The Devil

The devil comes from down there.  Under my feet, but once it rises up my legs it finds a home.  The devil is down there in my pants.  He drives me to do crazy things, to say things, to feel things.  And mostly I don’t mind.

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The Reluctant Hotwife 3

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

He spoke to her about it all the time.  He asked her, “Would you like to fuck him?”  To every good looking man they encountered.  Friends, strangers, it didn’t matter.  He seemed serious but she was afraid the reality of it would be impossible for him to live with.  She didn’t want to upset the delicate balance they had in their life.  A life and love she was quite happy with.

A few months later, they were celebrating Keith’s birthday.  Keith was her husband’s best friend, divorced for about a year.  He encouraged her to put on her short black dress for the occasion.  It was her sexiest number with a lacy fringe at the top showing off a little cleavage and the length ended at her fingertips.  Very short.  There was a group of them, a few more men then women.  Everyone had a few drinks and she got lots of compliments, warm hugs, and kisses from the male guests.  After leaving the bar and heading home, he invited Keith back to our place for a nightcap.

“Did you notice all the men looking at you tonight?”

No, not really,” she lied.  Her nipples were slightly erect and showing under the silky material of the dress contradicting her statement.  She wore no bra under her dress.

“What do you think Keith?  Do you think she looks fuckable tonight?”

“She looks very sexy.  She is a beautiful girl.  You are a lucky man.”

“Yes, she is almost too sexy for just one man.”

“Oh, stop that, please!” she squealed.

“No, it’s true.  All the men tonight wanted to fuck you and I think – no, I know – you’d like to fuck other men, if you could?”  She wondered if he was going to throw her experience on the beach back at her.

“No, honey, I just have eyes for you.”

“The thing about marriage is that if you are married for any length of time the sex can get boring.  We tend to fall into the same routines, make love the same way.  We know each other’s preferences too well.  Sure, it is satisfying but it lacks the excitement of something new.  Someone new.  We all have fantasies.”  He paused and there was a heavy silence.

“For my part, I remember when we were first in love and the way we made love was just fantastic.  It was new, super exciting, and very satisfying.  When we did, you had a look in your eyes that I enjoyed so much.  A look of ecstasy.  Complete lust.  I want to see you enjoy yourself like that again.  I would really enjoy seeing you that excited again.

“Perhaps you’d like to give Keith a special birthday present.  Something intimate.  I guarantee he won’t object.”

“What do you have in mind.”  She wondered how far he would push this.

“Maybe you could dance for him?  Maybe give him a lap dance like you did for me on my birthday?”  She looked into Keith’s eyes and saw the lust grow within him at the suggestion.

“Would you be happy with just a lap dance, Keith, and nothing more?”  He nodded his response to her.  Keith looked at her with puppy dog eyes that said, yes, he would do anything she wanted.  It sent a tingle through her torso.

She put on some music and dimmed the lights.  Taking a big swig of her margarita, she stood in front of Keith and began to sway her hips.  Moving closer she lifted her dress and she sat on his lap facing him.  Her legs bordered his on the couch.  Her crotch lowered to his lap and the hard pole under his slacks.  Moving back and forth to the music she rubbed her pussy along his length.  She enjoyed feeling his hardness against her.

She kissed his cheek and pressed her breasts against his chin.  Leaning forward against him she felt her clit against his cock as she continued to slide against it, exciting herself as much as him.  She glanced over at her husband who still seemed to be encouraging her.

As a new song came on she lifted off of him and danced in front of him, lifting her dress to show off her lacy white bikini panties.  Turning her back to him, she thrust her butt at him and wiggled it in his face.  She lowered her hips and sat on his lap rubbing his cock through her cheeks.  She could feel the size of his cock and it seemed much bigger than her husbands.  She imagined what it would be like to take him inside of her.  But what would her husband think.  Fantasy was one thing, actually doing it would be different.

She stood and danced in front of him again playing with the spaghetti straps of her dress.  Suddenly her husband started a chant, “Take it off.  Take it off.”  She slid her hands over her dress, over her pointed nipples and down her sleek sides.  Back to the top she slid one strap off, to the hooting of her husband.  Then the other.  The dress slid off her body like rainwater.  Keith’s mouth fell open as her supple, young, athletic body came into full view.  Only her lacy see-through panties remained.

She again sat on his lap facing him.  She pressed her breasts against his mouth and he suckled on her nipples sending tremors to her loins.  She reached down and undid his belt, the button, and pulled his zipper down.  Sliding farther down and onto the floor she removed his cock from his boxers.  Looking over at her husband she watched while he exposed his engorged cock through his open zipper.  Taking Keith’s cock in her hands she began to lick it.  It was clearly larger than her husband’s and thicker.

She took the tip into her mouth.  Engulfed it.  Slid up and down on it, gagging slightly at its size.  Hands and mouth working in unison it wasn’t long before the excitement was too much for him.  She felt it jerk in her mouth as warm cum shot deep into her throat.  Resisting the urge to gag it out she swallowed just in time to fell another shot and another.  She kept on him throughout his sweet torment until he was finished.

Keith was suddenly very tired and proceeded to lay on the couch where he shortly fell asleep.  In the bedroom her husband fucked her hard and fast.

“Did you see his cock?  I would have let you fuck him if you wanted to.”

“Did you see how fast he came.  I need someone with more stamina.”

“Unless you had us one after the other.”  Saying that to her brought her to an orgasm, just thinking about it and for the moment assuming he meant it.  Her pussy dripped her excitement as her husband spilled his seed inside of her.

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The Reluctant Hotwife 2

Part 1 here

Then there was the time they were vacationing in Sint Maarten.  They went to a nude beach.  Many of the people wore bathing suits but quite a few women were topless.  He chose a spot away from the crowd and tried to get her to go completely nude but she kept her bottom on.  It was a tiny bottom to begin with and she felt almost completely nude just exposing her breasts.  She lay on her stomach.

Suddenly he called over to one of the native men who walked the beach selling trinkets.  He was a big, black man with long well knotted dreads.  Young, probably in his early 20’s.  He was carrying a bag full of silver jewelry.  He had a big island grin on his face and a genuine friendliness in his eyes.  He introduced himself as Sam.

“Would you do me a favor.  I hurt my wrist earlier today.  Would you mind putting some sun tan lotion on my wife?  I don’t want her to get burnt.”  He handed him a plastic bottle of SPF 30 and a twenty dollar bill.

“Sure.  I’d be glad to.”  He squeezed the lotion into his hands and rubbed them together to warm the lotion.  Then covered her back.  His hands were experienced, gentle, caressing.  Next her legs.

“Do her bum, too.  She might change her mind and go completely nude.”  Without hesitation his hands crept under the thin material of her bottom and rubbed her ass.  Slowly he rubbed lotion onto her butt.  She couldn’t help but notice that both men were stretching.  Her husband totally nude was sticking straight up and the native tented his shorts.

“Enough?” asked the black man.

“Oh, no, you have to get her front too.”  She was reluctant to turn over but after a bit of cajoling, she agreed.

“Make sure you do her breasts well.  They are not used to the sun.”  He quickly moved from her shoulders to her breasts and rubbed them extensively including her nipples.  Whenever her nipples were grazed it sent a signal direct to her pussy.  He spent an inordinate amount of time on them but she was enjoying it too much to ask him to stop.  She waited for her husband to say something but he didn’t.

Eventually leaving her breasts, he rubbed lotion on her stomach and the front of her legs.

“Don’t forget under the bathing suit.  Maybe its time to remove them.  What do you say honey?”  He doesn’t think I will, she thought.  But he was challenging her and she was feeling in the mood.

“OK honey.  Please take my bottoms off, Sam.”  His grin returned as he slowly pulled her bottom off.  She had completely shaved in order to wear her skimpy bathing suits.  When his hands began to lotion her pussy, she gave out a slight squeal, but soon she was relaxing and enjoying his attention.  His large palm spread over her whole mound, back and forth many times.

“Get it good.  That area has never seen sun either and it would be a shame to be burned there.  It could ruin my whole vacation.”

More lotion.  His fingers maneuvered between her folds, touching her clit.  She opened her legs to allow him easier access.

“That’s it honey.  Enjoying yourself?”  She murmured something unintelligible but clearly understood.  One hand worked her pussy while his other slid up to her breast and grazed her nipple.  Glances between the men were exchanged and they both knew he was no longer putting lotion on her but rather deliberately exciting her.  His fingers were like magic.  Circling her clit, sliding down her slit to her opening which he prodded and rimmed.  Her nipple pinched between two fingers.

She gave a big stretch trying to release the tension but he continued and got her moaning regularly.  She realized that her husband was not going to tell him to stop and he was determined.  They were beginning to draw a small audience as a few beach walkers had stopped and were looking in their direction.  Some of the men watching were rubbing themselves.  She began squirming just before having a massive orgasm, clenching her legs trapping his hand and trying her best to muffle her screams.

Her husband gave the man another twenty and thanked him.  He seemed genuinely pleased that this man brought her to orgasm.  She was feeling a bit guilty and awkward about it.  She wasn’t sure why.

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The Reluctant HotWife


She was trying to figure it out.  She heard what he was saying but was having trouble resolving it with her own feelings.  She could not imagine saying the same thing to him.  “Go and have sex with another man, as long as I can watch.”  That was his proposition.  She would be so upset if he did the same and it crossed her mind that perhaps this was some sort of payback for a transgression on his part.

She read up a little on the cuckold kink.   She had never really imagined such a person in any of her fantasies but it seemed there were some men who got their sexual kicks from watching their woman make love to other men.  More specifically it was watching their women have sex with other men.

They got to this point – the proposition – rather slowly but she realizes that he was the initiator all along.  First there was her surprise birthday present.  It was a getaway to New Orleans for the weekend.  A fine meal on Friday evening.  A trip to the spa for a mani-pedi, and face mask.  She returned to their room about 3:00 in the afternoon on Saturday to the surprise.  Set up in their hotel suite was a massage table and two rather large men in white t-shirts and pants.

It was what they called a four-handed massage.  He made sure it was given to her by two men.  She had massages in the past, but she couldn’t help feeling shy with three men in the room including her husband.  In the bathroom, she hesitated slightly before removing her panties.   She emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a hotel robe.  He had dimmed the lights and it took a minute to get used to the candle lit room.

Once past he awkward removal of the robe and positioning on the table, one of the masseurs put a towel on her bum, making her feel a bit more modest.  The four strong hands began massaging her, one masseur worked one side and the other mirrored the movements on the other.  She soon relaxed.  She wondered if he was aware of how sensual this was for her.  Her reservations about enjoying herself were overruled by the constant reminder that this was his idea, his gift.

She moaned lightly, giving in to the sensual feel of an unbelievable number of hands running down her body.

“Is this the right pressure, Miss?”  “Yes.”

“How about the pace? Do you like it at this speed?”  “Slow is nice.”

Yes. Their hands worked their way under the towel to massage her buttocks.   Two hands from separate directions spread her crack open.  She felt vulnerable yet excited.

Turning over, one of the men placed a small towel over her breasts while the other towel covered her moist midsection.  One man started with her feet while the other worked her neck and shoulders.  Hands moved across the top of her flattened chest.  She loved having her feet massaged.  But with so many hands on her, and not always in rhythm, she found it hard to concentrate on any one area for long.  Her mind began spinning from one part of her murmuring body to another like a tickled child.

“If that towel is in the way, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if you removed it.  Do you honey?”  His words broke her concentration.  A little shocked she didn’t respond.

“See, go ahead.  She won’t mind.”  With that the man removed the towel over her breasts displaying her hardened nipples.  Hands worked around the edges of her breasts lifting and slightly squeezing her mounds.  By now the other man had worked his way up her legs and was massaging one thigh.  The other man joined him and took the other thigh.  Working synchronously again they pressed the flesh of her entire leg moving precipitously close to the junction of her legs.

“There’s an extra big tip in it, if you bring her to an orgasm.”

“No, monsieur, we can’t do that.  We would be fired if anyone found out.”

“I’ll never tell and neither will she.”

“No, no, monsieur, but thank you for the offer.”  They refused to stroke her most sensitive parts but the massage was one of the most exciting sexual foreplay experiences she had.  After the masseurs left, he gave her the kind of wild uncontrollable sex of a teen aged boy but, she thanked god, with more stamina.

More to Cum

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Her Slave, Part 1

“Where’s Jonathan,” he asked.

“He just left.”

“May I service you today Miss?”

He wanted her so badly.  No way, she said, unless you are willing to be my slave.  She had no idea how much he wanted to serve her and fulfill her needs.  She was shocked when he agreed.

“Wait a minute.  You know that Jonathan is my husband?”  Yes.  “And you know you will not be treated the same as he.  You will be my slave and lucky to get anything in return.  Do you understand these terms and are you still prepared to come live with us?”

His heart leapt when he thought about the possibility of being so close to this Goddess.  “Yes, yes and yes.”  His voice was so excited that she was completely thrown off guard.  Did he hear what she said?  She stared at him in disbelief.

“With only one condition, that I am free to leave at any time of my own choosing.”  Okay, she thought, that makes sense. But do I really want to go through with this.  Is this going to turn into all day sex?  Is putting him up going to be a problem?

He broke the silence with Please Mistress, and she decided right then.  “I’m headed home.  Follow me in your car.”  She called Jonathan on the way home.

* * * * *

As soon as he got there he was told to get naked immediately.  He stripped in the hallway and she put all of his clothes and belongings into a green garbage bag.  He was given the guest room, showed where the bathroom was and was told to stay in his room until they decided his fate.

That night and the next day he was assigned a number of cleaning tasks.  Major tasks like cleaning all the walls and corners in the house.  Clean the refrigerator.  Clean and fold all the laundry.  Wash all surfaces in the bathrooms and kitchen.  Too much for one person to get done in the 8 or so hours allowed.  These hours were because The Mistress and Jonathan had jobs they went off to leaving him alone to work.

That same night he was asked how much time he would need to finish the jobs today.  When he said 6 more hours he was punished with a light spanking but 60 times at 10 times an hour.  Later, however, he was invited to watch while Jonathan made love to her.  Jonathan was also a submissive man but Mistress treated him like an equal most of the time and only in bed did she order him around.  She let him masturbate but told him to get tissue from the bathroom and not spill any on the floor.  Watching him masturbate, she told him to wrap the cum soaked tissue around his cock.  As the jism dried the tissue stuck to his cock.  He was not allowed to remove it until the next morning.  When he did small pieces stuck to his cock and had to be peeled off.

He finished his chores the next day by early afternoon.  It was Friday.  He was looking forward to the weekend with the two of them home.  He showered and shaved.  Then he surprised them both by having a plate of salsa and chips and the ingredients all set up for margarita’s.  (Their favorite drink along with wine based on the contents of their liquor cabinet.)

They were obviously pleased with my work today and they, too, seemed glad that it was Friday.

“We’re going to let you join in tonight – to a limited degree.  Do you like to perform cunnilingus?”

“Yes, Mistress.  I love it and could do it all night.”

“Good.  What about fellatio?”

“Giving or receiving Mistress?”

“Giving.”  Her head titled slightly backward and her eyebrows raised, one more than the other.

“I’ve never done it Mistress.  Never had an interest or desire.”

“Would you do it for me, boy?”

He hesitated slightly.  He looked into her eyes, “if you strongly desire it, I will.”

“Wonderful.  Come.”

He really wasn’t interested in sucking on a man’s cock.  He grew up in a home with a religious father where homosexuality was considered a sickness.  The thought of being with another man actually made him a bit nauseous.  Yet he was committed to his Mistress’s enjoyment and that might make it worthwhile.

To Be Continued…


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Hidden Camera 3

They were stretched out on the couch.  Her with her legs open, panties and t-shirt on.  He nestled between her legs.  Also in his underwear.  His head on her thigh.  I could hear them talking.

“You’d like to take him to bed, wouldn’t you?”  His tone was matter-of-fact as though the answer didn’t make a difference.

“Why do you ask that?  Do you want me to?”  Her fingers tickled her panties just above his head.

“You fantasize about him, don’t you?”

“Well, only because you keep raising his name and asking me.  You make me think about him.”  Her fingers pressed into her camel toe making very slight movements.  As if he sensed her movements his head turned upwards looking at her.  Her fingers were still.  His chin deliciously close to her sex.

“What if I told you I was OK with letting you fuck him as long as I got to watch?”

“Sure OK,” her disbelieving tone cut the air.  Her hand caressed his cheek.  Their eyes locked as she tried to assess his seriousness.

“Or maybe, you would rather have both Rushmore and me at the same time.”

My heart leaped out of my chest at the sound of my name!  He turned his head away from her again and kissed her thigh.

“Yah, Ok.  I’ll take you both but one after the other.  Maybe you could get it up again and do me twice.  Each of you twice.  That would be nice.”  Her fingers returned to their position between her legs and he kissed her thigh again.  Moments passed.

“How about you do me now,” she said and soon they got up and left the room.  I imagined she was fantasizing about me.

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Hidden Camera 2

They signed up for it. Well actually it was him that signed them up.  They joined the Voyeur Cam Community, a company that placed video cams in all of the rooms of your house so people could view them 24/7.  It was sold as kind of a reality show but it appealed to those who wanted to see young couples have sex in the comfort of their own homes.

Whenever I caught them in their living room, they seemed to know that I was watching.  Furtive glances toward the camera in the corner of the room, side comments to one another (silent to me), giggles and so forth were giveaways.

When they were together, he would encourage her to flirt with the camera.  He would try to remove her pants or bring out her vibrator.  She would be shy, reluctant, resistant.  He would persist but she would resist.  Then one day I caught her alone.

It was morning.  He dressed and left.  She remained behind in her bathrobe.  Sitting in the living room, a cup of coffee in her hand a computer on the table grabbing her attention.  Slowly her hand worked its way between her legs.  The bathrobe opened.  She was naked beneath.  White smooth silky flesh of her legs led to a clean shaven conjunction.  Fingers played the instrument.  Moving from one chord to another.

She left briefly to go to the bedroom and get her vibrator.  Returning she lay on the couch legs facing the camera.  She opened the robe and placed the vibrator between her legs.  Then looking directly into the camera, she confirmed that she knew I was watching.  Her eyelids half closed but the eyes continued to stare.  I could tell she was getting off on being watched.  So strange from this apparently shy woman.

She opened her robe exposing her entire nude body.  One hand surrounded a breast.  Her eyes closed as waves of pleasure swept over her.  A brief opening of her eyes again.  Looking directly at me.  Shivers ran through me.  Blood rushed to my groin.  Watching her body tense, her legs closed around the instrument in one hand, her breast was being abused by her other.  But it was her eyes that captured my undivided attention.  Looking at the camera, knowing I was watching, exhibiting herself in her ecstasy for me.  I found it incredibly exciting watching her through wave after wave of orgasm until she finally finished.  Either she was incredibly orgasmic or she enjoyed her show as much as I did.


Unable to communicate with her directly I logged in and out of her camera, setting off whatever trigger she had to know it was on.  My attempt at clapping for her, got through as I watched her giggle and cover up in a pseudo modest act.

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