Inside the dark box I could only think about her.

Senses shut down. Obsessions begin.

I took a deep breadth and my mind wafted with her aroma.

It slid over the curve of her legs to her rounded hips

Up to her warm soft breasts.

My mind consumed with the taste of her on my tongue.

My cock, also caged, hardening but unable to break the constraint.

A reminder of ceding my orgasms to her.

Yet my senses strain against the tight fit.

Bulging desire imprisoned.

I wait impatiently for her, my goddess

To return.

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Machine Sex

Intelligent Machine sex that detects every minute reaction of your body and responds in kind with its own stimuli.  Her story.

It enveloped me.  Lightly embraced my flesh.  Making me weightless.  Tentacles squeezing, sliding, and entering all of my sensitive spots. 

At first, I resisted its rhythm.  I could control the waves of physical stimuli that the machine delivered. Keeping my reactions in control.  I was able to successfully keep from going over the edge.  It took a concentrated effort.  The machine seemed intent on teasing me.  Changing its rhythm, the speed of vibrations, the depth of its thrusting with an intention to tease but not deliver satisfaction.  Shifting its focus from one sensitive area to another.  Just the right pressure to stimulate me.  Yet it would move on before it provided too much stimulation.  Teasing. 

Or maybe it was me.  Holding it at bay with my mind.  On and on.  Time losing its progression.  Entering a new dimension. 

Finally, I gave in.  Perhaps for just a short time, I whispered.  Just a break from the battle.  It took control and drove me along a long steep highway.  Building my tension in layers.  Yet it moved so comfortably toward the peak.  In a deep husky vibrating voice, the machine asked me if I am ready to orgasm.  The sound of his voice almost brought me over the edge.  Its tone transformed into vibrations. It sensed my relief, my utter assent, before I said it.  And it wasn’t just one organism.  Like a never-ending waterfall one release followed another.  Then a moment of rest.  A soft letdown, followed by a slow start, quickly building to a new release and another until you lose count.  Rippling until I was wholly spent.

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Muse Wanted

Looking for a muse. Someone who can provide encouragement, constructive criticism, and occasional inspiration. If you enjoy my writing, please consider. I could be so much more productive, I think. Feel free to connect at rushmore.judd@gmail.com.

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Birthday Massage

It was for her birthday.  A portable massage table that could be set up for massage and then put away in a closet when not in use.  Along with the table he promised her a 90 minute massage at her convenience.  Her convenience turned out to be that night immediately after dinner.

He set up the table in the bedroom and let her get undressed while he waited outside.  When she said she was ready, he entered the room and began the massage.  She lay on her back to start.  This would not be the usual massage she received.  He knew what she really wanted.  A slow stroked, gentle, sensual massage.  Exactly what he would give her today.

Starting with her neck and back, he worked the muscles slightly before beginning his long strokes.  He started at her shoulders and with both hands slid down the slope of her back, over her curved buttocks, and down her legs.  He went up and down the full length of her body with these gentle strokes a number of times.

Following this up, he focused on the muscles of her shoulders and upper back.  Slow strokes, starting firm and becoming gentler.  Down one side, his hands pulling her flesh, then sweeping across it.  Down to her thinning waist, he pushed against the top of her buttocks where it met her waist.  Then two hands on each cheek, side hand in her crack.  He pulled her cheeks open and blew warm air across her hole.  His head so close to her ass, making her squirm slightly.

He worked on her legs sliding his hands between them and slowly grazing her sensitive inner thighs and butt.  She moaned, encouraging him to do this longer than he had planned.

Turning her over, he started with her feet and worked his way up.  Strokes that started on one thigh rose to her abdomen, crossed over her stomach and down the other thigh.  He gazed into her face.  Eyes shut, head slightly leaning to one side, a satisfied smile on her face. 

Moving farther north he massaged her breasts, moving the weight of each up and toward the middle.  His palms tickled her nipples, creating sparks that tightened and hardened them even more.  She was having trouble staying still.

One of her hands wandered to his pants, but he took it and put it back on the table.  “Just relax,” he told her. His hands moved down, over her stomach and framed her triangular mound.  Rubbing the general area, he tickled the hair protecting her sensitive parts.  His hands became more deliberately sexual.  Fingers sliding along her slit, opening them to his touch.  She opened her legs wider.

Leaning forward he kissed her nipple, sucking on it.  His finger found the entrance to her womb and pressed against it.  Soon it was inside of her, rubbing against the walls of her pussy. 

She was ready.  Under the influence of his hands, her mind wandered to all sorts of nasty, naughty play and different playmates.  Secret fantasies she would never share with anyone.  She moaned loudly.  His fingers sped up and his mouth slowly worked its way down between her legs finding her clit.

As soon as his lips surrounded her clit, she convulsed into a stream of orgasms. He switched his focus from his lips to his fingers and back and forth for each discrete shuddering until her legs closed tightly and her hands pushed him away.

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The Doctor

The doctor apologized before he began! 

She had come to him for the pain in her back.  He said it might be her posture which caused the pain.  Or the length of her legs or the way they connected to her hips.  He explained his technique was quite helpful in determining where the pain might be coming from.  He apologized if the technique appeared sexual.  It was not.

He proceeded to bend her over and have her put her hands on the end of the table.  His hands began to touch her sides under the thin open backed material of her johnnie.  They were feeling her body in a measured way, synchronized.  His hands were quite warm. They settled on her hips carefully measuring each bones dimension, rocking her slightly to test resilience.  As he manipulated her muscles and bones, his body moved closer and she felt his hips against her bottom.

“Hold on,” he said and he lifted her naked ass, thread only by the string of her thong, against his hips.  Began bouncing her up and down.  Her hips grinding against his, she could feel the presence of his rigid manhood between her cheeks.  He was bounding her – yes – but she could feel his hips moving too, grinding and pressing against her.   His hands moved forward onto her thighs.  He lifted her thighs and soon she was stretched horizontally with her hands planted on the table, his hands holding her thighs open, and his midriff pressed between her legs.

“I think I’ve found the problem,” he said, crouching to let her feet down to the ground.  He took a deep breath as his face came close to her bottom.  “Your left leg is slightly shorter than your right.” 

As he walked away, she felt cheated.  She realized that her emotions went from outrage to disappointment to anger in the matter of a few minutes.  In a very confused state, she wanted to take this doctor to bed.  To teach him a lesson about playing with his patients.  Or maybe to just get fucked.

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Cuckold Curious

Having an interest in being a cuckold is not always about having a small penis.  It is also not about being unable to satisfy your wife with mind blowing orgasms.  It can be about love and devotion.  Loving to see your woman sexually stimulated.  Devoted to her pleasure.  Being the enabler.  Giving her permission to live her fantasies.  Encouraging her to fulfill her sexual desires.  Completing her.

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Her Threesome

She had the two of them. One, her devoted husband, the other, his best friend. She planted the seeds with her husband as a birthday present, who discussed it with a reluctant Rick.  He eventually agreed, a triumph of need over reason.

She reveled in the beginning.  Two naked men, one on each side, cuddling, kissing, fondling her.  Smooth, hair-covered flesh all wrapped around her.  They let her decide who would go first and she made a contest out of it.  Each would kiss, massage, fondle, and orally please her and then she would decide.  Competing for her, they gave their best.  One kissing her mouth, the other her other lips.  Each on a breast. Round and round they went.  She laid back, relaxed and enjoyed.  Touching Rick’s standing cock occasionally.  Hers tonight.

Rick won, or perhaps because he was the guest, he got to do her first.  She treated each man serially; giving them their pleasure.  Both had a reasonable stamina for young testosterone filled men.  Each man rested after reaching climax; ready for the second round and maybe a third until finally she reached her full satisfaction. 

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Denial or Not

She thought she wanted a strong man who would use her and command her the way she wanted.  Frustrated in her marriage at the lack of orgasmic sex, she yearned for explosive orgasms.  Yet here she was with this man she met over the internet.  In a hotel room he arranged.  They were just supposed to talk but they talked about their sexual desires online.  Desires that were similar not complimentary.

He considered himself a submissive.  Wanting to service women sexually.  Both were into tease and denial.  Both were into being used.

“I want to look at you,” he said.  She took a step back and twirled.  Her short pleated skirt lifting slightly showing off her legs.  Her braless top cut short at her waist exposing just a sliver of her olive toned flesh.  She watched as he looked her up and down.

“Nice,” he said slowly.  “But it’s not what I had in mind.  I want to see you – naked.”  She had sent him pictures of her naked but here in person was a different thing.  Her head lowered, her eyes looking up at his tall frame.  “Now.  I want you naked now,” he demanded.

From their time online, he knew about all of her desires.  He knew her hot buttons and his commanding voice sent a shiver through her.  Her delicate fingers reached for the bottom of her top, pausing just briefly before pulling it over her head.  He was staring at her naked breasts, mesmerized by her erect nipples.  She stood silently enjoying the feel of his lusting eyes.  Time passed.

“Well,” he finally said, “the rest.”  Looking down she removed her boots, skirt and with one last eye lock, she stripped off her panties.  Completely naked, he drank in her figure.  She could see the growing excitement in his eyes and in his pants.  She was an attractive woman, slim and fit for her age.  He made no effort to remove his clothes.

“Get on the bed and open your legs.”  Again commanding.  She was a little confused but did as she was told.  He reached into his overnight bag and pulled out Velcro straps and before she could object he had strapped her arms and legs to the 4-posted bed. 

“What are you doing?” she asked. 

“No questions.  I am going to tease you for the next two hours but not let you have an orgasm.”  With that he got between her legs and began to kiss along her upper thighs.  His nose worked its way between her lips as his tongue found its way to her opening.  His tongue pressed the edges and ran along the rim.  Eventually he lapped the juices pouring from her up inside her lips toward her clit but he didn’t quite engulf it.  Flicking near it created a movement she loved.  It was exciting but not overwhelming. 

He sat up and removed his shirt.  He lay on top of her his naked chest on hers; his lips on her neck; his hand rubbing her mons. Slowly he moved from one position to another.  Suckling on her breasts.  Kissing the flesh of her abdomen and, of course, returning to the center of her sex for more licking, flicking and rubbing.  He inserted a finger into her pussy, then two.  Pushing deep he found her g-spot and rolled circles around it slowly. 

She stretched, arching her back.  His slow pace was killing her.  She wanted more.  He removed the restraints on her legs, lifting each and tying the strap to one of the headposts.  She felt very exposed and vulnerable with her legs spread over her head this way.  With both hands on her ass cheeks, he spread them open and kissed her right in her crack.  No one had ever kissed her ass before and it, at first, felt dirty and wrong but as the kisses turned to licking and the attention moved directly on her brown rim, her pleasure erased her embarrassment.  She felt every slow movement of his tight tongue at her rim, licking her, poking her, spreading her.  His nose was right at the opening to her pussy while his tongue administered to her ass.

He broke for a minute and removed a vibrator from his bag.  “Now the fun begins.”  He turned the vibrator on and applied to her.  She felt the vibrations shocking at first but like a dog running at the end of a leash, it suddenly gripped her in a deeply sexual way.  He moved it up and down near her clit, knowing her clit was too sensitive to be directly stimulated.  Then he removed the vibrator and kissed her clit, wrapping his lips around the little nub and sucking slightly.  He did this again, and again.

“Tell me if you are close so I can stop, he said as he held the vibrator with one hand and inserted fingers of the other deep inside of her.  She had no intention of telling him.  She was trying not to appear too excited, hoping to reach the orgasm he was denying her. 

He moved from one pleasure trigger to the other.  The vibrator and sucking her clit.  Then rubbing her g-spot, kissing her breasts occasionally, pressing his finger through her crack and across her hole.  It was a round robin of excitement.  Changing up the speed and order until her mind entered another zone. 

“Please,” she murmured.

“No,” he said but his assault only grew.  His mouth and the vibrator found room together between her legs.  His rubbing of her g-spot became more rapid.  She was cuming, trying not to show it expecting him to stop if she did.  The arching of her back and the closing of her legs (as much as she could) gave her away.  But he continued to assault her in all of her tender spots.  Her orgasm was gigantic, crashing, impossibly pleasing.  He released the vibrator as her first orgasm subsided and focused on her g-spot.  Shoving his fingers in and out of her, rubbing across the sensitive fleshy patch inside, she began a new orgasm sprouting differently and releasing her fluids. 

When she was fully drained, he released her legs, stood and quickly removed his clothes.  He knelt naked between her legs, his stiff member pointing at her head. 

“May I,” he asked looking at her naked body below him.

“No,” she said sternly.  He fell on top of her with his cock against her abdomen and kissed her.  His hips moved and she felt the warm squirt of his jism between their bodies.

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Legalized Prostitution

If they ever made prostitution legal, I wonder if there would be more services available to women.  I imagine it would be done in a spa like atmosphere and would include such services as:

Full body massage with happy endings.  Perhaps using a vibrator to ensure satisfaction but preceded by a sensual full body massage.

Oral pleasure in small private rooms, sitting in little chairs with handsome young men who would kneel between the woman’s legs servicing her.

The availability of expensive machines like the Sybian or those relentless fucking machines.

Multiple men available at an extra cost.

And, of course, full on male prostitutes in private bedrooms upstairs.

Do you think that legalized prostitution would result in more services for women?  Any suggestions for other services that might be offered?

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Layoffs part 2

He was at her house at 7:30 and waited outside in his car until the appointed time.  It took him the entire 30 minutes to build up the courage to knock on her door.  He was very nervous and didn’t know what to expect but it he didn’t go through with his promise he was sure to lose his job which would be disastrous.  He stood at her door feeling the sweat build up in his intimate spots, glad that he used a deodorant. 

She was dressed in all black.  A tight fitting vinyl dress that barely covered the roundness of her ass, black stockings with lacy tops that peeked out below the hem of the dress, and long sleeve gloves made of velvet.  She was stunning.

“Come in.”  She led him into the living room.  She sat in the large upholstered chair while he stood silently awaiting his instructions.

“How are you feeling,” she asked.

“Nervous.  Can I feel secure that my job will be safe?”

“Not so quick.  I haven’t made up my mind as yet.  It depends on how good a slave you are.”

“Were you serious about having me wear a cock cage?”

“Yes, of course.  I always say what I mean.  I don’t have a cage for you yet, but on Saturday we will go and get you fitted for one, unless you have any other plans.”

“I was supposed to join my sister for dinner on Saturday Miss.”

“Cancel it.  From now on all of your time is mine and if you want to visit friends or relatives you will need to clear it with me first.  Is that understood.”

“Yes, I understand.”

“And from now on you will address me as Miss Katherine, Miss or Mistress and you should use these words frequently to remind you of who is in charge of this relationship.”  Katherine had never indulged in this sort of relationship but she had read about it on her porn sites.  In fact, she fantasied about it quite a bit and she had been obsessed with thinking about it since her meeting early in the day with Zack.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Strip slowly, and dance to the music.  Alexa, play my sultry dance music.”  The music poured through multiple speakers throughout the room.

Zack was not much of a dancer and did his best to remove his clothes while dancing.  It was awkward but he did his best.  When he was fully naked his cock was fully hard and stuck out in front of him like a fishing pole.  He was stiff and hard in spite of the fact that he masturbated only a couple of hours ago realizing that his ability to self-pleasure might end soon.

“Do you like the idea of being a sex slave?”

“Yes, Mistress Katherine.  I am a pleaser by nature.”  Katherine pulled her skirt up slightly exposed her pantiless pussy to him.

“Kneel before me and let us see what kind of pussy licker you are.”

“Yes, Miss.”  Zack knelt in front of her, leaned in between her open legs and began to lick her recently shaven mound.  His tongue lapped between her lips spreading moisture from her opening to her clit.  He lapped slowly at first from bottom to top.  He then kissed her clit wrapping his lips around it.  Sucking slightly on it.  Katherine threw he head back enjoying the sensations on her genitals. 

He began to flick her clit with his tongue and moved one hand under her rounded cheeks.  A finger traced a line between them and moved forward until it found the opening of her vagina.  He circled her opening, his finger just inside, rimming its edge.  Katherine moaned. 

He alternately flicked, licked, and sucked on her clit.  His finger penetrated her circling as it sent deeper.  He is very good at this, Katherine thought.  He began moving his finger in and out as her moisture flowed freely.  Then he put two fingers inside of her and pressed harder against her insides.  Continuing to tease her clit the whole time, his fingers reached deep and rolled across her g-spot.  His eyes watching her, measuring every reaction.

Her hips arched slightly and she grabbed a handful of his head.  Sensing she was getting close to an orgasm he thrust his fingers in and out increasing the speed.  The acceleration grabbed her and she became lost in the sensual sensations.  It had been a few years since Katherine had a man eat her pussy and it felt wonderful.  Soon she was bursting an orgasm.  Zack could feel juices from deep within letting loose and he concentrated on sucking her clit into his mouth where his tongue flicked it rapidly. 

He continued after her first paroxysm, easing up on her clit.  He gently pecked a few kisses at it.  His fingers remained inside and pressed against her g-spot but moved only slightly.  He gave her a few moments like this to recover and began his assault again.  Katherine, herself, thought she was done.   Usually one orgasm was enough but she soon realized she could go again and it didn’t take long for another orgasm to sweep over her body.  Arching, stiffening, wrapping her legs tightly against Zack’s head, she came again.  And again.  And again.  Perhaps the best orgasm she had ever experienced.

Finally, she pulled Zack’s face away from her and slid her hips away.  She couldn’t take any more.  She looked down at Zack’s face covered in her juices.  He had a large foolish grin on his face.

“Why you smug little man.  Feeling good about yourself, are you?”  She gave him a hard slap across his face.  “You will learn that this is now your duty and every time you do this it must be as good or better than this.  Do you understand?”

“Yes, Miss.”  His smile gone now.  Katherine was extremely pleased with her new slave but she couldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing that.  She would keep him guessing as long as she could so that he would be on his best behavior.

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