Beta Readers

I’m looking for Beta readers for a new novel I’ve written.  It’s a full-length novel that involves Eva, an insecure 20 year old who meets Adam a 30 year old who helps her explore and develop her feminine wiles.  This story involves lots of exhibitionism, amateur night at a strip club, a Symbian machine, group sex, etc.

If you are interested in giving me feedback – what works, what doesn’t, etc.  Please contact me here or through email at rushmore.judd at gmail.


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The Spanking

It was a spanking I deserved.  She decided to share it with a friend.  She brought me to her friend’s house who had set up a wooden coffee table.  She had strapped pillow to the table and had straps tied to the legs.

My wife made me get undressed in front of her friend.  I was embarrassed to be completely nude in front of her.  She was younger than my wife and I, and quite attractive.  Standing naked before them, I could not hide my hardon.

“He must be looking forward to his spanking,” my wife said.

“Well we will change that,” her friend responded.

“Lie on the table.”  I did and her friend tied my wrists and ankles to the legs of the table.  The pillows beneath me were soft and comfortable.  They left me there while they both got a cup of coffee and whispering to one another in words I couldn’t hear.

Returning they both had paddles and with one on each side they began to smack my naked behind.  They weren’t hitting me too hard – at least at the start.  As each stroke landed on my ass my body moved slightly forward.  My stiff cock slid across the pillows causing a delicious friction.  Slowly paced strokes reddened my ass but the pain was accompanied by the thrill of each slide.  I began to push forward as each stroke landed to get more excitement flowing through my loins.

Pain and pleasure simultaneously.  So strange, so painful, yet not wanting it to end.  Focusing as much as possible on the pleasure.  At times unable to feel anything but the pain as the strokes got harder.

“Is he rubbing himself?”

“Perhaps.  He hasn’t cried yet.  Maybe we should do it harder.”  The next whack was a wake up.  That one really hurt.  The next was just as bad but as they continued the pain seemed to diminish.  I was again enjoying the rub.  The women stopped after a while as her friend commented on how red my ass was.

“Let me take a few pictures.”  My wife grabbed her phone and took a few pictures.  She made me lift my head and turn it to the side so she could include my face and my predicament at the same time.  I wondered who she would be showing these pictures to.

“Do you still have that hardon, boy,” my wife asked.

“Yes.”  The two of them discussed whether they should let me cum or not, teasing my mind.  Eventually, my wife agreed to let me masturbate in front of the two of them.  They released me and I sat on the table rubbing my cock until I came which wasn’t very long.

“This is why I have to keep him under control,” my wife said.  “He would do this every day if I let him and he just comes so quick.  He used to be practically useless in bed until he came under my guidance.”

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Free Books


As my contribution to the boredom of the quarantine, I have made all of my books on free until May 30th.  Give yourself a mental break.  You’ll find them here:

If you enjoy them, tell a friend, write a review.

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The Cage

She bought me a cage years ago but I had refused to wear it.  It would give her too much control and I enjoyed my orgasms too much.  But finally, I gave in when she came up with an offer I couldn’t refuse.  She had a good friend whose daughter attended a nearby college.  She and her roommate wanted to have some professional nude pictures taken.  They were both young and quite attractive.  Anita, my wife’s friend had encouraged their whimsical desire, suggesting that they would appreciate these pictures when they got older.  Finding a person they could trust to take the pictures presented a difficult situation.  They were reluctant to ask their friends for many and varied reasons.

I have always been a photographer.  Not for money but I took it seriously as an avocation and had some good equipment including a high-end digital camera and professional lighting.  She suggested to Anita that perhaps I could do it and she thought she had a way to ensure my trustworthiness.  This was the offer she made to me.  I could take all the nude pictures of the two young women as long as I was willing to wear a cock cage while doing it.  As soon as I returned home, she promised to remove it.

I agreed.  The idea of photographing two beautiful young women was just too tempting.  It took forever to get the cage on.  But once on it was relatively comfortable.  I showed up at the girl’s apartment and first discussed what kinds of pictures the girls were interested in while I set up my equipment in the bedroom.  They had given quite a bit of thought to what they wanted and they were looking for a series of progressively sexier pics that they might use when flirting online with guys.

Rachel was the auburn haired daughter of Anita and she went first with her roommate, Tamika looking on.  Her skin was a pale white covered with freckles.  I had her pose in her sexiest dress, a little back cocktail dress.  I took a number of pics in different poses including the straps off her shoulders.  The top completely removed with her hands over her breasts.  A shot with her sitting and her legs open both with and without panties.  Then we moved to some lingerie, lying in various positions on the bed.  She didn’t mind when I touched her to place a strap here or there, including when I meticulously placed a strap between her legs.

My cock was trying to grow as we got deeper into the sexy poses but the cage restrained me.  It felt like someone had a tight grip around my cock and was squeezing it.  Uncomfortable but not a bad sensation.  got down to just panties, trying on various ones, in a variety of poses.  I made her play with her nipples until they got hard and stood out, explaining that guys associated hard nipples with sexual excitement.  I would tell her to look at the camera or at my cock as I snapped away.  I also got some shots of her kneeling looking up with her tongue out and a few more looking down as I lay on the ground, telling her to give me her sternest look.

She had a pair of cotton low but bikini panties on when I came up with an idea.  I asked Tamika to get me a glass of water and dipping my fingers in it I asked Rachel if it was ok for me to wet her panties slightly.  She agreed and I felt my cock jump slightly inside its trap.  I carefully applied the water to her panties right around when her pussy opening was.  It took a couple of applications to get the look I wanted.  The way Rachel looked at me when I was applying the water let me know she enjoyed my finger sliding between her lips.

The pics began to get more explicit.  We did a number of stylized elegant pics but now we were into raunchy territory.  Even Tamika was making suggestions.  “Tell her to spread her lips,” she suggested while I had Rachel nude on the bed holding her legs open.  “Do you have any oil?” I asked.  Tamika retrieved some from her dresser.  “Do you mind if I oil your lips, Rachel?”  “Go ahead.”

The cage was getting very uncomfortable now as my cock strained inside of it.  I applied the oil liberally on the inside of her lips touching the edges of her pussy and her clit.  I took a pic but then said it wasn’t quite right and put the camera down while I spread her lips completely open showing the pink inside.  Her pussy was completely devoid of hair but upon close inspection I could see that her auburn hair was natural.  Her spread pussy was now perfect and I took a number of pics with her legs up, her hands behind her head, sitting on the edge of the bed looking down at me on the floor.  Each time we changed positions, I had to reposition her lips, causing me the greatest tension between sexual desire and pain in my captive cock.

Tamika was next and we went through much of the same kinds of pics.  First the classy ones in her sun dress, then lingerie, then less and less clothing.  She was an ebony princess.  Petite, with a rocking body that had all the right proportions.  Her ruby red nipples were hard from the start.  I wondered if that was natural or the result of watching me and Rachel.  She was very willing to let me adjust her and touch her.  She even asked me to put oil on her entire body when we got to the completely nude pictures.  She looked amazingly sexy all oiled up with large protruding nipples and a pink pussy surrounded by a small patch of kinky black hair.

I spend about 4 hours taking pics.  Must have completed a thousand.  Told them I would mail them to each of them.  Then, Tamika said something that surprised me.  “I heard a rumor that your wife required you to wear a cock cage for our session.  Is it true?”  “Yes.”  “I’ve never seen one.  Will you show us.”

I must have turned six shades of red but I agreed to show them removing my pants.  They were shocked and had to look it all over, lifting it to see how the ring went around my balls. I explained to them how it went on, pointing out the lock and how secure it was.  The flesh of my cock was squeezed through the bars of the lock.  The girls were smirking and making snide comments while I stood helpless before them.

When I got home, my wife was waiting for me.  She had the bed set up with ties for my hands and feet.  “Did you have a good time?”  “Yes, very exciting.”  “I want you here, naked, and prepared for a very satisfying orgasm.”  I agreed, got undressed and she tied me securely to the bed.  Living up to her word she removed the cage.  Free to grow, my cock sprang to attention still checkered with the pattern of the cage.  She caressed me, teased me, and mounted me to an incredible orgasm.

When we finished, I thought she would untie me but I was wrong.  She waited until I softened and despite my vigorous protests, she put it back on me.  And so it began

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They met at a Company-wide conference.  He was from the West Coast; she from the East.  They had been put into a few smaller team groups, clicked and sought each other out for lunch breaks and dinner.  On the third night, they were sitting in a quiet corner of the bar with a couple of other attendees drinking.  Perhaps a bit more than each of them usually drank.  Their friends left them alone to close the bar.  Once they realized they were the only ones left, he suggested they each get one more drink and go to his room to finish them.  Once in the room, the flirtation that existed between them became more direct.

His room was equipped with 2 double beds and they sat facing one another on separate beds.  “Maybe we should just share one room tonight,” he suggested.

“In your dreams, pretty boy!”

“Afraid of what might happen?”

“Why, should I be?  What would you do if I did stay?”

“Maybe I would sneak over to your bed and give you the greatest sex you ever had?”

“Glad you don’t think too much of your abilities.  You’re probably a premature ejaculator.”

“Try me.”

“Not likely.”

“What if I told you I wouldn’t go all the way.  I would just see to it that you were satisfied.”

“What do you mean?”

“I could give you oral pleasure.  Or have some fingers involved or both?”  He thought she looked intrigued but she shook her head ‘No.’

“Really, I won’t need to have an orgasm myself.  I enjoy bringing women to orgasm and I really enjoy edging.”

“What do you mean by edging?”

“You know, staying hard but not coming.  I love that feeling of being right near the edge.”

“Do you?”  She raised an eyebrow.

“What do you think?”

“No.”  He let out a sigh of resignation.

“How about a kiss, then.  At least you can give me a kiss.”

“Okay,” she said.  And soon the two of them were on the same bed, arms around one another.  He slowly leaned in for a kiss.  She responded to his kiss spurred on by the alcohol.  It was a deep passionate kiss followed by another.  Arms moved and their bodies intertwined as they fell into a lying position.  Between kisses, he made further suggestions.  Maybe they could just take their shirts off.  Maybe he could just touch her breasts or suck on her nipples.  How about a massage?  She continued to say no.  But the kissing continued.  She could feel his hardon pressed against her legs. He grew more desperate and his suggestions took on the tone of begging.  She could tie his hands, he said, or make him keep his pants on.  Finally, she thought, I have him where I want him.

“Would you be willing to lick my feet?”  “Yes,” he said.  Another kiss.  She hadn’t actually given her permission yet.

“What about just a back rub?”  “Yes, of course.”

“What if I just let you lick my ass?  Would you do that?”  There was a slight pause but he agreed enthusiastically.  He had noticed her plump bottom and had imagined touching and grabbing it.  And the power was exchanged.

“Will you,” she said, “Do everything I ask exactly as I ask?”  “Yes.”

His pants stayed on.  Her clothes disappeared as she instructed him to remove them one by one.  He did exactly as he was told and she loved that.  In fact, it excited her to have a man do as she ordered.  When he varied from the instructions which he didn’t do deliberately, she yelled at him and threatened to quit.  But she was just playing.  She had no intention of quitting.  She let him lick her ass, then suck her nipples, more kissing here and there, and eventually, she let him lick her pussy.  He was a good lover and together they kept him restrained and on edge.  As for her, she built up so much excitement with his instructed foreplay, that she had multiple explosive orgasms.

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Naked Sister

She pretended to be asleep.  Lying naked in her bed with her door slightly ajar.  She heard her brother stirring around in the bathroom.  He would have to pass her room to return to his.  She knew he liked to try to steal looks at her, like constantly opening her door and coming in without knocking.  He often did so when she was dressing.  But she would yell and he would have to leave.

Now she was going to give him a good look and let him take her all in.  The anticipation was making her very wet.  He seemed to take forever.  She hoped he didn’t masturbate in the shower, something she saw him doing once.  She was thinking about how his long thin penis would get hard looking at her.  She tried to open her eyes just the slightest to see if she could see anything, positioning her head to get the best view.

She heard the sink go silent and then slight footsteps.  They stopped.  He was looking!  Her heart was beating out of her chest and she wondered if – with his eyes on her breasts – if he would see it.  And she was breathing harder.  And getting wetter.  She moved her hips slightly as though still asleep.

She was afraid of opening her eyes.  Listening for footsteps and hearing nothing.  Minutes went by.  Could he see the moisture in her legs?  Would he be masturbating? Is his cock in his hand?  She tried to open her eyes slightly but could only see his feet.  He was still watching her!

Her curiosity overcame her and she opened her eyes.  Yes, he was masturbating!  His tiny tightie-whities were wrapped around his knees looking like they were going to snap.  His hand on his naked cock going 90 miles an hour.  She quickly closed her eyes, his image burnt into her memory.  Did he see her open his eyes?  Perhaps he was too busy looking at her pussy lightly covered by fine red hair.

She heard no footsteps.  No running to his room, knowing he was caught.  She heard a muffled grunt.  With eyes closes she easily saw what was going on.  He was savoring her young woman’s body and masturbating to the point of no return.  Maybe he did see her open her eyes and just didn’t care.  Her whole body was filled with tension and she had to stretch.  Pretending she might be awakening, she lifted one arm and stretched, opening her legs a bit more when finishing the release.

She heard a noticeable grunt.  An orgasmic grunt.  He came, she thought.  She opened her eyes to see him leaning in her doorway.  His hand against the jam and his whole body pumping his cock through it.  His cock was still spurting fluid into her room.


Into her room.  That bastard!  GET OUT OF HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!  She got up slammed the door.  Noticing the cum on her floor, she stole a taste with her fingertip and went back to bed.  She lay there for 20 minutes or so enjoying the effect of her body on her brother.


She realized his eyes were fixated on hers.  She smiled and he looked shocked and embarrassed.  She might have been naked but he masturbated.  She watched him while he awkwardly pulled up his pants.  She had to keep herself from laughing.  She pulled the sheet over her to disguise the movements of her hand.

Which ending do you like? One, two or three!

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My First Time

The first time I came, I was about eleven.  I had a hard on for days and lying in bed at night on my stomach I was rolling from side to side enjoying the thrill of blood filling my cock.  Suddenly, it started spurting and I thought I broke it.  I thought I must have broken it in half and the spurting I felt must be blood.  It was dark and I had my brother/roommate in the room.  When it stopped spurting I realized the fluid was sticky and thick and drying too quickly to be blood but it wasn’t until morning that I was sure.

The first time with a girl was with a much older woman by at least 3 years.  I was 17 and she and her mom were staying with us.  Her father was abusive and her mother had finally had enough.  My parents offered our home as a temporary refuge.  It lasted for 4 months before they resettled in another home.  She was beautiful.  Young, bursting with womanhood.  Her breasts were magnificent and it wasn’t unusual for me to have a hard on around her.  In close quarters I would see her in her teddy, occasionally in her underwear, and certainly, all dressed up, makeup and all, ready to kill on her nights out.

Her hand touched me for the first time.  Hesitantly, thoughtfully, gently.  Her words were comforting, telling me how she noticed my rigid cock.  How it was OK.  My young hormones jumped for joy.  Too quickly, of course.  But when she asked to caress me after I spouted, and held and touched me, I felt like such a man.

My first time actually having intercourse was disappointing, of course.  Too much excitement.  Too much anticipation.  The feeling of pushing my stiff cock into her very tight, very moist tunnel was way too much.  Surprisingly, she gave me another chance where I learned about giving oral sex and the sounds she made, the unmistakable orgasm made me feel like a man.  It would be many more intercourses before I learned to last any real length of time but I made it a point to please her first before mounting her.  And so began my journey of pleasing women.

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A Fantasy

I was 18 and my little sister was 16.  She had a friend, Kate, who had a crush on me.  One day I was home in the afternoon.  I decided to take a shower.  The bathroom separated my room from my sisters.  Coming out of the shower I heard voices in my sister’s bedroom.  They were laughing and I recognized Kate’s voice.  With a towel wrapped around my waist, I knocked and then opened her door.  They were both sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I hope you girls are being good.”  I noticed Kate’s eyes go wide as I stood almost naked in the doorway.

“Unfortunately, we are,” my sister blurted.  “What are you doing?  Showing off your abs?”

“I just took a shower.”

“Are you sure you weren’t just being naked in your bedroom.”  Her tone made it clear she was referring to something dirty and Kate laughed.  Kate’s nervous laugh reminded me how close to complete nakedness I was and I could feel my cock becoming semi-erect.  I noticed Kate looking at my slight lump amid the towel.

“You two are the ones with the dirty minds, Sis.  “I just came in to say hello.”

“I know all about your dirty mind, big brother.  I can hear you at night when you go to bed.”

“Well, a man has needs you know.”

“No, I don’t.  Tell me about them.”  She laughed.  She was egging me on and I knew it.

“I guess you are still too young to understand.”

“Am I now.”

“Yes, you’ve probably never even seen a live cock, have you.”

“Un-huh.  Yes I have.”

“I haven’t!” said Kate.

“Really.  Would you like to see one?”  I have to admit there was something that excited me about showing off my semi-erect cock to her.

“Yes,” she said emphatically.  I held the towel where the top was folded under.  I moved a little closer to them.

“Are you ready?”  Both girls were wide eyed, staring at my towel.  I could feel my cock getting a bit larger.  When I pulled the towel open, my cock sprang out and pointed toward them like a dowsing rod, not fully erect but extended to most of its full length.  The girls both stared at it taking in all of its intricacies.

“Would you like to touch it?  Without giving a response, Kate reached out and encircled it with her hand.  She squeezed it a couple of times.

“Does it feel like you expected?”  I could feel it growing harder as she squeezed.

“It’s a lot softer than I thought it would be.”

“Can I touch it too?” my sister asked.

“Sure.”  Kate let go and my sister grabbed it.  It was now pointing up but it didn’t get a comment from either girl.  My sister pulled the outer skin down and then back up.

“That’s it sis.  I see you do have some experience.”  She blushed and I noticed Kate trying to casually smell the hand that touched me.

“I saw that Kate.  Do you want to smell it?”  Her eyes looked up pleadingly at me from below.  “Go ahead, Kate, you can touch it, smell it and taste it if you want.”

With my encouragement, Kate leaned over and took me in her hand pulling me closer.  She pressed her head against my groin and took a deep breath while her other hand reached under and held, then squeezed my balls.  I jumped back.

“Ouch.  Balls are very sensitive, Kate.  You can’t just squeeze them.”

“Sorry,” she said meekly.

“That’s Ok.”  I moved back closer encouraging her to continue to explore my cock with her face.  “Would you like to learn how to please a guy and maybe watch me cum?”  There was a moment of silence while the girls looked at one another.

“You wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about it, it would just be our secret.”

“Okay,” my sister blurted, “You’re on.”

I stepped back and dropped the towel from my hand.  “This whole area is very sensitive,” I said, circling my entire groin with my hand.  “But, of course, the cock is the most sensitive.”  I held it in my hand.  “See how the skin is connected here at the bottom of the cap.  This is where it is most sensitive.  But it can be excited in a couple of different ways.  One is the pull the skin here – see how it’s a little loose – up and down.  This pulls on the skin under the cap and is very exciting.”  I yanked at my cock back and forth watching them almost drool watching it.

“It can also be excited when it enters a pussy or a mouth because not only does the skin get stretched but the wet membranes rub directly on the underside of the cap where it is the most sensitive.”  I stopped jerking off.  I moved closer to her and put one foot on the bed.  “Down here the balls are very sensitive and you must always handle them with care but a light caress is an added stimulus.  Beyond that, the area right here” – I pulled my balls aside and pointed to the small area between my ass and my balls – “is super sensitive to a kiss or light stroking.  And there is nothing as exciting as licking someone’s ass but that is for advanced players.”  I smiled broadly and the girls appeared to be disgusted by my last remark.

“Want to try, Kate, and I’ll let you know how it feels.”  I put my foot on the floor and thrust my hips and cock toward her.  She timidly grabbed it and began to move up and down the shaft slowly.

“The faster you go the better but your hands are a little sweaty and this is causing some unwanted friction.  Sis, do you have some lotion handy.”  She got up and went over to the dresser, grabbing her bottle of lotion.  When she returned, she sat right next to Kate to be closer to the action.  Kate meanwhile was rubbing faster but I was definitely feeling too much friction.  I didn’t say anything, however.

“Put some of this on your hand and try it.”  Kate opened her hand and my sister pumped a couple of squirts of lotion on it.  She returned to my cock and the difference was amazing.  Her hand was now sliding along my shaft and feeling very good.”

“That feels wonderful, Kate, good job.”  I paused for a while just enjoying the feeling of her hand rubbing my cock.

“You can squeeze harder and go faster if you want.”

“It seems much harder than before.  Does it feel good when I squeeze it?”

“Oh yes.  Yes.”  I was definitely getting excited.

“Hey, I want a chance too,” chirped my sister.  Kate reluctantly stopped and let my sister grab me.  I turned to give her a better angle and she began imitating what Kate was doing.  Kate, meanwhile, facing the side of my hip, put her hand on my ass.

“Nice, sis, that’s it.”  I turned my head to the side.  My sister was developing into a woman.  Her breasts were still growing but were definitely protruding.  They were plump and perky.  I could see her nipples hard under her flimsy top.  However, I was more interested in Kate.  She exuded sex whenever she looked at me and I had fantasized about her for months.

“That is also an erotic zone, Kate.  I don’t know how I forgot to mention it.  Move your hand around and caress it like you mean it.”  Kate did just that along with a few pinches and a little slap which I didn’t mind at all.  I spread my legs a little to allow her to move her hand between my cheeks.  Her oiled hand felt so good moving around down there.

Soon Kate wanted to take over my cock again and my sister leaned back and just watched.  Kate asked me if she could put my cock in her mouth and, of course, I agreed.  Her lips surrounded my tip and her tongue licked my sensitive underside.  I moaned and Kate pulled back.

“Are you OK?  Did I hurt you?” she asked.

“Not at all Kate.  Your mouth feels wonderful.  Please do it some more.”  I tried not to sound as desperate as I actually was.  I was on the verge of cumming but the inexperience of these two was making it difficult to climax.  They stopped when I wanted them to keep going.

“Yes, that’s it, Kate.  Keep doing it just like that.”  She was slipping my cock in and out of her mouth.  I looked at my sister and was suddenly hit with the reality of how wrong this was.  But how good it felt.  I was not going to stop now.  She looked back at me, with a devil’s look in her eye.  Clearly, she didn’t feel guilty.  Her big grin told me that.

Kate kept bobbing her face on the top half of my cock.  Then I felt one of her hands reach under and just hold my balls.  It sent me over the edge.  My first spurt surprised Kate and she immediately pulled off choking.  My second spurt splashed all over my sister who immediately tried to move out of the way.  With the two girls running and ducking for cover, my hand reached down and led my cock to its conclusion.  By the time the girls recovered, I was growing limp.  I picked up my towel and went to my bedroom.

I heard the girls laughing and a few phrases.  “Did you see…  Oh my god…”

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The Psychiatrist

He was a handsome older man.  Very proper.  Well educated.  She came to him with a problem.  She couldn’t orgasm.  In her early 20’s her beauty had attracted a number of men and boys and she wasn’t a virgin.  Whether alone or with one of her beaus she was unable to reach a climax.  At times she came so close but somehow, she was unable to go the full distance and it frustrated her to no end.

“How is it that you came to me?”

“You treated my friend, Jane Hollingsworth, for a sexual disfunction and she said you were very helpful and fixed her problem.”

“Yes, I remember Jane.  But her circumstances were very different from yours.”

“But I understand that you specialize in sexual dysfunctions.”

“True, but each case is different.”

“Tell me about your sexual history with men.”

“Well, I’ve had three boyfriends and one one-night stand.”  She blushed as she mentioned her one-night stand hoping he wouldn’t think she was a slut.  “My boyfriends were all longer term, lasting from 6 months to 1 year.  I had sex with each of them but was unable to achieve an orgasm.  My first boyfriend was when I was a senior in high school and he took my virginity.  We had intercourse three times and he wasn’t a very good lover.  When I graduated, we went to different colleges and lost touch.

“My second boyfriend was someone I met in my freshman year.  He was a football player and a very big guy.  He was a sweetheart and he knew I wasn’t having an orgasm.  He tried lots of different ways to get me to cum but nothing worked.”

“Did his cock match his size?

“What do you mean?”

“Did he have a large cock?”

“Yes, he was quite large.  The biggest I’ve ever had but it didn’t seem to make a difference.”

“Tell me a little more about what it felt like when he put his cock in you.”  She turned three shades of red.  She was very uncomfortable getting into the details of her sexual life with this strange man.  He was almost the age of her father and she was uncomfortable talking about sex to any man but she realized this was necessary if he was going to help her.

“The first time was a bit painful even though we had been making out for a long time before we decided to do it.  I was wet enough, I guess, but he was so thick that it hurt when he entered.  He pushed it in somewhat slowly but once he was in, his desire took over and he quickly started to do it very hard and fast.  And it hurt the first time.  We started doing it more regularly and I got used to his size pretty quickly, but I still never had an orgasm.”

“And the third boyfriend?”

“There was a year and a half break between Jake and Tom, my third boyfriend, who I met at the end of my third year.  We were in a Biology class together and were lab mates.  Tom was a very smart, nerdy type.  Not as well endowed as Jake but very sensitive.  We went together for a little over a year.  He actually broke up with me and I think it was because he knew I wasn’t satisfied even though I faked an orgasm with him a number of times.”

“And the one-night stand?”

“I was drunk.  I had recently turned 21 and occasionally, my drinking got out of control.  I met him at the bar and we went back to his place.  Not something I’m proud about and honestly, I don’t remember a lot about the details other than he seemed more interested in himself than my pleasure.  I never saw him after that one time.”

“How long has it been since you have had sex?”

“Just over 2 years now.  I think of a sexual relationship as nice but frustrating.”

“Have any of your boyfriends ever given you oral sex?”

“Yes, all of them and especially Tom who used to do it all the time.”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes, definitely.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the sex.  It was very pleasant.  Exciting, actually but in the end, it has always frustrated me.”

“Have you ever had anal sex?”  She visibly cringed at the question.

“Ewww, no and I’m not interested in ever doing That!”

“If I asked you to get naked here in the office, would you be willing to do that.”  She looked around.  The office had a large triple paned window on one wall facing the other half of the l-shaped office building.  In front of the window was a desk with a computer on it.  Behind the two chairs that she and Dr. Rogers sat in, there was a long royal blue couch.

“Here.  I don’t think so.  It’s kind of open to the public, isn’t it?”  Her voice cracked nervously.

“I can close the blinds.”  There was a pause while it seemed as though the doctor gave her a leering look at her legs which were crossed and naked below the knee where her light summer dress ended.  “Would you let me touch you sexually?”

“Is that necessary?”

“Yes, I think it is.”

“I guess so.”  She hadn’t thought this through.  Jane hadn’t mentioned any sexual activity with her and the doctor and she was expecting it would somehow be just talk.  She suddenly realized how naïve she was.”

“What would you say if I told you that if you trust me and let me have complete control over the content of our sessions that I could cure you in three or four sessions.”

“I’d say you were a probably a liar.”  She immediately regretting saying that.  Calling the doctor a liar.  But it was the first thought she had.  Another man interested in getting sex.  She smiled trying to make it seem like a joke but she thought, is he just another man interested in seeing her naked body.

“I have dealt with this kind of problem before and have developed a technique for dealing with it.  With your permission, I will hypnotize you and try to establish what your blockage is.  I will attempt to have you orgasm while under hypnotism and then once we have accomplished that, I will attempt to have you orgasm without hypnosis.  Is that clear?  Do you have any questions?”

“Is it necessary for me to have an orgasm with you in order to solve my problem?”

“Yes.  I believe it is the only way.”

“Will I remember what happened under hypnosis?”

“Yes, I think it is best for you to remember.  It makes the transference to real life easier.”

She had no other questions and so they began.  He placed a device on her arm.

“This monitors your heart rate and will help me know what is working.”  She nodded her assent.  He went to his desk and took something in his hand.  It was a small piece of carved glass.

“Watch the spinning glass bauble.”  He held the multifaced glass on a thin chain and started to rock it side to side.  The bauble refracted the light coming in from the window and blues and reds and greens and other colors shimmed in the glass.  It was a beautiful sight.

“Look closely and let the rest of the world fade away.  Feel it’s rhythm.”  His voice was low and masculine; soothing and sexy.  “You are moving through a tunnel toward the light.  Going deeper.  Deeper.  Your eyes are closing.  And closed.”

He put the crystal glass down and turned on some rhythmic electronic music.  “Okay open your eyes.  I want you to forget your inhibitions.  Imagine that we have been lovers for many months and have already had sex.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said but wondered whether she was really hypnotized.  She didn’t feel anything different, exept for his voice.  His voice was so sexy and stirred something deep inside of her.

“Please stand and remove your clothes and do it in a way that makes you feel sexy.”  She stood and unbuttoned her dress while giving him a wanton stare.  Slowly she removed each button from its hole exposing her pink skin and black bra.  Facing him she slid the dress off her shoulders exposing her bra in its entirety.  She removed each shoe with her foot, flipping the last one toward him.  She lost her balance a bit – not very sexy – but quickly recovered.  She dropped the dress to the floor.

Turning around she removed her bra.  She wiggled her ass toward him.  She felt it was her best feature.  Plump, pear, shaped, perfect.  She gave him a glance over her shoulder before turning around, hands covering her small grapefruit sized breasts.  Walking over to him, she stood between his legs as her hands left her breasts and moved to the edge of her panties.  He stared at her young breasts, still firm and full.  She slowly – so very slowly – removed her panties only a foot or two from his face.  Her pussy was clean shaven last night in preparation.  Just in case.

She danced slowly in front of him and he let her continue for a few minutes.  He wanted to test her willingness to be open.  Test to see if she still had inhibitions.

“Go to the window and stand there naked.”  She walked over to the window with no hesitation and stood in front of the window.  She covered her breasts with her hands.  The sound of her heart monitor was beeping a little faster.

“Remove your hands for me.”  She obeyed.

“is anyone watching you?”

“There is a man smoking a cigarette in front of the building but I don’t think he sees me.”

“Very good.  Please come and sit down Miss on your chair.”  She did as she was told.  “Spread your legs over the arms of the chair.”

The chair’s arms were low and it was easy to put one leg over each.  She felt a bit uncomfortable spreading her legs like this but she did as she was told.  He slid his chair closer and pressed his fingers against the lips of her pussy.  “Did you enjoy dancing for me?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did it make you wet?”

“Maybe.”  He pressed between her lips and found the opening to her tunnel.  There was definite moisture at the opening.

“Have you ever had an orgasm when you masturbate?”

“I don’t think so.  I get excited but nothing like an explosion.  Nothing like what I am told it is supposed to feel like.”

“Have you ever used a vibrator?”  The young woman blushed at his suggestion.  “No.”

“Well that might be worth the effort., but first, let’s warm you up a bit more.”  He began to rub his fingers through the folds of her lips, stopping a couple of times to lick his fingers.  His fingers trailed up to her clit and when he touched her there, she startled.

“Does it bother you when I touch you there?”

“It just surprised me.  I guess.”

“This is a natural part of sexual intimacy.  You should get used to it.”  He used his left hand to open her lips and with a finger on his right hand he began to flick her little nub.”

“Just enjoy this feeling.  Let yourself give in to it.  Does that feel good?”

“It’s a little embarrassing.”

“Never mind that, just close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling.”  His fingers continued to play within the fold of her pussy.  Poking here and flicking there.  He slid his finger inside her tunnel just a little – to one knuckle – and circled her opening from the inside rimming around her reluctant opening.  He trailed some of her moisture to her clit which he also circled barely touching her stiffening nub.

Her heart monitor and her breathing told him she was getting excited.

“Slide your bottom down to the end of the chair closer to me.”  She removed her legs from the arms and slid her naked body along the leather of the chair until her bottom was at the edge.”

“Good,” he said as he lifted her legs over his shoulders and put his face in the crevice where his hand was.  He began to lick the full length of her pussy, his eyes focused on hers, his hands under her bottom.  She closed her eyes and he could hear the heart monitor beeping quicker.  His lips surrounded her clitoris as he sucked on it.  She moaned.  He released her button and flicked it with his tongue again.  Gently and rapidly.  After a few more minutes of this he decided she was excited enough for now.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, but…”

“But, what?”

“I have never let a stranger do this to me.  I feel shame.  Kind of slutty.”

“Inside all of us is a slut.  We are biologically inclined to have sex.  It’s in our DNA.  It’s natural.  All the shame you feel is unnatural and put upon you by parents, teachers, religious leaders and other authority figures in your life.  Were your parents very religious?”

“Yes.  Catholic.”

“Well, I believe that God gave us our sex drive for a reason.  And not just to insure procreation of the species but also for our enjoyment.  I believe God wants us to enjoy sex.  That it makes him happy to see us enjoy ourselves.  Can you imagine God smiling at us for enjoying our sex?”

“I don’t know.  That’s a hard one for me to imagine.”

“Trust me.”  She loved his deep voice and wanted to trust him.  He got up and went to his desk again and this time took out a vibrator.  It was a small 2 inch long cylinder.  He returned to his position on the floor in front of her chair.  He twisted the bottom of the vibrator and it hummed.  He placed it against her skin in the fold between her leg and torso.  She could feel its vibrations along her skin.  Slowly he moved it around in circles moving closer to her clit.  He pressed it against the side of the thin lip next to her clit.

“How does that feel?”

“Weird,” she replied.

“I want you to close your eyes and just concentrate on the vibrations.”  She closed her eyes, grateful that she could hide behind the darkness from him.  The vibrations seemed to be spreading throughout the general area and she could feel it tickling her clit.  He moved the vibrator back and forth against her clit.  Her heart monitor kicked into another gear.

“Now I want you to hold the vibrator for me.  Hold it in this area but feel free to move it around as you like.  Do not remove it or turn it off.”

She took the vibrator from him.  He lowered his head between her legs placing his hands under her thighs.  His tongue poked at her hole.  He watched as she held the vibrator in one spot along the side of her clit.  Lifting her up slightly and sliding her closer to him, he began to move his tongue along the flesh between her two holes.  Lifting her higher, squeezing her cheeks with his hands, his tongue moved closer to her back hole.

No, she thought.  Don’t touch me there.  I’m dirty there.  But he continued and she felt his tongue rim her brown hole, gently touching her puckered folds, opening them.  She tensed her ass.

“Just relax,” he said.  “You’ll enjoy this.”  She didn’t respond right away but as his tongue continued its assault on her nether region her body gave in to the feeling and she realized how good it felt.  He continued this for quite some time as she slipped the vibrator between her folds and felt its vibration more directly on her clit.  She was breathing hard and moaning.

He was hoping the vibrator would be enough to do the trick but it wasn’t.  He lowered her to the seat and took the vibrator from her.  Twisting it he achieved another level of vibration.  He pressed two fingers against her pussy opening.  Pressing and rolling his fingers until he was able to get both inside of her he slowly entered her with them.  She was soaking wet.  He watched as she moved the vibrator around the area of her clit.

“Imagine you have been captured by a band of men and they have put you on display naked and attached machines to you.  You are in front of a window and men are watching you from outside.  Your legs are spread wide open.  These machines are designed to make you cum but they do not cover any of your private parts.  One is attached to your clit and one is in your pussy.  You cannot stop them.  And you cannot help but cum in front of them.  When you are done being on display these men will have their way with you.  Sometimes two or three at once.  And others follow continuing to fuck you, one after the other, for hours of sex.”

His words created vivid images for her.  A fantasy she had never had but nonetheless it turned her on.  His fingers penetrated her deeper until he found her g-spot.  He rolled his fingers against her spot.  Then began to push in and out of her, pressing her g-spot, rubbing her inside her tight pussy.  His fingers moved faster and the higher vibrations on her clit was suddenly bringing her to the brink.

Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, she began to squirt.  She screamed as her juices let go and she gushed juice out of her.  Pissing on his face and his shirt.  She was cuming.  She felt her pussy clutch his fingers in waves.  She was embarrassed by the flow of her juices and the mess it was making but once she started, she wanted to continue forever.

She came a few times.  She didn’t count but knew this was her first orgasm.  She had never felt anything like this before.  It was amazing.

He removed his fingers, got up and went to a closet where he removed his soaking wet shirt.  Luckily, he had another shirt in his closet.   She lay in a puddle of sex, spent, not moving.  She turned the vibrator off.  Another door led to a bathroom where he obtained some tissues.  Coming back to her he cleaned her up with the tissue.

She couldn’t help but notice his large cock under his pants and watching him change his shirt gave her a warm feeling.  He was a good man and a handsome man at that.  She felt bad that her orgasm was one sided and that he was obviously still excited.

“You can put your clothes on now and I will end the hypnosis.”

She had forgotten that she had been hypnotized.  After she was dressed, he ended the hypnosis.

“When I snap my fingers, you will come out of the hypnotic state but you will remember ever detail of what happened.”  Snap.

She felt a mix of emotions.  Satisfaction at her first orgasm.  Embarrassment at cuming on front of a stranger.  She was horrified by the way her pussy gushed all over this man.  She felt guilty about leaving him hard.  She wondered if she did the right thing coming to him but, yes, that orgasm – my god it was great, she thought.

“So, will I see you again next week.  Same time.”

“Yes, doctor.”

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Rocking a Roll in Bed

It’s a rocking fuck we do sometimes.  After some foreplay, I enter her in the missionary position.  A small vibrator is placed between our pelvic bones just touching her clit.  It’s not a slam bang fuck but rather a rocking motion pushing in deep and only drawing back a little.  The rocking pushes the vibrator back and forth, up and down.  It always stays near her clit but rocks off and on it.  It’s a rhythmic rock and one that drives her to multiple orgasms.  Anyone else ever done this?

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