Tease and Denial

Men’s orgasms cannot be denied.  The sexual urge is primordial, basic, base.  His mind is attacked by all sorts of perverted images and thoughts.  Until he must seek a release.  Somehow, any way.  Not later but now.  If not now, very soon, while the all encompassing urge grows stronger.

She who learns to tease can amass great power over him.  Keeping him in a state of complete excitement.  Not in some chastity device but fully engorged, hard, straining his own flesh.  Yet avoiding the finality of release for as long as possible.  Driving him crazy until only one purpose drives him.  Torture him, talk to him, feed his fantasies.  Edge him longer than ever before and eventually release him.

For younger men, you may need to release them before starting.  Yes, release them quickly, rest for 5, then begin again.  For some men, you may need to tie them up.  Do so completely.  No holds barred.  No way out.  You may need to excite yourself and this is encouraged.  Fuck him if you want but don’t let him cum.  Easier to control is to sit on his face.  Keep him excited long enough and he will agree to anything you ask.  Don’t be afraid to ask.  Demand and he will obey.  It is his nature.

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I do wish WordPress was a bit more interactive.  Lots of views, many likes, few comments, no email.  It is what it is, I guess.

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Reluctant Hotwife 6

Part 1 here

Over dessert, she decided to go for it.  He seemed polite.  Perhaps a bit domineering, which wasn’t all bad and treated her husband with modest respect.  According to him he was an experienced bull and had done this before with other couples.

Her breasts were easily seen through the transparent material of the blouse.  The pink tint made her nipples look redder than ever.

They finished, the limo arrived, and soon they were in their room after getting a few heavy stares at the front desk. She asked both men to undress for her and watched them both.  There was something about being in a small hotel room perched on a king sized bed with two men getting naked that made her feel so naughty.  She could almost have an orgasm with just the slightest touch of her sensitive parts.

“Sit over there,” she instructed her husband and naked he sat in the hotel side chair, a relatively comfortable arm chair.  He sat back and let her take a good look at his straining stiff cock.  “Kevin (the name of the bull) come here and undress me.”

He crawled onto the bed.  He was very muscular but lean.  Not an ounce of fat on him but not someone who looked like a gym rat.  His cock was about the same lengths as her husband but a bit thicker and move curved.  He too was circumcised and he had shaved his parts a little while back.  Small short hairs were appearing where he had been bare.

He sat in front of her and admired her breasts as his hands worked their way down the buttons in front.  She shivered from the gentle touch of his hand against her front.  His hands pressed the material against her breasts and by spreading them sideways he was able to expose her breasts completely.  He kissed and sucked on each one as he removed the blouse from her shoulders and arms.  His head moved lower as she laid back.  Lower until her reached the top of her skirt and then with both hands he slid the skirt and the panties off together.  He admired her clean shaven pussy before lowering his head to give it life.

His mouth felt so good on her.  Moving throughout her folds there was plenty of moisture to slide his tongue around.  She was already so primed that she had one cratering orgasm as he ministered to her private parts.  She grabbed his blonde hair and pulled him close.  Taking a peek at her husband who was looking into her eyes she quickly had a second.  God she was dripping and looking into her husband’s longing eyes while another man serviced her was just too much.

“Fuck me now, Kevin,” she demanded and he didn’t waste anytime getting on top of her.  “Do you have a condom?”  Before she could answer, her husband jumped up and got one from his pants throwing it toward Kevin.  After shielding himself, Kevin pressed the tip of his cock against her opening.  He pushed in slowly and she reacted to his generous girth with a squeal.  Once in he rocked slowly, letting her get used to him.

She felt unbelievable.  Seeing her husband’s eager acceptance (he continued to rub himself in the chair) and having a new man penetrate her.  One who felt so different.  Who had such a perfect body.  Her hands reveled while they surrounded his back, feeling each hard muscle.  She felt so filled not that he was that much bigger than her husband but his girth was wonderful and the shape seemed to touch her in places that she had never been touched.

As he sped up she felt like she was slipping away from her body.  Too much stimulation.  Time disappeared for her.  Suddenly, she began to orgasm, a crashing orgasm like a tidal wave hitting the rock coast of Maine.  Wave after wave.  Each an orgasm into itself.  Contractions deep within.

She lay helpless in s pool of wetness.  Did she squirt?  She heard of it and had seen it but never experienced it.  She was spent and couldn’t move as Kevin removed himself from on top of her.  He must have cum, too, she thought.  Her husband had the biggest grin across his face and she waved him into the bed with them.  Hugged and kissed him gratefully.  Kevin was lying on her other side barely awake.

“Can I come inside you, my love?” her husband asked.

“Give me a minute.”

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The Reluctant Hotwife 5

Part 1 is here.

He slipped the maître d’ an extra $100 to get his attention.  He sat them at a table in the back but in the middle of the back.  All the tables were covered with impeccable white tablecloths, silver and lush linen napkins.  Each was freestanding but they were separated enough that conversations were hard to overhear.  That and a few plants and half walls created a sense of space.

There were a number of couples and a foursome in the restaurant already.  She could feel the eyes of the men follow her as she walked through the tables to the back.  The seats were leather and just a bit cool.  She could feel the dress slide half way up her bum when she sat down.  When she crossed her legs, she was aware that her whole leg and much of her hip was exposed.  They sat at a round table for two against a window.

A European busboy immediately came over and introduced himself (maybe a little too much) and poured them water, letting them know their waiter would be right with them.  He was young, had a Slavic accent, and seemed very nervous.  As soon as he left, Pierre, our waiter showed up.  He was very charming and complimented the lady on her beauty, giving her a big smile.  She leaned back so he could get a good look at her bra and said thank you.

She noticed the busboy standing across the way was positioned to see her legs and seemed to be staring at them.  A few times in her past when wearing a dress or a skirt she would open her legs and let some man look if she was in the mood.  But it seemed a bit redundant today although the thought lingered.  She crossed her legs to the other side.  Slowly.  Watching the busboys reaction.

He noticed that the maître d’ was sitting couples so that the women faced away and the men toward us by merely holding the chair for the woman.  When two men came in he sat them at the closest table.  The men at that table scrutinized every part of her in detail.  When she looked around the room all the male eyes quickly averted except for a man with his wife who sat against the wall.  His wife was talking incessantly while he stared off into the distance – at her.  His hand moved below the table and gripped his pants while looking leeringly at her.

She had to admit it turned her on.  Having everyone’s attention.  Moisture soaked her panties and she was glad she had them to soak up her juices.  She enjoyed the way they all the men seemed to succumb to her beauty.  How they all were dying to have sex with her.  How their minds were filled with dirty things they wanted to do to her.  She shifted her legs frequently and even put her knees side by side opening her legs slightly.  She had her own dirty thoughts, thinking about pulling her skirt up higher or opening a few buttons on her blouse while they all watched.

Their service was extraordinary with busboys and waiters continuing to check on their table.  Did they have enough water?  Did they want more bread?  How was the appetizer?  Is the steak cooked properly?  The constant stream of servers who dallied and tried to make small talk was an obvious ploy to get close to her.

The man at the next table bought the two of them a round and passed a note to her at the same time.  The note asked if she needed a Bull.  The man who passed the note was in his late 20’s, dressed in a grey suit which hung rather loosely off of his broad shoulders and thin physic.  She looked him over rather directly and his eyes which were staring at her turned down against her assault.

She leaned over the table to whisper to her husband, “What is a bull?”

“Is that what the note said?  He’s offering to fuck you in front of me?  Do you want to invite him back to our room?”

“Really!”  She was amazed both at the brazenness of the man’s suggestion as well as the willingness of her husband.  It seemed surreal to her, reminding her of the times she would have naughty daydreams in bed while falling asleep.  She gave no indication of a response to the young man at the next table.

“Would you like some dessert?”  The waiter interrupted her thoughts.  “Please, may we see a menu?  Can you tell me where the ladies’ room is?”  Pointing toward the front door, he indicated a hall near the front.  She got up, pulled her skirt down a bit, grabbed her purse and headed for the hall.  Feeling slightly tipsy she strutting through the room watching the men ogling her.  A and as she passed one table she heard a woman gasp.

Oh my god I don’t believe what I am about to do, she thought.  Once in the ladies’ room, she removed her bra and put it in her purse.  She considered taking her panties off too but didn’t know what would absorb her quite readily flowing fluids.  As she exited the room into the hall, she found her note-sending friend waiting for her.

“Hey beautiful.  My friend and I are done eating and I need a response to my note.  I won’t disappoint, I promise.  What do you say?”

“Well you certainly are brazen.  I wonder if your cock is as big as your balls.”

“Well maybe not that big,” he laughed.

“Why don’t you ditch your friend and join us for dessert?  And we’ll see about your note.”

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The Reluctant Hot Wife 4

Part 1 is here

It was her birthday.  When she arrived home, he was dressed in his best blue suit.  He instructed her to shower.  He had reservations at L’Mont, the very high end restaurant at the top of the tallest building in the city.  When she finished washing and putting on her make-up she found a garment bag on the bed with the following note attached: “Happy Birthday, baby.  I hope you decide to wear this tonight.”

She opened the garment bag to find a two piece outfit.  At first, she thought it was too small.  It was a black leather skirt that was about 18 inches long and stopped just below her crotch line.  The blouse was a light pink.  You could see through it to her breasts.  Nice materials, she thought.  Expensive but way too daring to wear outside in public.  She couldn’t think of any occasion to which she would actually wear it.

She walked into the living room barefoot and swaggered out into the living room.  “Here’s your slutty looking girl.  Is this what you want?  Really!”  She stood defiantly before him and saw him melt in front of her eyes.  He was looking her up and down.  A noticeable bulge was forming in his pants.  His mouth was open.  Jesus, she thought, he’s practically drooling and he has yet to look me in the eye.

Her defiance softened as she looked down at him in his pathetic state.  Men could be so single minded.  So easily teased.  She laughed.

“What do you think would happen if I wore this to L’Mont?  They won’t let me in dressed like this!  And if they did, what do you think would happen?”

He paused a few minutes looking her in the eyes for the first time.  “They’ll let you in, for sure.  The Maitre d’ is a friend of a friend of mine and a guy.  He’ll let you in.  And what’s the worst that can happen.  We’re going from a limousine to the front door of L’Mont and back to our room at the hotel.  Oh, did I tell you I reserved a room in town for us so we can drink all we want.  I think it would be fun.”

“You think it would be fun to see men drooling all over me and treating me like a whore, cause that is what will happen.”

“Not at L’Mont.  We can count on politeness there.”  She saw him readjust his member inside his pants.  His eyes were fixated on the naked nipples under her blouse.

“Are you going to have a hardon all night?”

“Yes, Miss.”

Returning to the closet she put on her lacy red bra with the half cups under the translucent material of the blouse.  She added a fresh pair of red panties and her highest heels.  She looked in the mirror and decided to put her shoulder length brown hair into a light bun.  One last touch up and a long look in the full length mirror.  She looked like a high priced whore but a whore nonetheless.  She felt this would be a safe environment to enjoy being a whore.

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The Devil

The devil comes from down there.  Under my feet, but once it rises up my legs it finds a home.  The devil is down there in my pants.  He drives me to do crazy things, to say things, to feel things.  And mostly I don’t mind.

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The Reluctant Hotwife 3

Part 1 here

Part 2 here

He spoke to her about it all the time.  He asked her, “Would you like to fuck him?”  To every good looking man they encountered.  Friends, strangers, it didn’t matter.  He seemed serious but she was afraid the reality of it would be impossible for him to live with.  She didn’t want to upset the delicate balance they had in their life.  A life and love she was quite happy with.

A few months later, they were celebrating Keith’s birthday.  Keith was her husband’s best friend, divorced for about a year.  He encouraged her to put on her short black dress for the occasion.  It was her sexiest number with a lacy fringe at the top showing off a little cleavage and the length ended at her fingertips.  Very short.  There was a group of them, a few more men then women.  Everyone had a few drinks and she got lots of compliments, warm hugs, and kisses from the male guests.  After leaving the bar and heading home, he invited Keith back to our place for a nightcap.

“Did you notice all the men looking at you tonight?”

No, not really,” she lied.  Her nipples were slightly erect and showing under the silky material of the dress contradicting her statement.  She wore no bra under her dress.

“What do you think Keith?  Do you think she looks fuckable tonight?”

“She looks very sexy.  She is a beautiful girl.  You are a lucky man.”

“Yes, she is almost too sexy for just one man.”

“Oh, stop that, please!” she squealed.

“No, it’s true.  All the men tonight wanted to fuck you and I think – no, I know – you’d like to fuck other men, if you could?”  She wondered if he was going to throw her experience on the beach back at her.

“No, honey, I just have eyes for you.”

“The thing about marriage is that if you are married for any length of time the sex can get boring.  We tend to fall into the same routines, make love the same way.  We know each other’s preferences too well.  Sure, it is satisfying but it lacks the excitement of something new.  Someone new.  We all have fantasies.”  He paused and there was a heavy silence.

“For my part, I remember when we were first in love and the way we made love was just fantastic.  It was new, super exciting, and very satisfying.  When we did, you had a look in your eyes that I enjoyed so much.  A look of ecstasy.  Complete lust.  I want to see you enjoy yourself like that again.  I would really enjoy seeing you that excited again.

“Perhaps you’d like to give Keith a special birthday present.  Something intimate.  I guarantee he won’t object.”

“What do you have in mind.”  She wondered how far he would push this.

“Maybe you could dance for him?  Maybe give him a lap dance like you did for me on my birthday?”  She looked into Keith’s eyes and saw the lust grow within him at the suggestion.

“Would you be happy with just a lap dance, Keith, and nothing more?”  He nodded his response to her.  Keith looked at her with puppy dog eyes that said, yes, he would do anything she wanted.  It sent a tingle through her torso.

She put on some music and dimmed the lights.  Taking a big swig of her margarita, she stood in front of Keith and began to sway her hips.  Moving closer she lifted her dress and she sat on his lap facing him.  Her legs bordered his on the couch.  Her crotch lowered to his lap and the hard pole under his slacks.  Moving back and forth to the music she rubbed her pussy along his length.  She enjoyed feeling his hardness against her.

She kissed his cheek and pressed her breasts against his chin.  Leaning forward against him she felt her clit against his cock as she continued to slide against it, exciting herself as much as him.  She glanced over at her husband who still seemed to be encouraging her.

As a new song came on she lifted off of him and danced in front of him, lifting her dress to show off her lacy white bikini panties.  Turning her back to him, she thrust her butt at him and wiggled it in his face.  She lowered her hips and sat on his lap rubbing his cock through her cheeks.  She could feel the size of his cock and it seemed much bigger than her husbands.  She imagined what it would be like to take him inside of her.  But what would her husband think.  Fantasy was one thing, actually doing it would be different.

She stood and danced in front of him again playing with the spaghetti straps of her dress.  Suddenly her husband started a chant, “Take it off.  Take it off.”  She slid her hands over her dress, over her pointed nipples and down her sleek sides.  Back to the top she slid one strap off, to the hooting of her husband.  Then the other.  The dress slid off her body like rainwater.  Keith’s mouth fell open as her supple, young, athletic body came into full view.  Only her lacy see-through panties remained.

She again sat on his lap facing him.  She pressed her breasts against his mouth and he suckled on her nipples sending tremors to her loins.  She reached down and undid his belt, the button, and pulled his zipper down.  Sliding farther down and onto the floor she removed his cock from his boxers.  Looking over at her husband she watched while he exposed his engorged cock through his open zipper.  Taking Keith’s cock in her hands she began to lick it.  It was clearly larger than her husband’s and thicker.

She took the tip into her mouth.  Engulfed it.  Slid up and down on it, gagging slightly at its size.  Hands and mouth working in unison it wasn’t long before the excitement was too much for him.  She felt it jerk in her mouth as warm cum shot deep into her throat.  Resisting the urge to gag it out she swallowed just in time to fell another shot and another.  She kept on him throughout his sweet torment until he was finished.

Keith was suddenly very tired and proceeded to lay on the couch where he shortly fell asleep.  In the bedroom her husband fucked her hard and fast.

“Did you see his cock?  I would have let you fuck him if you wanted to.”

“Did you see how fast he came.  I need someone with more stamina.”

“Unless you had us one after the other.”  Saying that to her brought her to an orgasm, just thinking about it and for the moment assuming he meant it.  Her pussy dripped her excitement as her husband spilled his seed inside of her.

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