The Hotwife Lifestyle

The hotwife lifestyle, as seen by a devoted male, is not about an inadequate male. It is about a male who enables his loved one to fulfill her wildest dreams by giving her complete control over their combined sexual activities. It may develop from feelings of inadequacy on the part of the man but more often it is the recognition of the power that a particular woman holds over him. That power can come from a deep love and devotion. He, more than likely, holds her in an elevated position.

To be a hotwife, the male has agreed to let her live out her fantasies.  To enable this, most husbands of hotwives will give them the lead on decisions in their sex life and, by definition, all the control over her own sex initiatives.  Often this situation is one-sided, meaning that the male is explicitly not allowed to do the same. There are quite a few cases of hotwives, where the husband initiates the action.

This power shift is usually explicit but not always.  The male often gives up this control willingly, especially those who hold their woman in an elevated position. It could also be because the male enjoys watching a woman fulfill her fantasies.  It might also be because she has better judgement that him.  Or maybe her imagination is greater.  Or maybe she is better at dealing with others; managing situations.

Whatever the reason, a growing number of married men and a growing number of married women seem to be embracing this lifestyle.  Perhaps, it has always been there and we are just more able to talk about it now.

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I’ve decided to give medium a try with a few longer stories. Starting with and an old one about a male massage therapist and a beautiful customer. Predicable but I’ve always had good response to it. Here’s a link:

Has anyone had any experience with Medium? Love to hear your thoughts.

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It’s not that I like the taste. The slightly musky taste generated by the heat between us. Your anticipation of my obedience to your command. I can feel the heat building between my own legs. In my clenched crack.

It’s not the touch of your firm cheeks that I spread with my hands.

It’s not the tiny bumping along the pink rim as my tongue slowly tickles it.

Nor the back splash from my own hot breath.

The reason I enjoy licking your ass, My Mistress, is that it makes you squirm in such a delightful way, and moan such music to my ears, and express your want for me so wantonly.

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Open your legs to me

As I kneel before you.

My head bowed in reverence.

Mouth watering, waiting

For your signal.

I slowly lift my eyes

Taking in the splendor

Before me.

Drawn in with the curves of your thighs

The folds of your sex

Clean shaven, delicate.

My eyes continue up to yours

Pleading for your signal

As you look down upon me.

With a smile

Your finger waves me in

The signal to begin

My sin

Of devotion.

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Her Penises

My goddess has a fascination with penises. She relishes them.  Loves to see them grow.  Even loves more to see them stretched at full height, bobbing, if possible.  And she likes to be in control of them.  Loves to tease them, fondle them, rub them, lick them.  Yes, them. 

The first time we made love, she overwhelmed me with attention to my cock.  She held it.  Gently fondled it.  Licked it.  Admired it.  Excited it. Over and over again for a long time.  I fell in love with her between my legs cuddling my cock.

It is not just mine, however.  It’s mine and other men who submit to her will or who just strike her fancy.  There was the time she made me watch her suck off the 14” cock of a Serbian giant man.  He’s a regular now.  I’d call him a friend but we hardly ever talk.  And the time she took on the entire night crew at our favorite bar.  Every time we go back, the staff asks her to stay until closing again but we only do it occasionally. 

I do not mind her devotion to the altar of other men because I know I am her rock.  The place she can depend on for support and comfort and kindness.  And I, in turn, get my share. Deferred, delayed, long lasting – the way I like it.  She wants to take it farther now, and has told me that she is going to fuck the Serb the next time he is over.  She has asked n=me if I would consider sucking a cock for her, too.  Not sure I’m going to like this. 

For more stories by Rushmore Judd:

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My Goddess

Your photos draw me in.

The photos of your stare.

Inviting, hypnotic, sensual.

A woman now, if never a child.

Who loves to exercise the power –

Your feminine power.

Your look makes me want you.

Want to please you.

Want to protect you from harm.

To obey you

In your every command.

Oh so hypnotic are you.

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This is a poem by one of my favorite bloggers: Aphrodite Smiles


In retrospect
I won’t forget
The day we met
In retrospect
I do regret
Not having met

– aphrodite smiles –

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A Dominant’s Response


You want to be dominated.

Will you have my name tattooed on you?  Where?

Will you provide me with sexual satisfaction?

Anywhere, anytime, any way I want?

Will you explicitly allow me to determine

And manipulate your sexual life,

Including others, I may want you to have sex with?

Do you understand that even though

You are dedicated and loyal 24/7,

I will do as I wish with other sexual partners.

When I am entertaining, I may ignore you,

I may leave you alone,

Or require you to participate.

But, of course, I will not

Ignore you, my sweet girl.

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Little Linda

She was the dream of many men and she knew it.  But she also knew that they just wanted her for sex.  She knew because, sometimes, that was OK with her.  It was her body they wanted.  They lusted after her body.  She was tiny, five foot one, with well proportioned hips and breasts.  She weighed a mere ninety two pounds soaking wet and naked. 

The boys liked to pick her up and mount her on their waist, squash her against a wall, then to the bed where they impatiently deposited their lust.  It was frenetic, fast paced and over before she finished but the intensity of it stayed with her for weeks.

The men took longer and were more considerate but her physique brought the cowboys and men who liked rough sex and who liked to throw small feminine bodies around.  Some were too rough; some not rough enough.  But the men that knew her intimately, knew just how she liked it.  She liked the men in total control but aware of her, teasing her, driving her, overwhelming her.  Big, muscular men with scratchy beards and hairy chests. She loved to be pounded hard by a big cock. And for her, seven inches was as much as she could handle. 

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Her First Time Two

He spoke to her about it all the time. He asked her, “Would you like to fuck him?” To every good looking man they encountered. Friends, strangers, it didn’t matter. He seemed serious but she was afraid the reality of it would be impossible for him to live with. She didn’t want to upset the delicate balance they had in their life. A life and love she was quite happy with.

A few months later, they were celebrating Keith’s birthday. Keith was her husband’s best friend, divorced for about a year. He encouraged her to put on her short black dress for the occasion. It was her sexiest number with a lacy fringe at the top showing off a little cleavage and the length ended at her fingertips. Very short. There was a group of them, a few more men then women. Everyone had a few drinks and she got lots of compliments, warm hugs, and kisses from the male guests. After leaving the bar and heading home, he invited Keith back to their place for a nightcap.

“Did you notice all the men looking at you tonight?”
No, not really,” she lied. Her nipples were slightly erect and showing under the silky material of the dress contradicting her statement. She wore no bra under her dress.
“What do you think Keith? Do you think she looks fuckable tonight?”
“She looks very sexy. She is a beautiful girl. You are a lucky man.”
“Yes, she is almost too sexy for just one man.”
“Oh, stop that, please!” she squealed.
“No, it’s true. All the men tonight wanted to fuck you and I think – no, I know – you’d like to fuck other men, if you could?” She wondered if he was going to throw her experience on the beach back at her.
“No, honey, I just have eyes for you.”
“The thing about marriage is that if you are married for any length of time the sex can get boring. We tend to fall into the same routines, make love the same way. We know each other’s preferences too well. It is satisfying but it lacks the excitement of something new. Someone new. We all have fantasies.” He paused and there was a heavy silence.

“For my part, I remember when we were first in love and the way we made love was just fantastic. It was new, super exciting, and very satisfying. When we did, you had a look in your eyes that I enjoyed so much. A look of ecstasy. Complete lust. I want to see you enjoy yourself like that again. I would really enjoy seeing you that excited again.

“Perhaps you’d like to give Keith a special birthday present. Something intimate. I guarantee he won’t object.”
“What do you have in mind.” She wondered how far he would push this.
“Maybe you could dance for him? Maybe give him a lap dance like you did for me on my birthday?” She looked into Keith’s eyes and saw the lust grow within him at the suggestion.
“Would you be happy with just a lap dance, Keith, and nothing more?” He nodded his response to her. Keith looked at her with puppy dog eyes that said, yes, he would do anything she wanted. It sent a tingle through her torso.

She put on some music and dimmed the lights. Taking a big swig of her margarita, she stood in front of Keith and began to sway her hips. Moving closer she lifted her dress and she sat on his lap facing him. Her legs bordered his on the couch. Her crotch lowered to his lap and the hard pole under his slacks. Moving back and forth to the music she rubbed her pussy along his length. She enjoyed feeling his hardness against her.
She kissed his cheek and pressed her breasts against his chin. Leaning forward against him she felt her clit against his cock as she continued to slide against it, exciting herself as much as him. She glanced over at her husband who still seemed to be encouraging her.

As a new song came on she lifted off of him and danced in front of him, lifting her dress to show off her lacy white bikini panties. Turning her back to him, she thrust her butt at him and wiggled it in his face. She lowered her hips and sat on his lap rubbing his cock through her cheeks. She could feel the size of his cock and it seemed much bigger than her husbands. She imagined what it would be like to take him inside of her. But what would her husband think. Fantasy was one thing, actually doing it would be different

She stood and danced in front of him again playing with the spaghetti straps of her dress. Suddenly her husband started a chant, “Take it off. Take it off.” She slid her hands over her dress, over her pointed nipples and down her sleek sides. Back to the top she slid one strap off, to the hooting of her husband. Then the other. The dress slid off her body like rainwater. Keith’s mouth fell open as her supple, young, athletic body came into full view. Only her lacy see-through panties remained.

She again sat on his lap facing him. She pressed her breasts against his mouth and he suckled on her nipples sending tremors to her loins. She reached down and undid his belt, the button, and pulled his zipper down. Sliding farther down and onto the floor she removed his cock from his boxers. Looking over at her husband she watched while he exposed his engorged cock through his open zipper. Taking Keith’s cock in her hands she began to lick it. It was clearly larger than her husband’s and thicker.
She took the tip into her mouth. Engulfed it. Slid up and down on it, gagging slightly at its size. Hands and mouth working in unison it wasn’t long before the excitement was too much for him. She felt it jerk in her mouth as warm cum shot deep into her throat. Resisting the urge to gag it out she swallowed just in time to fell another shot and another. She kept on him throughout his sweet torment until he was finished.

Keith was suddenly very tired and proceeded to lay on the couch where he quickly fell asleep. In the bedroom her husband fucked her hard and fast.
“Did you see his cock? I would have let you fuck him if you wanted to.”
“Did you see how fast he came. I need someone with more stamina.”
“Unless you had us one after the other.” Saying that to her brought her to an orgasm, just thinking about it and for the moment assuming he meant it. Her pussy dripped her excitement as her husband spilled his seed inside of her.
Keith lifted his head and smiled.


More stories can be found at

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