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The Devil

The devil comes from down there.  Under my feet, but once it rises up my legs it finds a home.  The devil is down there in my pants.  He drives me to do crazy things, to say things, to feel … Continue reading

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***Inspired by James Ciriaco.***   The break never seen Yet the leaves still fall. *** Grey dawn A dome on the world. *** Dark.  Cold. A star giving hope. *** Dirty, nasty, forbidden. A thousand thoughts as one Come Before … Continue reading

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If you lick it, It will cum.

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Denial and Tease

Men’s orgasms cannot be denied.  The sexual urge is primordial, basic, base.  His mind is attacked by all sorts of perverted images and thoughts.  Until he must seek a release.  Somehow, any way.  Not later but now.  If not now, … Continue reading

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Of Bondage

A lot of people fee that bondage is a part of BDSM and that it involves pain and masochism.  It doesn’t have to be that way at all.  Bondage on its own can represent a fun way to enjoy a … Continue reading

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Multiple Men

As I explore more of the sexier blogs on WordPress I find an incredible number of women who are enjoying more than one man at a time.  I find that rather exciting.  I think a part of it stems from … Continue reading

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D/s Stereotypes

When the woman is sub the fantasies are often about bondage, spanking, and forced orgasm.  The women has left all control to the male who drives her crazy sexually and uses her sexually.  He may humiliate her.  He may bring … Continue reading

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