Girl On Top

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It’s hard to be a woman in this business. I have to prove myself every day in the agency. It doesn’t help that I’m short. Petite. I fucking hate that word. I can take down a man three times my weight and gut him in one move. Stare at my breasts and your testicles will be dangling from my rear-view mirror.

I’ve been hunting Ivan for months. He’s a master thief, a suspected spy and a known murderer. He’s burly and bald, with a pale scar over his left eye. I’ve got his head shot ingrained in my memory and I could pick him out of a crowded room instantly. I probably know his face better than my own father’s.

If he didn’t look so mean he would be really handsome. That’s a purely clinical assessment, of course. I’m a professional agent. I don’t have feelings.

I’m giddy as…

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***Inspired by James Ciriaco.***


The break never seen

Yet the leaves still fall.


Grey dawn

A dome on the world.


Dark.  Cold.

A star giving hope.


Dirty, nasty, forbidden.

A thousand thoughts as one


Before the rushing waves.


Colliding realities

As I wade into the river.


Stuff still stuck

To the soul of my dress shoe.

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Our First Swing

The four of us sat in the living room huddled in an L-shaped comfortable couch-love seat arrangement cuddling our martinis and whiskeys.  I was in awe of the beauty of our visitor.  Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, cute freckles lent a friendly face to her devastating body.  Perky ample but not large breasts, smooth porcelain skin, warm rosy highlights.  I was captivated.

When my wife went to get us a snack, Erin looked directly at me, a lull covered the room.

“Where do you want this to go, Rick?  I sense you want my body.  You do, don’t you?”  I could feel the blood flowing out of my head and to my stomach.  Actually even lower.

“Well, Erin, you are right.  I would love to bring you some pleasure, but you’ll have to check with the boss.  She [I tilted my head toward the kitchen] makes all the decisions about our sexual life.  I just do whatever she says.”

“Is that right?  So you can’t decide for yourself.”

“That’s right.  She decides and I do whatever she wants.”

“Whatever she wants?  Anything she asks you to do?  No limits.”

“Yes that’s right.”  Sam returned with chips and salsa.  “You’ve missed an interesting discussion, honey.”

“Yes, Sam, Rick says that you make all the sexual decisions for the two of you and that he does whatever you ask.  Is that true?”

“Absolutely.”  She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.  “Do you want me to prove it to you?”


“Rick, please strip off all of your clothes for Erin.”  Without hesitation, I stood up, sidled my way around the coffee table and into the middle of the room.  I started with my shirt, looking at Erin the entire time as I unbuttoned it.  I noticed in my peripheral vision that Mike, Erin’s husband moved closer to her and put his arm around her lower back.  Off came the shirt, then my white t-shirt, folding both quickly before tossing them on the side chair.  Shoes and socks came off easily.  I then unbelted, unbuttoned, and unzipped my pants.  Dramatically, I just let go and they fell down to my feet.  I stepped out and did a small hip movement side to side, hand on hip, showing off my royal blue boxer briefs.  They fit somewhat tightly and showed off the hidden jewels beneath.

I looked over at Sam and she gave me a nod – her command to continue.  Truth be told, I was an exhibitionist, and I liked to show off my body.  Not that I was so well endowed or so muscular but I was pretty proud of what I did have.  I was athletic without being overly muscular.  Tall, thin and wiry, I’ve been called.  As for my manhood, it was long and thin as well.  Longer than the average but it could have benefited from a bit more girth.  Nonetheless, standing stiff it seemed to gather attention.

I turned around, peeling the shorts over my tight bum.  A thrill ran through my body as I imagined Erin waiting to see my cock.  I dropped my shorts on the ground, stepped out and put my hands over my cock before turning around.  Facing the three of them with my hands covering myself, I slowly slid my hands from the bottom of my rod all the way up and off the top.  It stood straight up by itself pointing toward the wall above Erin’s head.

“Very good Ricky.  Did you like that Erin?  Is there more that I can have him do to prove he will do whatever I ask?”

“No, that was very interesting.”

“I know.  Rick, why don’t you give Erin a foot massage?”  Then looking at Erin, “If you like having your feet massaged?”

“Sure.”  Erin was wearing a long dark grey wraparound skirt with boots.  I moved the coffee table back out of the way and knelt my naked self on the floor in front of Erin.  In a minute I had her boots and socks off and had her left foot cradled in my hands.  My thumbs pressed into the balls of her feet and moved up together and into the space under her toes.   Rubbing in circles that got larger with every ring, I could see Erin close her eyes and simply enjoy the rubbing.  I pulled gently on each toe and then, pressing my palms against her inner arch, I took her toes into my mouth.  I kissed, sucked and licked between each toe while my hands squeezed her foot.

Placing her foot gently on my naked thigh. I lifted the other and made love to it with my hands and mouth.  Meanwhile, my eyes wandered to the inside of her thighs.  I was mesmerized by the secret tunnel to her intimate panties.  Erin saw me looking but was enjoying her foot massage too much to do anything about it.  In fact, it might have been my imagination but I think she opened her legs a little wider.  I do know that I could see her light grey panties.

I would see more of them later as Sam had me kneel in front of Erin and service her calves and her thighs and finally her nether regions – all of them.  Sam and she talked about swinging and Sam kept encouraging her to let me go farther in my ministrations.  Had she and Mike ever traded partners with another couple?  Yes, many times.  “Did she have any interest in Rick as a sex partner?  Yes.  Did she control the sex life of both of them?  Perhaps but she never really thought of it as control and she didn’t have the kind of control that Sam had over me.  Perhaps Sam could teach her.

Oh and would she like me to take off her panties?  Sure.

And while I had my face buried between Erin’s legs, Sam asked Mike to do the same to her.  He obliged even though he listened silently to the conversation between his wife and mine and their discussion of his possible submission.  Yet when it was suggested that he take off Sam’s clothes and lick her pussy, he did as he was directed.  As Erin reached her first orgasm, her legs wrapped around my head, my hand in her pussy, my lips surrounding her clit, I had to think that Mike was a perfect subject for Sam and it would not be long before Sam and Erin had him completely in their spell.

Sam instructed Mike to squeeze up behind Erin who had slid her way to the edge of the couch.  She told him to take off her shirt and bra, kiss her on the neck and wrap his hands around her naked breasts.  Her second orgasm almost crushed me while she grabbed my hair with both hands and pulled me closer.  After that she was done for a while and Sam had all three of us turn our attention on her.  She loved to direct the action and specified where each of us fit.

She watched Mike undress, undressed herself, and had him get between her legs.  I sucked one breast while Erin kissed her on the lips.  Sam was quick to orgasm and it didn’t take her long.  A break.  Another drink.  The girls did much of the talking and I had to wait until after they left to receive my first glorious orgasm of the night.

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If you lick it,

It will cum.

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And the winner is…doggy style! a post by erotic author K. C. Cave

A survey of 2,000 people in Europe and the U.S. revealed the shocking news (I’m being facetious) that doggy style is overwhelmingly the go-to sex position (Preferred Positions/A Look at Sexual Favorites Across Europe and the U.S.). From the report: …we found that a little over 35 percent preferred doggy style. Missionary position was also […]

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Want a Christmas card? — marica0701

Reblogging for friend

If you would like a handmade Christmas card this month, I would be more than happy to send you some snail mail! Email me at with your address (and I will not share your address with anyone else). I will need all requests by the 18th so that US domestic mail can arrive by Christmas. […]

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This device was fitted inside the folds of her pussy and had a tail that snuck just inside the opening to her vagina.  He scanned her actual pussy, lips open, and created the shell using a 3D printer.  This ensured a comfortable fit especially since her pussy lips seemed to him somewhat smaller than most of the women he had been with.  Inside the form he built a rocking horse vibrator.  A rocking horse vibrator forced the movement toward the two ends – one of which dipped inside and the other tapped onto her clit (of course).

The vibrator has rawhide strings that were attached from the top and the bottom and ran up to a waistband of the same material.  The rawhide string was pulled taut to keep the vibrator close and she could feel its track through her cheeks.

He had the remote and the speeds were variable when they went shopping at the mall.  She was wearing a short pleated skirt and a tight fitting jersey.  Because she was small breasted she was able to go braless which he insisted on although she did have a t-shirt on under the jersey.  No panties of course.

He turned it on a few times on the way to the mall just to get a feel for it.  At the higher levels she bent over and in spite of his command to sit straight she seemed unable to do it.  At the lowest level she could almost ignore it.  Almost and it was very quiet at the lower levels.  They went into the shoe department of a high end well known store.  She browsed the shoes on display while he remained in a nearby section.

The shoe salesman was older than her, perhaps in his late thirties.  He was dressed in a navy blue sport coat with a blue tie and white shirt.  Black chinos and brown shoes were his grip on his true self.  He hustled to get her size in six pairs of shoes that she selected, knowing this was probably a waste of time.  Real customers started with one or two pairs.  But she was pretty and had exceptional legs so he didn’t mind the break from the normal cranky old lady.  The vibrator was cranked to a middle speed while he was gone.

When the salesman returned, the vibrator eased up, allowing her more control, although she reveled in the moistness between her legs.  She was careful to open her legs just slightly while he put the shoes on her feet.  The vibrator’s black cover would probably look like a thong, she hoped.  She wondered if he could hear the slight hum.  Perhaps it was her imagination but it seemed as though the boy was holding her foot longer, taking a bit more time than he needed, virtually caressing her foot as he put each shoe on her.  Between shoes she would walk around the area and the vibrations would increase.  She had all she could do to walk.

One shoe was too big, another too small.  Another run to the backroom for the salesman.  This time the vibrations went beyond reason.  She bent over pretending to be caring for her feet.  Feeling the vibrations spread out across her clit, swimming around her whole pussy, quickly coming close to summing.  On the edge, ready to fall, then stopping completely.

She lifted her head and looked around.  Her boyfriend was watching her from behind a shirt rack with a broad grin on his face.  He loved to tease her.  The bastard.  Shortly the small vibrations began again.  This time she opened her legs wider and tugged her skirt quickly to ensure it was out of the way.  She looked into the eyes of the salesman who was staring between her legs.  His eyes lifted and caught hers.

“Like what you see?” daring him.

“Yes, as a matter of fact, I do.”  A confident smile crossed his face.  “You have very nice legs, Miss.”

“Oh I thought you were looking between them.”

“I was.”  He was matching her boldness blow for blow.  “And frankly, sweet thing, I don’t get enough of it in this job.  Everyone thinks I get to look up young legs all day long but this is actually rare.  And I must say, a pleasant break.”  The whole time he spoke he was holding her naked foot in his hand and glancing between her legs.  “Is there something else I can do for you Miss?  If you would you like to try on every shoe in the store, you’d be most welcome by my account.”

She giggled and said she would like to retry on the second pair she tried on.  Meanwhile the vibrations were increasing slowly.  She tried on the shoe but was unable to get up and walk around.  The vibrations were taking over her being.  “I’ll take these,” she said.  “But I need a minute.”

He went to the register to ring up the sale but could not take his eyes off of her as she pressed her hands between her legs pushing her skirt between them.  Pressing, leaning slightly forward, the salesman probably realized she was having an orgasm.  Her eyes met his just as her body quivered, shook and she succumbed to the rumbling of a deep penetrating orgasm.

After a few moments, she pulled herself together and went to the register where she was joined by her controlling friend.  “Hi, dear, how are you doing?” he greeted her.  “There are some very exciting sales here, wouldn’t you agree?”  He was looking at her chest when she first realized that her braless nipples were protruding prominently through her jersey.

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