, then to the bed where they impatiently deposited their lust.  It was frenetic, fast paced and over before she finished but the intensity of it stayed with her for weeks.

The men took longer and were more considerate but her physique brought the cowboys and men who liked rough sex and who liked to throw small feminine bodies around.  Some were too rough; some not rough enough.  But the men that knew her intimately, knew just how she liked it.  She liked the men in total control but aware of her, teasing her, driving her, overwhelming her.  Big, muscular men with scratchy beards and hairy chests. She loved to be pounded hard by a big cock. And for her, seven inches was as much as she could handle. 

About rushmorejudd

Independent author of erotic stories.
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