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Independent author of erotic stories.

A Dominant’s Response

Dominated. You want to be dominated. Will you have my name tattooed on you?  Where? Will you provide me with sexual satisfaction? Anywhere, anytime, any way I want? Will you explicitly allow me to determine And manipulate your sexual life, … Continue reading

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Little Linda

She was the dream of many men and she knew it.  But she also knew that they just wanted her for sex.  She knew because, sometimes, that was OK with her.  It was her body they wanted.  They lusted after … Continue reading

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Her First Time Two

“Perhaps you’d like to give Keith a special birthday present. Something intimate. I guarantee he won’t object.”
“What do you have in mind.” She wondered how far he would push this.
“Maybe you could dance for him? Maybe give him a lap dance like you did for me on my birthday?” She looked into Keith’s eyes and saw the lust grow within him at the suggestion.
“Would you be happy with just a lap dance, Keith, and nothing more?” Continue reading

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Inside the dark box I could only think about her. Senses shut down. Obsessions begin. I took a deep breadth and my mind wafted with her aroma. It slid over the curve of her legs to her rounded hips Up … Continue reading

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Machine Sex

Intelligent Machine sex that detects every minute reaction of your body and responds in kind with its own stimuli.  Her story. It enveloped me.  Lightly embraced my flesh.  Making me weightless.  Tentacles squeezing, sliding, and entering all of my sensitive … Continue reading

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Muse Wanted

Looking for a muse. Someone who can provide encouragement, constructive criticism, and occasional inspiration. If you enjoy my writing, please consider. I could be so much more productive, I think. Feel free to connect at

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Birthday Massage

It was for her birthday.  A portable massage table that could be set up for massage and then put away in a closet when not in use.  Along with the table he promised her a 90 minute massage at her … Continue reading

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The Doctor

The doctor apologized before he began!  She had come to him for the pain in her back.  He said it might be her posture which caused the pain.  Or the length of her legs or the way they connected to … Continue reading

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Cuckold Curious

Having an interest in being a cuckold is not always about having a small penis.  It is also not about being unable to satisfy your wife with mind blowing orgasms.  It can be about love and devotion.  Loving to see … Continue reading

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Her Threesome

She had the two of them. One, her devoted husband, the other, his best friend. She planted the seeds with her husband as a birthday present, who discussed it with a reluctant Rick.  He eventually agreed, a triumph of need … Continue reading

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