The Psychiatrist

He was a handsome older man.  Very proper.  Well educated.  She came to him with a problem.  She couldn’t orgasm.  In her early 20’s her beauty had attracted a number of men and boys and she wasn’t a virgin.  Whether alone or with one of her beaus she was unable to reach a climax.  At times she came so close but somehow, she was unable to go the full distance and it frustrated her to no end.

“How is it that you came to me?”

“You treated my friend, Jane Hollingsworth, for a sexual disfunction and she said you were very helpful and fixed her problem.”

“Yes, I remember Jane.  But her circumstances were very different from yours.”

“But I understand that you specialize in sexual dysfunctions.”

“True, but each case is different.”

“Tell me about your sexual history with men.”

“Well, I’ve had three boyfriends and one one-night stand.”  She blushed as she mentioned her one-night stand hoping he wouldn’t think she was a slut.  “My boyfriends were all longer term, lasting from 6 months to 1 year.  I had sex with each of them but was unable to achieve an orgasm.  My first boyfriend was when I was a senior in high school and he took my virginity.  We had intercourse three times and he wasn’t a very good lover.  When I graduated, we went to different colleges and lost touch.

“My second boyfriend was someone I met in my freshman year.  He was a football player and a very big guy.  He was a sweetheart and he knew I wasn’t having an orgasm.  He tried lots of different ways to get me to cum but nothing worked.”

“Did his cock match his size?

“What do you mean?”

“Did he have a large cock?”

“Yes, he was quite large.  The biggest I’ve ever had but it didn’t seem to make a difference.”

“Tell me a little more about what it felt like when he put his cock in you.”  She turned three shades of red.  She was very uncomfortable getting into the details of her sexual life with this strange man.  He was almost the age of her father and she was uncomfortable talking about sex to any man but she realized this was necessary if he was going to help her.

“The first time was a bit painful even though we had been making out for a long time before we decided to do it.  I was wet enough, I guess, but he was so thick that it hurt when he entered.  He pushed it in somewhat slowly but once he was in, his desire took over and he quickly started to do it very hard and fast.  And it hurt the first time.  We started doing it more regularly and I got used to his size pretty quickly, but I still never had an orgasm.”

“And the third boyfriend?”

“There was a year and a half break between Jake and Tom, my third boyfriend, who I met at the end of my third year.  We were in a Biology class together and were lab mates.  Tom was a very smart, nerdy type.  Not as well endowed as Jake but very sensitive.  We went together for a little over a year.  He actually broke up with me and I think it was because he knew I wasn’t satisfied even though I faked an orgasm with him a number of times.”

“And the one-night stand?”

“I was drunk.  I had recently turned 21 and occasionally, my drinking got out of control.  I met him at the bar and we went back to his place.  Not something I’m proud about and honestly, I don’t remember a lot about the details other than he seemed more interested in himself than my pleasure.  I never saw him after that one time.”

“How long has it been since you have had sex?”

“Just over 2 years now.  I think of a sexual relationship as nice but frustrating.”

“Have any of your boyfriends ever given you oral sex?”

“Yes, all of them and especially Tom who used to do it all the time.”

“Did you enjoy that?”

“Oh yes, definitely.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the sex.  It was very pleasant.  Exciting, actually but in the end, it has always frustrated me.”

“Have you ever had anal sex?”  She visibly cringed at the question.

“Ewww, no and I’m not interested in ever doing That!”

“If I asked you to get naked here in the office, would you be willing to do that.”  She looked around.  The office had a large triple paned window on one wall facing the other half of the l-shaped office building.  In front of the window was a desk with a computer on it.  Behind the two chairs that she and Dr. Rogers sat in, there was a long royal blue couch.

“Here.  I don’t think so.  It’s kind of open to the public, isn’t it?”  Her voice cracked nervously.

“I can close the blinds.”  There was a pause while it seemed as though the doctor gave her a leering look at her legs which were crossed and naked below the knee where her light summer dress ended.  “Would you let me touch you sexually?”

“Is that necessary?”

“Yes, I think it is.”

“I guess so.”  She hadn’t thought this through.  Jane hadn’t mentioned any sexual activity with her and the doctor and she was expecting it would somehow be just talk.  She suddenly realized how naïve she was.”

“What would you say if I told you that if you trust me and let me have complete control over the content of our sessions that I could cure you in three or four sessions.”

“I’d say you were a probably a liar.”  She immediately regretting saying that.  Calling the doctor a liar.  But it was the first thought she had.  Another man interested in getting sex.  She smiled trying to make it seem like a joke but she thought, is he just another man interested in seeing her naked body.

“I have dealt with this kind of problem before and have developed a technique for dealing with it.  With your permission, I will hypnotize you and try to establish what your blockage is.  I will attempt to have you orgasm while under hypnotism and then once we have accomplished that, I will attempt to have you orgasm without hypnosis.  Is that clear?  Do you have any questions?”

“Is it necessary for me to have an orgasm with you in order to solve my problem?”

“Yes.  I believe it is the only way.”

“Will I remember what happened under hypnosis?”

“Yes, I think it is best for you to remember.  It makes the transference to real life easier.”

She had no other questions and so they began.  He placed a device on her arm.

“This monitors your heart rate and will help me know what is working.”  She nodded her assent.  He went to his desk and took something in his hand.  It was a small piece of carved glass.

“Watch the spinning glass bauble.”  He held the multifaced glass on a thin chain and started to rock it side to side.  The bauble refracted the light coming in from the window and blues and reds and greens and other colors shimmed in the glass.  It was a beautiful sight.

“Look closely and let the rest of the world fade away.  Feel it’s rhythm.”  His voice was low and masculine; soothing and sexy.  “You are moving through a tunnel toward the light.  Going deeper.  Deeper.  Your eyes are closing.  And closed.”

He put the crystal glass down and turned on some rhythmic electronic music.  “Okay open your eyes.  I want you to forget your inhibitions.  Imagine that we have been lovers for many months and have already had sex.  Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said but wondered whether she was really hypnotized.  She didn’t feel anything different, exept for his voice.  His voice was so sexy and stirred something deep inside of her.

“Please stand and remove your clothes and do it in a way that makes you feel sexy.”  She stood and unbuttoned her dress while giving him a wanton stare.  Slowly she removed each button from its hole exposing her pink skin and black bra.  Facing him she slid the dress off her shoulders exposing her bra in its entirety.  She removed each shoe with her foot, flipping the last one toward him.  She lost her balance a bit – not very sexy – but quickly recovered.  She dropped the dress to the floor.

Turning around she removed her bra.  She wiggled her ass toward him.  She felt it was her best feature.  Plump, pear, shaped, perfect.  She gave him a glance over her shoulder before turning around, hands covering her small grapefruit sized breasts.  Walking over to him, she stood between his legs as her hands left her breasts and moved to the edge of her panties.  He stared at her young breasts, still firm and full.  She slowly – so very slowly – removed her panties only a foot or two from his face.  Her pussy was clean shaven last night in preparation.  Just in case.

She danced slowly in front of him and he let her continue for a few minutes.  He wanted to test her willingness to be open.  Test to see if she still had inhibitions.

“Go to the window and stand there naked.”  She walked over to the window with no hesitation and stood in front of the window.  She covered her breasts with her hands.  The sound of her heart monitor was beeping a little faster.

“Remove your hands for me.”  She obeyed.

“is anyone watching you?”

“There is a man smoking a cigarette in front of the building but I don’t think he sees me.”

“Very good.  Please come and sit down Miss on your chair.”  She did as she was told.  “Spread your legs over the arms of the chair.”

The chair’s arms were low and it was easy to put one leg over each.  She felt a bit uncomfortable spreading her legs like this but she did as she was told.  He slid his chair closer and pressed his fingers against the lips of her pussy.  “Did you enjoy dancing for me?”

“Yes, I did.”

“Did it make you wet?”

“Maybe.”  He pressed between her lips and found the opening to her tunnel.  There was definite moisture at the opening.

“Have you ever had an orgasm when you masturbate?”

“I don’t think so.  I get excited but nothing like an explosion.  Nothing like what I am told it is supposed to feel like.”

“Have you ever used a vibrator?”  The young woman blushed at his suggestion.  “No.”

“Well that might be worth the effort., but first, let’s warm you up a bit more.”  He began to rub his fingers through the folds of her lips, stopping a couple of times to lick his fingers.  His fingers trailed up to her clit and when he touched her there, she startled.

“Does it bother you when I touch you there?”

“It just surprised me.  I guess.”

“This is a natural part of sexual intimacy.  You should get used to it.”  He used his left hand to open her lips and with a finger on his right hand he began to flick her little nub.”

“Just enjoy this feeling.  Let yourself give in to it.  Does that feel good?”

“It’s a little embarrassing.”

“Never mind that, just close your eyes and concentrate on the feeling.”  His fingers continued to play within the fold of her pussy.  Poking here and flicking there.  He slid his finger inside her tunnel just a little – to one knuckle – and circled her opening from the inside rimming around her reluctant opening.  He trailed some of her moisture to her clit which he also circled barely touching her stiffening nub.

Her heart monitor and her breathing told him she was getting excited.

“Slide your bottom down to the end of the chair closer to me.”  She removed her legs from the arms and slid her naked body along the leather of the chair until her bottom was at the edge.”

“Good,” he said as he lifted her legs over his shoulders and put his face in the crevice where his hand was.  He began to lick the full length of her pussy, his eyes focused on hers, his hands under her bottom.  She closed her eyes and he could hear the heart monitor beeping quicker.  His lips surrounded her clitoris as he sucked on it.  She moaned.  He released her button and flicked it with his tongue again.  Gently and rapidly.  After a few more minutes of this he decided she was excited enough for now.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes, but…”

“But, what?”

“I have never let a stranger do this to me.  I feel shame.  Kind of slutty.”

“Inside all of us is a slut.  We are biologically inclined to have sex.  It’s in our DNA.  It’s natural.  All the shame you feel is unnatural and put upon you by parents, teachers, religious leaders and other authority figures in your life.  Were your parents very religious?”

“Yes.  Catholic.”

“Well, I believe that God gave us our sex drive for a reason.  And not just to insure procreation of the species but also for our enjoyment.  I believe God wants us to enjoy sex.  That it makes him happy to see us enjoy ourselves.  Can you imagine God smiling at us for enjoying our sex?”

“I don’t know.  That’s a hard one for me to imagine.”

“Trust me.”  She loved his deep voice and wanted to trust him.  He got up and went to his desk again and this time took out a vibrator.  It was a small 2 inch long cylinder.  He returned to his position on the floor in front of her chair.  He twisted the bottom of the vibrator and it hummed.  He placed it against her skin in the fold between her leg and torso.  She could feel its vibrations along her skin.  Slowly he moved it around in circles moving closer to her clit.  He pressed it against the side of the thin lip next to her clit.

“How does that feel?”

“Weird,” she replied.

“I want you to close your eyes and just concentrate on the vibrations.”  She closed her eyes, grateful that she could hide behind the darkness from him.  The vibrations seemed to be spreading throughout the general area and she could feel it tickling her clit.  He moved the vibrator back and forth against her clit.  Her heart monitor kicked into another gear.

“Now I want you to hold the vibrator for me.  Hold it in this area but feel free to move it around as you like.  Do not remove it or turn it off.”

She took the vibrator from him.  He lowered his head between her legs placing his hands under her thighs.  His tongue poked at her hole.  He watched as she held the vibrator in one spot along the side of her clit.  Lifting her up slightly and sliding her closer to him, he began to move his tongue along the flesh between her two holes.  Lifting her higher, squeezing her cheeks with his hands, his tongue moved closer to her back hole.

No, she thought.  Don’t touch me there.  I’m dirty there.  But he continued and she felt his tongue rim her brown hole, gently touching her puckered folds, opening them.  She tensed her ass.

“Just relax,” he said.  “You’ll enjoy this.”  She didn’t respond right away but as his tongue continued its assault on her nether region her body gave in to the feeling and she realized how good it felt.  He continued this for quite some time as she slipped the vibrator between her folds and felt its vibration more directly on her clit.  She was breathing hard and moaning.

He was hoping the vibrator would be enough to do the trick but it wasn’t.  He lowered her to the seat and took the vibrator from her.  Twisting it he achieved another level of vibration.  He pressed two fingers against her pussy opening.  Pressing and rolling his fingers until he was able to get both inside of her he slowly entered her with them.  She was soaking wet.  He watched as she moved the vibrator around the area of her clit.

“Imagine you have been captured by a band of men and they have put you on display naked and attached machines to you.  You are in front of a window and men are watching you from outside.  Your legs are spread wide open.  These machines are designed to make you cum but they do not cover any of your private parts.  One is attached to your clit and one is in your pussy.  You cannot stop them.  And you cannot help but cum in front of them.  When you are done being on display these men will have their way with you.  Sometimes two or three at once.  And others follow continuing to fuck you, one after the other, for hours of sex.”

His words created vivid images for her.  A fantasy she had never had but nonetheless it turned her on.  His fingers penetrated her deeper until he found her g-spot.  He rolled his fingers against her spot.  Then began to push in and out of her, pressing her g-spot, rubbing her inside her tight pussy.  His fingers moved faster and the higher vibrations on her clit was suddenly bringing her to the brink.

Then suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere, she began to squirt.  She screamed as her juices let go and she gushed juice out of her.  Pissing on his face and his shirt.  She was cuming.  She felt her pussy clutch his fingers in waves.  She was embarrassed by the flow of her juices and the mess it was making but once she started, she wanted to continue forever.

She came a few times.  She didn’t count but knew this was her first orgasm.  She had never felt anything like this before.  It was amazing.

He removed his fingers, got up and went to a closet where he removed his soaking wet shirt.  Luckily, he had another shirt in his closet.   She lay in a puddle of sex, spent, not moving.  She turned the vibrator off.  Another door led to a bathroom where he obtained some tissues.  Coming back to her he cleaned her up with the tissue.

She couldn’t help but notice his large cock under his pants and watching him change his shirt gave her a warm feeling.  He was a good man and a handsome man at that.  She felt bad that her orgasm was one sided and that he was obviously still excited.

“You can put your clothes on now and I will end the hypnosis.”

She had forgotten that she had been hypnotized.  After she was dressed, he ended the hypnosis.

“When I snap my fingers, you will come out of the hypnotic state but you will remember ever detail of what happened.”  Snap.

She felt a mix of emotions.  Satisfaction at her first orgasm.  Embarrassment at cuming on front of a stranger.  She was horrified by the way her pussy gushed all over this man.  She felt guilty about leaving him hard.  She wondered if she did the right thing coming to him but, yes, that orgasm – my god it was great, she thought.

“So, will I see you again next week.  Same time.”

“Yes, doctor.”

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Rocking a Roll in Bed

It’s a rocking fuck we do sometimes.  After some foreplay, I enter her in the missionary position.  A small vibrator is placed between our pelvic bones just touching her clit.  It’s not a slam bang fuck but rather a rocking motion pushing in deep and only drawing back a little.  The rocking pushes the vibrator back and forth, up and down.  It always stays near her clit but rocks off and on it.  It’s a rhythmic rock and one that drives her to multiple orgasms.  Anyone else ever done this?

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Her Massage Part 2

I’ve had a few requests for a follow up to this story.  When Tracy’s mother showed up at her appointment, she gave absolutely no indication that Tracy and I had crossed the line of professionalism.  Her massage was routine and much like our regular ones.  When she asked about how the meeting with her daughter went, I politely told her nothing but did mention how beautiful her daughter was.

Tracy’s friend, Megan, was a different story.  She asked if I had more time than the hour I had planned.  I told her I didn’t but, in the future, she could schedule a longer massage if that was her preference.   She asked about what different massages I offered and after a run down on the usual, she asked how much extra it was for a ‘full body’ massage.

“I don’t offer a complete full body massage.”

“That’s not what Tracy told me.”  Her tone made the implication undeniable.  Tracy told her what happened.

“What happened with Tracy was a mistake and it will never happen again.  Not with her or anyone else.  I’m sorry.”

I proceeded with the massage and when I massaged her buttocks she moaned.  Refusing to get pulled in, I actually spent less time on her gluts than usual.  Finishing her back I had her turn over and began to massage her head, neck, and shoulders.  I could see her hands move under the sheet, toward her middle and she began to play with herself.

I considered ending the massage but then thought why get mad or make a scene.  If she wants to play with herself, I can just ignore it.  After a few minutes, it became hard to ignore.  She lifted her knees spreading them apart.  Her hands were moving rapidly under the covers and her breathing was loud and shallow.

I moved to the bottom of the table.  “Would you like me to massage your legs?”

“Yes, please.”

“Is it okay if I reposition the sheet?”

“Yes.  Remove it if you want.”  I sensed a challenge in her words.  I spread the sheet over the top of her torso removing it from her legs.  I positioned the edge of the sheet over her hips, covering her hands but it didn’t remain there for long.  As I straightened one of her legs, the blanket slipped away from her hands exposing her playful fingers.

She now had one leg akimbo and the one that I was massaging was flat on the bed.  One of her hands was holding her lips open and pulling on her exposed clit while the other gently rubbed her nub.  She was moaning and her eyes were half open looking at me.  Her look was challenging, brash, bold.

I massaged to about halfway up her thighs but no higher.  Yet as my hands moved up her leg she moaned as though I was penetrating her slowly.  I will admit I was hard as a rock but tried my best not to show it.  When I moved to the other leg, she shifted slightly.  I looked up at the clock and told her we had seven minutes left.  I was afraid she would not finish and might give me a hard time about stopping.

I was wrong.  She was completely in control, her fingers began to move faster, her legs parted a little wider and her eyes stared more intently.  Soon she was on the verge and I had all I could do to not to slide my hands up into her pleasure area and push her over the edge.  But she did it all herself.  Letting out a loud moan, followed by a number of shuddering sounds, she orgasmed.  I swiped both legs from mid-thigh down, squeezing both feet and then moved back to the top of the table.

I rubbed her head while she recovered in the glow of her orgasm.  She seemed pleased and satisfied but I had to wonder if she would leave disappointed.  When she finally did leave, she left me a reasonable tip but did not request another appointment.

* * * * * *

I was not looking forward to Tracy’s next appointment.  As the day drew near, I became more and more nervous.  She scheduled a longer appointment and I deliberately did not schedule anyone after her.  It was my plan to have a discussion with her and to tell her that we had to stop our inappropriate behavior immediately.  And I would ask her not to tell others about it because it raised unrealistic expectations.  I figured I would make up the time at the end of our normal session.

“You understand why what we did was wrong.  Especially what I did was wrong.  Maybe not so much for you but I broke every code of my profession.  I could lose my license, my livelihood, and my profession which I’ve been doing now for 10 years.”

“I didn’t see anything wrong in what we did!  I could have stopped you if I wanted.”

“Yes, but I must stop and you must stop telling your friends”

“Well, I only told one friend.  And I can understand that, I guess.  I enjoyed our first session and I would like to do it again.  Is that so wrong?”  With that Tracy began to undo the buttons on her blouse.

“For me, it is terribly wrong and we must stop.”

“Why?”  She said slyly as she removed her blouse.  I was feeling like I should leave the room but I hadn’t got her to agree.

“Because it would be the ruin of me if it got out.  If the licensing board ever found out what happened I would lose my license.”

“So, if I told the licensing board what happened between us, then you could lose your license.  Sounds like a good reason to do as I wish and keep me happy.”  She unzipped her skirt and let it fall off her legs.

OMG, I thought, she wouldn’t, would she?  She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, quickly removing it.  As she removed the last item – her panties – she said, “Let’s get on with the massage and let’s make it a good one.  I do love your hands.”  She kissed my cheek briefly before lying on the table, offering herself to me.

I did cave in to her desires and massaged her back and front giving her at least 3 orgasms with my hands.  Tempted as I was to lick her pussy I kept my mouth and my cock away from her.

When we finished, I told her it was important to keep our tryst a secret.  She should tell no one.  I could not be doing this with her friends or anyone else for that matter.  Smiling, she thanked me for a nice time, kissed me on the lips, and said until next time.

There was a next time and a time after that.  In fact, our relationship lasted for over a year until she found a serious boyfriend.  I admit I looked forward to her sessions and getting her to cum.  Sometimes I would tease her for the entire hour and a half session, not letting her achieve orgasm until very close to the end.  But that is a story for another day.

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Her Massage

This is my way of confessing.  They say writing it down and expressing your thoughts will help to eliminate the guilt I feel.  I have been a professional masseuse for twelve years and have never erred so badly.  But this one time I violated the most important ethical principle of the profession.  Not only do I feel guilty about it, but I am also afraid it can only end badly.

She made the appointment by phone – a referral of her mother, a long time customer.  She was familiar with my services and asked for a one hour soothing massage.  The day of her massage a terrible storm came up and all my customers canceled except for her.  She lived close by and had a 4-wheel drive jeep.  I was immediately struck by her beauty and I could see she had a body to match under her neatly tailored winter clothes.

I brought her into my massage room which was a converted bedroom.  It was large and well lit but with hedges outside to maintain privacy.  I had already turned on the space heater for extra warmth and placed a flannel electric blanket over the massage table.  I even had a small heater for my massage oils which gave the room a pleasant scent.  It was a welcome oasis in a white winter land.

“Take off your clothes and get under the blanket.  We’ll start on your back so lay face down.  You may keep your panties on if you wish.”   I gave her a few minutes before I knocked and entered.  I couldn’t help but notice the tiniest black thong lying on the top of her clothes.  I congratulated her on making an appointment when everyone else had canceled.  She asked if there would be a bonus and I told her that we certainly wouldn’t be rushed.

I turned off the electric blanket and folded it down exposing her back.  Her back had a graceful curve that led to a narrow waist.  I began the massage from the top of the table and rubbed her shoulders, neck and upper back.  She immediately expressed her enjoyment by whispering soft comforting sounds as my hands ran up and down her back.  Moving to the side of the table I worked the lower back along with her upper back.  Her skin was soft and supple.  I couldn’t help but notice the sides of her breasts pressed against the table.  I could see their firmness.

I was getting excited.  Something I rarely did.  But I felt my pants tightening.  I massaged a lot of women but seldom were they as young and as beautiful as this woman.  I have to admit her quiet vocal responses to my massage also helped.  When I rubbed her sides she moaned a little louder seemingly encouraging me to massage the sides of her breasts.  But I resisted the temptation.  Moving to the end of the table I uncovered one leg and massaged it with two hands.  My movements were slow and deliberate.   The higher I moved on her leg the louder she moaned, clearly enjoying it.  Her moans seemed to be encouraging me to go even higher.

I did the other leg and repeated the pattern.  Her humming sounds continued.  I decided to take a risk and massage her perfect bum.  I did this with a number of regular customers but seldom with someone I didn’t know.  I did one cheek and then the other kneading and squeezing her large firm gluteus muscles.  She responded positively and so I moved one hand to the bottom of her rump while the other spread across her crack encompassing both cheeks.  I moved gently from side to side.   She had a great bum and I loved massaging it so I spent more time than normal on it.  Her breathing became heavier and her moans louder.

“Ok, time to turn over.”  I held the blanket up to make it easier for her to turn over, peeking at her exciting figure, catching a glimpse of her full breasts.  I massaged her face and shoulders and arms.  As I pulled each arm stretching it, I managed to drop her hand in my lap letting her feel that I was excited.  It was subtle and quick but she responded with a loud exhale and arched her back a bit.  When I finished with her arms I moved back to the head of the table and began to massage her chest.  Moving my hands around the edges of each breast I pulled and rubbed the muscles and tissues that made up the bulk of each full firm bulb.  She had magnificent breasts.  Even lying on her back they stood proud.  She had quarter sized areolas punctuated with two tiny rosy hard nipples.

“That feels good,” she said, “you have great hands.”  There was a momentary pause before she said, “don’t be shy.”  I wondered what she meant but only for a second.  My hands moved over the tops of her breasts and my palms ran gently across her nipples.

“Yes,” she moaned.  She began to move her hips slightly and I decided to spend a little extra time here since she was enjoying it so much.  She reached for me with her arms and I had to break off and stop her from touching me.  She understood and put her hands under her head, smiling broadly.  I returned to her breasts and continued to massage them spending more time rimming her nipples and even pinching them.  Something I had never done with any client before.  She smiled and moaned and wiggled her hips.

Our hour was up.  I had massaged virtually every part of her body and I knew continuing would be dangerous but I knew she wasn’t ready to quit either.

“Are you in a hurry?  I have time if you want to continue.”

“Yes, please.  I am in no hurry.”  My pants stirred at her response.  I replaced the blanket over her chest and moved down to the foot of the table.  I put a tubular cushion under her knees.  This had the effect of spreading her legs.   I uncovered one leg and began to massage it bringing my hands right up beside her most sensitive area to the very top of her leg.  I did this a few times focusing on the upper portion of her legs and using a very gentle touch.  One hand would graze the area where her leg met her torso, touching the sensitive skin on the outside of her lips.  When I finished with one leg I massaged the other in the same way grazing her folds every time I moved.  She was whimpering and telling me what great hands I had and saying ‘yes’ as I came so very close to massaging her pussy.  Her hips moved slightly in rhythm to my hands and she stretched her back from time to time trying to release tension.  I swear I could smell her sweet juices as she continued to moan and wriggle.

I moved to the side and began to massage the soft tissue of her stomach and abdomen.  The blanket now covered her legs and exposed her chest down to her waist.  I moved downward and used my fingers to massage the space between her open legs under the edge of the blanket.  Starting in the crevice where her leg meets I moved closer to the center and pressing all of my fingers over the outside of her lips I massaged them in a circle slightly pulling them apart.  Her pussy became exposed to me for the first time as the blanket slid lower and I was amazed at how completely hairless it was.  It was so smooth it made it easier to massage the skin surrounding her sensitive area.  In addition to pulling her lips apart a bit, I was squeezing her clit between them as I pressed them together.

“How does that feel,” I asked testing to see if she would allow me to continue to violate her sensitive areas.

“Hmmmm, wonderful.”  That was all the encouragement I needed.  This beautiful young woman’s body under my hands raised my excitement to great heights.  I slid one hand across her entire mound from one side to the other, then went from the opposite side with my other hand.  I repeated these strokes rapidly, tapping her mound and gently brushing her clit as I went.  When she stretched and smiled I could feel the tension building in her.  It wasn’t long before my hands began moving in a more vertical motion swiping up and down the middle of her lips which were noticeably swollen at this point.

I could tell from the reactions of her body and her breathing that she wanted me to continue and go farther but I needed to have her verbalize it.  To admit it out loud.  Somehow thinking in my confused state that that would be enough to keep me out of trouble.  She wouldn’t be able to deny her agreement if she verbalized it.

“Do you want me to go deeper?” I asked as my palms spread over her lips and went between her legs.  She muttered something that didn’t quite make it out of her mouth caught up in her throat.  “What?” I said.

“Yes, please continue, go deeper.  Yes.”  I dipped one finger into her slit and ran it slowly up from near the bottom of her slit until it rested just under her little nub.  Her swollen lips were puffy and her clit was not very large.  I could feel its stiff hardness inside her lips.  With small movements of my fingertips, I pushed against it.  She groaned and twisted her head.  Her legs spread open a little.  I wiggled my fingertip keeping it in contact with her trigger but increasing and decreasing the pressure of it on her.  Increasing my pace as I went along.  She began shouting encouraging words in no particular order.

“Yes! That’s it! Oh gawd! Faster! Right there.”  I was bringing her close to an orgasm but not sure if I could finish her with my fingertip only.  I managed to move around to the bottom of the table without breaking my rhythm too much and from below I moved my other hand into the crevice between her legs.  I entered her with two fingers and did so easily.  I pulled her opening a little wider and got a third finger inside of her.  Her hips synchronized with the movement of my fingers.

I stopped pressing against her clit with my other hands and instead used it to open her lips at the top by spreading two fingers from inside the deepest folds of her lips.  I leaned forward between her legs, put my head down and kissed her pussy.  I kissed her inside her lips and licked up to her clit.  I began moving the three fingers inside of her in and out making sure to press against the area of her g-spot.  I kissed her clit and then licked it softly.  I surrounded it with my lips and began to suck on it feeling her immediate response.   She arched and screamed and I felt her legs squeeze my head.  I took my hand that had spread her lips apart and ran it up to her breast which I squeezed like it was a ripe grapefruit.  She gushed everywhere.  I felt her pussy contract around my hand, her legs contract around my face, her mouth was gushing unintelligible words.  I held my ground and continued to suck and slide until she began to laugh and push my head away, yelling ‘stop, enough, please.’

I backed off caressing her body with my hand from her breast down to her hip.  I slowly withdrew my fingers from her soaking tunnel.  I stood and had a broad unashamed smile on my face as I looked down over my conquest.  This beautiful young woman would never be mine in the real world but here in my massage parlor I used my skills to seduce her.  And she was so completely mine at that moment.

It was when I finally retreated from the room that I realized how much trouble I created.  Her mother would be seeing me in two days.  When she came out she asked for another appointment and since that time one of her friends has called for an appointment.  I’m worried about what I have started and how this will affect my business.  I should have known better.

© Rushmore Judd, 2010

Comments appreciated.

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Tease and Denial

Men’s orgasms cannot be denied.  The sexual urge is primordial, basic, base.  His mind is attacked by all sorts of perverted images and thoughts.  Until he must seek a release.  Somehow, any way.  Not later but now.  If not now, very soon, while the all encompassing urge grows stronger.

She who learns to tease can amass great power over him.  Keeping him in a state of complete excitement.  Not in some chastity device but fully engorged, hard, straining his own flesh.  Yet avoiding the finality of release for as long as possible.  Driving him crazy until only one purpose drives him.  Torture him, talk to him, feed his fantasies.  Edge him longer than ever before and eventually release him.

For younger men, you may need to release them before starting.  Yes, release them quickly, rest for 5, then begin again.  For some men, you may need to tie them up.  Do so completely.  No holds barred.  No way out.  You may need to excite yourself and this is encouraged.  Fuck him if you want but don’t let him cum.  Easier to control is to sit on his face.  Keep him excited long enough and he will agree to anything you ask.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Demand and he will obey.  It is his nature.

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I do wish WordPress was a bit more interactive.  Lots of views, many likes, few comments, no email.  It is what it is, I guess.

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Reluctant Hotwife 6

Part 1 here

Over dessert, she decided to go for it.  He seemed polite.  Perhaps a bit domineering, which wasn’t all bad and treated her husband with modest respect.  According to him he was an experienced bull and had done this before with other couples.

Her breasts were easily seen through the transparent material of the blouse.  The pink tint made her nipples look redder than ever.

They finished, the limo arrived, and soon they were in their room after getting a few heavy stares at the front desk. She asked both men to undress for her and watched them both.  There was something about being in a small hotel room perched on a king sized bed with two men getting naked that made her feel so naughty.  She could almost have an orgasm with just the slightest touch of her sensitive parts.

“Sit over there,” she instructed her husband and naked he sat in the hotel side chair, a relatively comfortable arm chair.  He sat back and let her take a good look at his straining stiff cock.  “Kevin (the name of the bull) come here and undress me.”

He crawled onto the bed.  He was very muscular but lean.  Not an ounce of fat on him but not someone who looked like a gym rat.  His cock was about the same lengths as her husband but a bit thicker and move curved.  He too was circumcised and he had shaved his parts a little while back.  Small short hairs were appearing where he had been bare.

He sat in front of her and admired her breasts as his hands worked their way down the buttons in front.  She shivered from the gentle touch of his hand against her front.  His hands pressed the material against her breasts and by spreading them sideways he was able to expose her breasts completely.  He kissed and sucked on each one as he removed the blouse from her shoulders and arms.  His head moved lower as she laid back.  Lower until her reached the top of her skirt and then with both hands he slid the skirt and the panties off together.  He admired her clean shaven pussy before lowering his head to give it life.

His mouth felt so good on her.  Moving throughout her folds there was plenty of moisture to slide his tongue around.  She was already so primed that she had one cratering orgasm as he ministered to her private parts.  She grabbed his blonde hair and pulled him close.  Taking a peek at her husband who was looking into her eyes she quickly had a second.  God she was dripping and looking into her husband’s longing eyes while another man serviced her was just too much.

“Fuck me now, Kevin,” she demanded and he didn’t waste anytime getting on top of her.  “Do you have a condom?”  Before she could answer, her husband jumped up and got one from his pants throwing it toward Kevin.  After shielding himself, Kevin pressed the tip of his cock against her opening.  He pushed in slowly and she reacted to his generous girth with a squeal.  Once in he rocked slowly, letting her get used to him.

She felt unbelievable.  Seeing her husband’s eager acceptance (he continued to rub himself in the chair) and having a new man penetrate her.  One who felt so different.  Who had such a perfect body.  Her hands reveled while they surrounded his back, feeling each hard muscle.  She felt so filled not that he was that much bigger than her husband but his girth was wonderful and the shape seemed to touch her in places that she had never been touched.

As he sped up she felt like she was slipping away from her body.  Too much stimulation.  Time disappeared for her.  Suddenly, she began to orgasm, a crashing orgasm like a tidal wave hitting the rock coast of Maine.  Wave after wave.  Each an orgasm into itself.  Contractions deep within.

She lay helpless in s pool of wetness.  Did she squirt?  She heard of it and had seen it but never experienced it.  She was spent and couldn’t move as Kevin removed himself from on top of her.  He must have cum, too, she thought.  Her husband had the biggest grin across his face and she waved him into the bed with them.  Hugged and kissed him gratefully.  Kevin was lying on her other side barely awake.

“Can I come inside you, my love?” her husband asked.

“Give me a minute.”

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