The Job (excerpt)

“Don’t worry honey.  I’ll do all the work.  You can just lie there.  In fact, why don’t I tie you up?”  I felt my pants tighten around my middle.  We sometimes enhanced our usual sex with a bit of bondage.  We switched off from one to the other but I actually enjoyed it most when I was tied up.  No responsibilities, unable to do anything, simply lie back and enjoy her attention.  She was very imaginative and treated me to extraordinary things when she had me tied.  I was in for a treat.

Once upstairs she removed my shirt, laid me on my back on the bed with my head toward the bed’s bottom.  She took out our rather sturdy silk ties and bound each of my wrists to the two foot posts pulling them tighter than usual.  Then she spread eagled my legs and tied them to the head posts.  I was still dressed in my pants and she undid and removed my belt, opened the snap, and slowly slid my zipper down making sure she made as much contact as possible with my growing manhood.

I was wearing black boxers and she took her hand and spread it over the cotton fabric, slowly finding her way to my most sensitive areas with her fingers.  As my member struggled to extend itself, she repositioned it by grabbing it and pulling it through my shorts.

“So, let me tell you about your new job,” she said as she continued to stroke me as I extended to my full ten inches.  “I was thinking to myself, what is it that Bradley does best?  And it became obvious to me that your best qualities come out at night.  Or rather in bed.  Wouldn’t you agree?”  Her eyes had a mischievous glint to them.  I agreed somewhat hesitantly.

“So then I thought how can we take advantage of Bradley’s skills?  And it came to me in a flash.  I know a lot of women who would like to purchase a pussy licking without any complications.  A simple, confidential, uncomplicated, and quality pussy licking.  So that’s what I have done!  You, my love, will spend the rest of the afternoon giving mustache rides.”

She got up rather suddenly.  “Any questions?”  She went over to our “toy” draw and got out a blindfold that we occasionally used.  She placed the blindfold over my eyes.  I was stunned.  She must be joking with me.  I heard the doorbell ring and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  She left the room to answer it and I thought maybe I should just go with this.  It might not be all that bad.

****This is an excerpt from a FREE story, The Job, available at Smashwords in a compilation of short stories called BRIEFS.   Please enjoy and let me know which story was your favorite.

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Need your Opinion


What is going on here?  Is he being taught a lesson?  What do you think?

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New Release! Strip For Me

Ava writes some hot stuff. I love the way she teases a story.

What I Write


It’s out! My newest erotica ebook is available: Strip For Me.

Check out the summary:

Penelope has never watched anyone strip on webcam before. Hell, she’s never stripped herself. But there’s something about the cam boy on a website she recently found that makes her want to. She’s not normally like this, but for some reason she wants to behave in ways she’s not supposed to.

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Smother Me

Smother me with your thighs

Let my lips separate yours.

Let my hands lift your bum

Gripping and grasping

While my mouth is gasping

My tongue is dancing.


Let the tip of my tongue

Touch the tip of your clit.


In and around.



My hands separate your cheeks

While my tongue separates your slit

Putting my nose in your hole.

Yes the back one.

Playing with your rim.


You’re sitting on top

And taking advantage of me.

Do it for yourself.

Place yourself where ever

When ever

You want the attention of my face.


Smother me.

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Such Carnage!

A departure from my usual “fun” stuff to republish a serious comment from a true Muslim. This could be titled “These people are not true Muslims.”


I am at a loss to know what I should call the heinous atrocities carried on in the name of a religion. Ramadan is such a holy month for the Muslims, and we are told that all the ‘satans’ are chained and imprisoned. Who let these rabid dogs out? How many more blood baths? How many more mothers who would lose their sons and daughters and grandchildren and babies? Why do these animals call themselves Muslims? They are not Muslims. They are people without souls. They are murderers, who think they are Muslims, and hide behind the false pretense that by such murders and killings they will attain martyrdom. What a joke!  They are not going any where near Paradise and I am sure, Hell is too good a place for the likes of them.

They carry a small black flag that says, There is only One God and Muhammad is His Prophet!…

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His Story

Most people assume that I have somehow been broken before I agreed to Elizabeth’s dominance.  Not true.  Even she tells the story like I was manipulated into becoming her obedient servant.  The truth is that I love Elizabeth very much.  Worship her, really.  I live to make her happy and when she is happy there is no end to the joy that I feel.  Especially, when I have contributed to that joy.

She loves to have other men.  I’ve known this from the time before we were married.  I want to enable this joy for her.  If I can bring her men or let her enjoy men she chooses without being threatened in my role as husband, then I will actively do this.  And love to do this.  For her part, she has always been careful to reinforce my position as the number one man in her life.  Our relationship goes beyond just sex and our feelings for each other run deep.

I realize there may be a few men who she has an ongoing relationship with a prolonged period of time but most of her encounters are brief and of the one-night stand type.  These relationships no matter how long are based on sexual attraction and do not go much deeper than that.

Lastly, Elizabeth has explored a lot of the dimensions of our D/s relationship carefully.  Dimensions such as punishments, cuckolding, humiliation, etc. have been tried in small steps.  She has been sensitive to what I like and what works.  We’ll both try everything once but she knows when to eliminate or minimize certain scenarios.  She has a good sense for what I like.

So the bottom line is that I enjoy being her submissive husband.  I enjoy seeing her with other men.  I know that sounds strange but when I see her writhing in the kind of over-stimulation that only multiple men (or men and women) can provide, I feel fulfilled.  I feel like the enabler, the giver, the provider.

The way she tells the story is a little different.  She imagines that she has trained me and taught me to be her submissive.  We have entered this path cautiously but she has always underestimated my willingness to give her all that she desires.  If you want to hear her side of the story and have a few hours to listen, go here.

Hot Wife, the Tale of a Husband’s Submission 

pov view from below - smother

pov view from below – smother

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Morning Porn

Porn can be so exciting.  Watching a young girl dance naked.  Her hips swaying to music.  Her round behind mesmerizing me.  Tits bouncing.  Nipples rigid.  Makes me feel alive.  Makes me want to share my sexual excitement with every woman I know.  Young or old.  Slim or full bodied.  Blondes or brunettes.  Bring it.  I’m ready.

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