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I’ve decided to give medium a try with a few longer stories. Starting with and an old one about a male massage therapist and a beautiful customer. Predicable but I’ve always had good response to it. Here’s a link: reading

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This is a poem by one of my favorite bloggers: Aphrodite Smiles Yet Mar 14, 2022 In retrospectI won’t forgetThe day we metYetIn retrospectI do regretNot having metYet – aphrodite smiles –

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Muse Wanted

Looking for a muse. Someone who can provide encouragement, constructive criticism, and occasional inspiration. If you enjoy my writing, please consider. I could be so much more productive, I think. Feel free to connect at

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They were there to receive training.  “There” was the secret society of Femdom.  Where young daughters were taught to learn about men.  How to control them, how to dominate them, and how to please them.  For it was in providing … Continue reading

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Beta Readers

I’m looking for Beta readers for a new novel I’ve written.  It’s a full-length novel that involves Eva, an insecure 20 year old who meets Adam a 30 year old who helps her explore and develop her feminine wiles.  This … Continue reading

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Rocking a Roll in Bed

It’s a rocking fuck we do sometimes.  After some foreplay, I enter her in the missionary position.  A small vibrator is placed between our pelvic bones just touching her clit.  It’s not a slam bang fuck but rather a rocking … Continue reading

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I do wish WordPress was a bit more interactive.  Lots of views, many likes, few comments, no email.  It is what it is, I guess.

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My Hidden Cameras 1

Her hand slid slowly over the cotton of her panties.  Her lips swelled.  Her camel toe prominent as her finger slowly ran up and down the crease.  She eagerly looked at the photos on her phone.  Studying each one carefully.  … Continue reading

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The Big Lie

One day I invited a few guy friends over on a Sunday afternoon to watch football. I audio taped about 3 hours of them arriving, watching the game, and cheering for the home team.  I have hardwood floors so I … Continue reading

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Girl On Top

Originally posted on sexscribbler:
It’s hard to be a woman in this business. I have to prove myself every day in the agency. It doesn’t help that I’m short. Petite. I fucking hate that word. I can take down a…

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