Cuckold Confessions

I am crazy about you.  Hot for you.  I want the best for you.  I want you to enjoy the full pleasures of being a woman.  I want to see you fulfill every fantasy that you desire.  Life is short.  Would you reach a new level of excitement if I brought another man home?  Two men to adore you.  Two men to touch you.  Two men to kiss your naked body.

Maybe you would like me to bring home that nice young busboy from the restaurant.  I think he had eyes for you.  You saw.  And young cocks get so hard and stiff.  No softness there.  Young, inexperienced but so excited, so eager, wanting what you offer so desperately.

Or could you just enjoy the passion of a first time with another.  Not knowing what direction it will take, what position you will take, goddess or slave who knows.  It’s a dance of two complex perhaps competing desires.  It’s about surprise and anticipation.  An intimacy you can only achieve alone.  So be it.

Would it be a big man?  Large muscles and chest and hopefully a large thick cock of your dreams.  The penetration that you’ll only need once but will think about forever.  Would it be a black man?  Kinky hair and velvety skin.  Lips to die for.

Alone if you must.  I would miss the look in your eyes.  Yes, THAT look in your eyes.  Complete ecstasy.  Rapture.  I want to see that in your eyes.  I was to see you feel that.  And know that it was my willingness, the comfort of my aegis, and my love for you that made it all possible for you.

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My Hidden Cameras 1

Her hand slid slowly over the cotton of her panties.  Her lips swelled.  Her camel toe prominent as her finger slowly ran up and down the crease.  She eagerly looked at the photos on her phone.  Studying each one carefully.  Photos of me that my former Mistress took.  Photos in compromising positions.  I watched her on the hidden camera I had in the stuffed bear I gave her for Valentine’s day.  The camera she didn’t know was enclosed gave me a perfect view of her on her bed.

Her hand moved inside her panties, under the fabric; her knuckles still telling the story of her self-caresses.  I watched, engorged, my cock straining to be touched but I wanted to stay with her.  Watch her to the end before I satisfied myself.

She put the phone down, concentrating on her dirty thoughts.  I could see her screen.  It was the pick of me strapped to the chair with my cock at attention.  Stiff, vulnerable, wanting.  It reminded me of how desperate my Mistress had gotten me.  How she teased me and kept me on edge, leaving my hands tied behind my back.  Taking pictures.

She was rubbing furiously now, waving her fingers quickly and gently over her sensitive clit.  Stopping occasionally to push her fingers deep inside her tunnel, pressing them against her g-spot, forcing me toward excitement.  Forcing me toward an orgasm which I gave into a little before hers.

She would return and start all over again in a half hour while I was still spent.

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The Big Lie

One day I invited a few guy friends over on a Sunday afternoon to watch football. I audio taped about 3 hours of them arriving, watching the game, and cheering for the home team.  I have hardwood floors so I also made another tape of me walking down the hall and into the bedroom.  A few weeks later, also on a Sunday afternoon I told my girlfriend I had a surprise for her.

I started by tying her naked and spread eagled to the bed and blindfolding her.  I then played with her.  Massaging and kissing her breasts and licking her pussy.  But left her wanting.  I left the bedroom and in the living room put the tape on.  It seemed like I was watching the game.  The first guest “arrived.”  Then the second and the third.  Greetings and laughing pursued.  My girlfriend had always fantasized about a gang bang.

I took the second audiotape and walked down the hall.  Two sets of footprints.  Opening the door, I said, “Okay now please keep our secret and don’t say a word, just have your way with her.  Condoms are on the side table.”  I closed the door. Turning off the second tape, I was glad to see that I could still hear the tape in the living room as another guest arrived and I could hear the TV playing the game.  The living room was far enough away to make it hard to distinguish individual words but male voices and the TV were clearly heard.

I walked over to my naked girlfriend and kissed her on the lips.  She returned the kiss.  Arms and legs spread as they were, she could not touch or explore my body.  I quickly undressed and jumped on top of her, naked flesh on naked flesh.  Being conscious of not repeating my usual moves I tried to be as gentle as possible, slowly working my mouth all over her body.  She began to moan.  I sucked on her toes, something I seldom have done but she seemed to enjoy it.  Lapping at her slit with rapid gentle strokes she orgasmed for the first time.   I entered her and fucked her but only pretended to cum, pulling out quickly and using a nearby towel to wipe her up in case she realized she wasn’t leaking.

I grabbed my clothes and left, just as a cheer came when the home team scored.  The next man in fucked her quickly and roughly.  I repeated this a number of times each time trying different styles. The fourth time I put a sheath over my cock giving me greater girth and convincing her that these were different men fucking her.  It also allowed me to stay inside her without cumming for quite a while.  I could see her mind going crazy at the idea of all of my friends fucking her and she began to orgasm pretty freely thought the various sessions.

“Are you Matt?” she asked, but I refused to answer.  “Please tell me your name.”  My heart raced at the fact that I was able to convince her that she was being used by serial men.  After about the 5th man I think she began to suspect the reality.  But I continued with the game until the end, finishing her off myself, talking to her, asking her if she enjoyed my friends, bringing her to one last orgasm.

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For Mary

You said it turns you on to hear what someone would do to you.

I would break into your house, tie your husband up, strip him, and make him watch while I slowly remove your clothes kissing each exposed part as I went.  I would threaten to hurt him if you didn’t go along with my seduction, yet I would be gentle, patient and concentrated on getting you excited.  I would remove all of your clothes except your panties and play with your breasts and rub my hand between your legs.  You would resist hugging me back or returning my kisses but you would want to give in.  As your nipples became erect and your pussy began to leak I would point this out to your husband.  He would get an obvious erection and I would comment how he was liking this.  Both of you would experience confused feelings.  Your husband would feel helpless, emasculated but would be unable to control his sexual reaction to seeing you getting excited.  You would wish that the circumstances were different, surprised that my focus was on you and not myself.  Aroused but restrained in front of the staring eyes of your husband.

I would remove your panties and run my tongue over your mound.  I would complain to your husband that you weren’t fully shaved and tell him that he should demand that from you.  In fact, he should do the same.  I would tongue you from your wet hole to your swelling nub, slowly.  Poking my tongue into your soaking cunt I would lap your juices and rim your opening widening it.

Moving my tongue north, I would ladle your clit with my tongue and kiss it surrounding it with my lips.  Lightly sucking on it.  I would turn you over and kiss your cheeks, slowly working my way into your crevice.  Pulling you cheeks apart I would lightly tap my tongue against your brown hole.

I would tell you to assume a doggy position making sure that you were positioned to see your husband staring and see his hardon.  I would mount you from behind and fuck you hard and furiously.  As you moaned, I would tease your husband telling him how much you were enjoying it and how wet and slippery you were.  When I finished I would make you give your husband a blow job while he was still tied up.  I would direct you to look into his eyes and to silently let him know you had no choice and to beg him with your eyes to forgive you.

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Coming Home

She wouldn’t tell me why.  She just came home and made her demands.  Ripping off her clothes she led me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed.  I started to take my clothes off but with a sense of urgency that I have never seen, she pushed me down and splayed her legs and sat on my face.

“Eat me now!” she said.

Her pussy was already soaking wet.  Dripping sweet juices.  I love to eat her pussy but I wondered what got her so excited.  She was hungry, rubbing her pussy against my face.  Pressing her clit against the tip of my nose and putting it directly on my lips.  I could feel its swollen state, taste its yearning.  My hands gripped her ass and I slowed her down, sucking her clit between my lips.  I wanted to make her wait, to tease her and stretch out her orgasms but it wasn’t possible.

She was lost in her own fantasy.  A fantasy she never shared.  Something happened.  I was hard but hurt, wondering.  Her moans and multiple orgasms suggested a tortuous, steamy incident.  I guess it is her prerogative to feed her lust.  And my prerogative to feel hurt.

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She loved to be watched.  Loved to imagine all the cocks getting hard watching her.  She made videos and put them on the internet.  She took pictures with her parts barely covered and put them in groups on Facebook.  She shared pictures on Snap-chat and wondered what exhibitionists like her did before the Internet.

She did have a few seductive dresses.  One see-through blouse.  An embarrassingly short skirt.  But found few times that she felt safe in public alone with them.  There was Jeff, her boyfriend of a few years ago who encouraged her public nudity.  Who brought her to places while scandalously dressed.  She loved the looks she got and came home with Jeff all excited.  Sometimes she would even come as fast as he did.  The images of people’s eyes, even disapproving eyes, stayed in her mind and made her feel sexy.

She liked to masturbate in front of her boyfriends and make them watch without touching themselves.  When she was done, she would let them enter her and she really enjoyed their cock inside her after her first and she would often have a second or third.  She took an international flight with Paul and when most everyone was asleep she pulled her pants down under a blanket and played with herself and let Paul play with her.  Because of the movements of people near her and the flight attendants coming up and down the aisle, they had to stop and pause and it lasted for a couple of hours and it was amazing.  She had trouble containing her moaning when she came thinking she was being watched.  Pretty sure a few were watching her, listening to her, wondering about her.

She is always looking for new ways to exhibit herself and needs your ideas?  What has been your most satisfying or frustrating public experience?

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I loved the feel of her thighs against my face.  She didn’t shave above the knee and her silky thin blond hair surrounded the top of her thigh with feminine fur.  I kissed it as I breathed in her aroma.  Her aroma called to me, begging me to come closer, and I pressed forward, kissing gently as I moved.  First it was my nose that tapped her lips and found its way between her folds.  My tongue followed and lapped her crease from bottom to top bathing her little nub in my saliva.  Again and again.  From the edge of her opening to the underside of her clit.

Then poking, rimming, spending time around her opening.  Widening it.  Pressing my mouth against it.  Pulling the rim wider with my tongue.  Tasting her.  Carrying mixed fluids northward, I gave her a tight kiss around her clit.  Slight sucking.  She moans.  More kissing and sucking with the occasional lapping.  More moaning.  Reactions, provocations, one feeding the other.  A rhythm building, cascading to a final ending.  One of pure body filled bliss.

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