His Story

Most people assume that I have somehow been broken before I agreed to Elizabeth’s dominance.  Not true.  Even she tells the story like I was manipulated into becoming her obedient servant.  The truth is that I love Elizabeth very much.  Worship her, really.  I live to make her happy and when she is happy there is no end to the joy that I feel.  Especially, when I have contributed to that joy.

She loves to have other men.  I’ve known this from the time before we were married.  I want to enable this joy for her.  If I can bring her men or let her enjoy men she chooses without being threatened in my role as husband, then I will actively do this.  And love to do this.  For her part, she has always been careful to reinforce my position as the number one man in her life.  Our relationship goes beyond just sex and our feelings for each other run deep.

I realize there may be a few men who she has an ongoing relationship with a prolonged period of time but most of her encounters are brief and of the one-night stand type.  These relationships no matter how long are based on sexual attraction and do not go much deeper than that.

Lastly, Elizabeth has explored a lot of the dimensions of our D/s relationship carefully.  Dimensions such as punishments, cuckolding, humiliation, etc. have been tried in small steps.  She has been sensitive to what I like and what works.  We’ll both try everything once but she knows when to eliminate or minimize certain scenarios.  She has a good sense for what I like.

So the bottom line is that I enjoy being her submissive husband.  I enjoy seeing her with other men.  I know that sounds strange but when I see her writhing in the kind of over-stimulation that only multiple men (or men and women) can provide, I feel fulfilled.  I feel like the enabler, the giver, the provider.

The way she tells the story is a little different.  She imagines that she has trained me and taught me to be her submissive.  We have entered this path cautiously but she has always underestimated my willingness to give her all that she desires.

pov view from below - smother

pov view from below – smother

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  1. mrvirginiawolf says:

    Damn I’m really fucking interested in finding out more.I may be gay but i know a hot woman when I see one.

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