Coming Home

She wouldn’t tell me why.  She just came home and made her demands.  Ripping off her clothes she led me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed.  I started to take my clothes off but with a sense of urgency that I have never seen, she pushed me down and splayed her legs and sat on my face.

“Eat me now!” she said.

Her pussy was already soaking wet.  Dripping sweet juices.  I love to eat her pussy but I wondered what got her so excited.  She was hungry, rubbing her pussy against my face.  Pressing her clit against the tip of my nose and putting it directly on my lips.  I could feel its swollen state, taste its yearning.  My hands gripped her ass and I slowed her down, sucking her clit between my lips.  I wanted to make her wait, to tease her and stretch out her orgasms but it wasn’t possible.

She was lost in her own fantasy.  A fantasy she never shared.  Something happened.  I was hard but hurt, wondering.  Her moans and multiple orgasms suggested a tortuous, steamy incident.  I guess it is her prerogative to feed her lust.  And my prerogative to feel hurt.

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She loved to be watched.  Loved to imagine all the cocks getting hard watching her.  She made videos and put them on the internet.  She took pictures with her parts barely covered and put them in groups on Facebook.  She shared pictures on Snap-chat and wondered what exhibitionists like her did before the Internet.

She did have a few seductive dresses.  One see-through blouse.  An embarrassingly short skirt.  But found few times that she felt safe in public alone with them.  There was Jeff, her boyfriend of a few years ago who encouraged her public nudity.  Who brought her to places while scandalously dressed.  She loved the looks she got and came home with Jeff all excited.  Sometimes she would even come as fast as he did.  The images of people’s eyes, even disapproving eyes, stayed in her mind and made her feel sexy.

She liked to masturbate in front of her boyfriends and make them watch without touching themselves.  When she was done, she would let them enter her and she really enjoyed their cock inside her after her first and she would often have a second or third.  She took an international flight with Paul and when most everyone was asleep she pulled her pants down under a blanket and played with herself and let Paul play with her.  Because of the movements of people near her and the flight attendants coming up and down the aisle, they had to stop and pause and it lasted for a couple of hours and it was amazing.  She had trouble containing her moaning when she came thinking she was being watched.  Pretty sure a few were watching her, listening to her, wondering about her.

She is always looking for new ways to exhibit herself and needs your ideas?  What has been your most satisfying or frustrating public experience?

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I loved the feel of her thighs against my face.  She didn’t shave above the knee and her silky thin blond hair surrounded the top of her thigh with feminine fur.  I kissed it as I breathed in her aroma.  Her aroma called to me, begging me to come closer, and I pressed forward, kissing gently as I moved.  First it was my nose that tapped her lips and found its way between her folds.  My tongue followed and lapped her crease from bottom to top bathing her little nub in my saliva.  Again and again.  From the edge of her opening to the underside of her clit.

Then poking, rimming, spending time around her opening.  Widening it.  Pressing my mouth against it.  Pulling the rim wider with my tongue.  Tasting her.  Carrying mixed fluids northward, I gave her a tight kiss around her clit.  Slight sucking.  She moans.  More kissing and sucking with the occasional lapping.  More moaning.  Reactions, provocations, one feeding the other.  A rhythm building, cascading to a final ending.  One of pure body filled bliss.

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Girl On Top

From Sexscribbler. I think you will love this hot story.


It’s hard to be a woman in this business. I have to prove myself every day in the agency. It doesn’t help that I’m short. Petite. I fucking hate that word. I can take down a man three times my weight and gut him in one move. Stare at my breasts and your testicles will be dangling from my rear-view mirror.

I’ve been hunting Ivan for months. He’s a master thief, a suspected spy and a known murderer. He’s burly and bald, with a pale scar over his left eye. I’ve got his head shot ingrained in my memory and I could pick him out of a crowded room instantly. I probably know his face better than my own father’s.

If he didn’t look so mean he would be really handsome. That’s a purely clinical assessment, of course. I’m a professional agent. I don’t have feelings.

I’m giddy as…

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***Inspired by James Ciriaco.***


The break never seen

Yet the leaves still fall.


Grey dawn

A dome on the world.


Dark.  Cold.

A star giving hope.


Dirty, nasty, forbidden.

A thousand thoughts as one


Before the rushing waves.


Colliding realities

As I wade into the river.


Stuff still stuck

To the soul of my dress shoe.

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Our First Swing

The four of us sat in the living room huddled in an L-shaped comfortable couch-love seat arrangement cuddling our martinis and whiskeys.  I was in awe of the beauty of our visitor.  Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, cute freckles lent a friendly face to her devastating body.  Perky ample but not large breasts, smooth porcelain skin, warm rosy highlights.  I was captivated.

When my wife went to get us a snack, Erin looked directly at me, a lull covered the room.

“Where do you want this to go, Rick?  I sense you want my body.  You do, don’t you?”  I could feel the blood flowing out of my head and to my stomach.  Actually even lower.

“Well, Erin, you are right.  I would love to bring you some pleasure, but you’ll have to check with the boss.  She [I tilted my head toward the kitchen] makes all the decisions about our sexual life.  I just do whatever she says.”

“Is that right?  So you can’t decide for yourself.”

“That’s right.  She decides and I do whatever she wants.”

“Whatever she wants?  Anything she asks you to do?  No limits.”

“Yes that’s right.”  Sam returned with chips and salsa.  “You’ve missed an interesting discussion, honey.”

“Yes, Sam, Rick says that you make all the sexual decisions for the two of you and that he does whatever you ask.  Is that true?”

“Absolutely.”  She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  “Do you want me to prove it to you?”


“Rick, please strip off all of your clothes for Erin.”  Without hesitation, I stood up, sidled my way around the coffee table and into the middle of the room.  I started with my shirt, looking at Erin the entire time as I unbuttoned it.  I noticed in my peripheral vision that Mike, Erin’s husband moved closer to her and put his arm around her lower back.  Off came the shirt, then my white t-shirt, folding both quickly before tossing them on the side chair.  Shoes and socks came off easily.  I then unbelted, unbuttoned, and unzipped my pants.  Dramatically, I just let go and they fell down to my feet.  I stepped out and did a small hip movement side to side, hand on hip, showing off my royal blue boxer briefs.  They fit somewhat tightly and showed off the hidden jewels beneath.

I looked over at Sam and she gave me a nod – her command to continue.  Truth be told, I was an exhibitionist, and I liked to show off my body.  Not that I was so well endowed or so muscular but I was pretty proud of what I did have.  I was athletic without being overly muscular.  Tall, thin and wiry, I’ve been called.  As for my manhood, it was long and thin as well.  Longer than the average but it could have benefited from a bit more girth.  Nonetheless, standing stiff it seemed to gather attention.

I turned around, peeling the shorts over my tight bum.  A thrill ran through my body as I imagined Erin waiting to see my cock.  I dropped my shorts on the ground, stepped out and put my hands over my cock before turning around.  Facing the three of them with my hands covering myself, I slowly slid my hands from the bottom of my rod all the way up and off the top.  It stood straight up by itself pointing toward the wall above Erin’s head.

“Very good Ricky.  Did you like that Erin?  Is there more that I can have him do to prove he will do whatever I ask?”

“No, that was very interesting.”

“I know.  Rick, why don’t you give Erin a foot massage?”  Then looking at Erin, “If you like having your feet massaged?”

“Sure.”  Erin was wearing a long dark grey wraparound skirt with boots.  I moved the coffee table back out of the way and knelt my naked self on the floor in front of Erin.  In a minute I had her boots and socks off and had her left foot cradled in my hands.  My thumbs pressed into the balls of her feet and moved up together and into the space under her toes.   Rubbing in circles that got larger with every ring, I could see Erin close her eyes and simply enjoy the rubbing.  I pulled gently on each toe and then, pressing my palms against her inner arch, I took her toes into my mouth.  I kissed, sucked and licked between each toe while my hands squeezed her foot.

Placing her foot gently on my naked thigh. I lifted the other and made love to it with my hands and mouth.  Meanwhile, my eyes wandered to the inside of her thighs.  I was mesmerized by the secret tunnel to her intimate panties.  Erin saw me looking but was enjoying her foot massage too much to do anything about it.  In fact, it might have been my imagination but I think she opened her legs a little wider.  I do know that I could see her light grey panties.

I would see more of them later as Sam had me kneel in front of Erin and service her calves and her thighs and finally her nether regions – all of them.  Sam and she talked about swinging and Sam kept encouraging her to let me go farther in my ministrations.  Had she and Mike ever traded partners with another couple?  Yes, many times.  “Did she have any interest in Rick as a sex partner?  Yes.  Did she control the sex life of both of them?  Perhaps but she never really thought of it as control and she didn’t have the kind of control that Sam had over me.  Perhaps Sam could teach her.

Oh and would she like me to take off her panties?  Sure.

And while I had my face buried between Erin’s legs, Sam asked Mike to do the same to her.  He obliged even though he listened silently to the conversation between his wife and mine and their discussion of his possible submission.  Yet when it was suggested that he take off Sam’s clothes and lick her pussy, he did as he was directed.  As Erin reached her first orgasm, her legs wrapped around my head, my hand in her pussy, my lips surrounding her clit, I had to think that Mike was a perfect subject for Sam and it would not be long before Sam and Erin had him completely in their spell.

Sam instructed Mike to squeeze up behind Erin who had slid her way to the edge of the couch.  She told him to take off her shirt and bra, kiss her on the neck and wrap his hands around her naked breasts.  Her second orgasm almost crushed me while she grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me closer.  After that she was done for a while and Sam had all three of us turn our attention on her.  She loved to direct the action and specified where each of us fit.

She watched Mike undress, undressed herself, and had him get between her legs.  I sucked one breast while Erin kissed her on the lips.  Sam was quick to orgasm and it didn’t take her long.  A break.  Another drink.  The girls did much of the talking and I had to wait until after they left to receive my first glorious orgasm of the night.

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If you lick it,

It will cum.

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