Her Massage

This is my way of confessing.  They say writing it down and expressing your thoughts will help to eliminate the guilt I feel.  I have been a professional masseuse for twelve years and have never erred so badly.  But this one time I violated the most important ethical principle of the profession.  Not only do I feel guilty about it, but I am also afraid it can only end badly.

She made the appointment by phone – a referral of her mother, a long time customer.  She was familiar with my services and asked for a one hour soothing massage.  The day of her massage a terrible storm came up and all my customers canceled except for her.  She lived close by and had a 4-wheel drive jeep.  I was immediately struck by her beauty and I could see she had a body to match under her neatly tailored winter clothes.

I brought her into my massage room which was a converted bedroom.  It was large and well lit but with hedges outside to maintain privacy.  I had already turned on the space heater for extra warmth and placed a flannel electric blanket over the massage table.  I even had a small heater for my massage oils which gave the room a pleasant scent.  It was a welcome oasis in a white winter land.

“Take off your clothes and get under the blanket.  We’ll start on your back so lay face down.  You may keep your panties on if you wish.”   I gave her a few minutes before I knocked and entered.  I couldn’t help but notice the tiniest black thong lying on the top of her clothes.  I congratulated her on making an appointment when everyone else had canceled.  She asked if there would be a bonus and I told her that we certainly wouldn’t be rushed.

I turned off the electric blanket and folded it down exposing her back.  Her back had a graceful curve that led to a narrow waist.  I began the massage from the top of the table and rubbed her shoulders, neck and upper back.  She immediately expressed her enjoyment by whispering soft comforting sounds as my hands ran up and down her back.  Moving to the side of the table I worked the lower back along with her upper back.  Her skin was soft and supple.  I couldn’t help but notice the sides of her breasts pressed against the table.  I could see their firmness.

I was getting excited.  Something I rarely did.  But I felt my pants tightening.  I massaged a lot of women but seldom were they as young and as beautiful as this woman.  I have to admit her quiet vocal responses to my massage also helped.  When I rubbed her sides she moaned a little louder seemingly encouraging me to massage the sides of her breasts.  But I resisted the temptation.  Moving to the end of the table I uncovered one leg and massaged it with two hands.  My movements were slow and deliberate.   The higher I moved on her leg the louder she moaned, clearly enjoying it.  Her moans seemed to be encouraging me to go even higher.

I did the other leg and repeated the pattern.  Her humming sounds continued.  I decided to take a risk and massage her perfect bum.  I did this with a number of regular customers but seldom with someone I didn’t know.  I did one cheek and then the other kneading and squeezing her large firm gluteus muscles.  She responded positively and so I moved one hand to the bottom of her rump while the other spread across her crack encompassing both cheeks.  I moved gently from side to side.   She had a great bum and I loved massaging it so I spent more time than normal on it.  Her breathing became heavier and her moans louder.

“Ok, time to turn over.”  I held the blanket up to make it easier for her to turn over, peeking at her exciting figure, catching a glimpse of her full breasts.  I massaged her face and shoulders and arms.  As I pulled each arm stretching it, I managed to drop her hand in my lap letting her feel that I was excited.  It was subtle and quick but she responded with a loud exhale and arched her back a bit.  When I finished with her arms I moved back to the head of the table and began to massage her chest.  Moving my hands around the edges of each breast I pulled and rubbed the muscles and tissues that made up the bulk of each full firm bulb.  She had magnificent breasts.  Even lying on her back they stood proud.  She had quarter sized areolas punctuated with two tiny rosy hard nipples.

“That feels good,” she said, “you have great hands.”  There was a momentary pause before she said, “don’t be shy.”  I wondered what she meant but only for a second.  My hands moved over the tops of her breasts and my palms ran gently across her nipples.

“Yes,” she moaned.  She began to move her hips slightly and I decided to spend a little extra time here since she was enjoying it so much.  She reached for me with her arms and I had to break off and stop her from touching me.  She understood and put her hands under her head, smiling broadly.  I returned to her breasts and continued to massage them spending more time rimming her nipples and even pinching them.  Something I had never done with any client before.  She smiled and moaned and wiggled her hips.

Our hour was up.  I had massaged virtually every part of her body and I knew continuing would be dangerous but I knew she wasn’t ready to quit either.

“Are you in a hurry?  I have time if you want to continue.”

“Yes, please.  I am in no hurry.”  My pants stirred at her response.  I replaced the blanket over her chest and moved down to the foot of the table.  I put a tubular cushion under her knees.  This had the effect of spreading her legs.   I uncovered one leg and began to massage it bringing my hands right up beside her most sensitive area to the very top of her leg.  I did this a few times focusing on the upper portion of her legs and using a very gentle touch.  One hand would graze the area where her leg met her torso, touching the sensitive skin on the outside of her lips.  When I finished with one leg I massaged the other in the same way grazing her folds every time I moved.  She was whimpering and telling me what great hands I had and saying ‘yes’ as I came so very close to massaging her pussy.  Her hips moved slightly in rhythm to my hands and she stretched her back from time to time trying to release tension.  I swear I could smell her sweet juices as she continued to moan and wriggle.

I moved to the side and began to massage the soft tissue of her stomach and abdomen.  The blanket now covered her legs and exposed her chest down to her waist.  I moved downward and used my fingers to massage the space between her open legs under the edge of the blanket.  Starting in the crevice where her leg meets I moved closer to the center and pressing all of my fingers over the outside of her lips I massaged them in a circle slightly pulling them apart.  Her pussy became exposed to me for the first time as the blanket slid lower and I was amazed at how completely hairless it was.  It was so smooth it made it easier to massage the skin surrounding her sensitive area.  In addition to pulling her lips apart a bit, I was squeezing her clit between them as I pressed them together.

“How does that feel,” I asked testing to see if she would allow me to continue to violate her sensitive areas.

“Hmmmm, wonderful.”  That was all the encouragement I needed.  This beautiful young woman’s body under my hands raised my excitement to great heights.  I slid one hand across her entire mound from one side to the other, then went from the opposite side with my other hand.  I repeated these strokes rapidly, tapping her mound and gently brushing her clit as I went.  When she stretched and smiled I could feel the tension building in her.  It wasn’t long before my hands began moving in a more vertical motion swiping up and down the middle of her lips which were noticeably swollen at this point.

I could tell from the reactions of her body and her breathing that she wanted me to continue and go farther but I needed to have her verbalize it.  To admit it out loud.  Somehow thinking in my confused state that that would be enough to keep me out of trouble.  She wouldn’t be able to deny her agreement if she verbalized it.

“Do you want me to go deeper?” I asked as my palms spread over her lips and went between her legs.  She muttered something that didn’t quite make it out of her mouth caught up in her throat.  “What?” I said.

“Yes, please continue, go deeper.  Yes.”  I dipped one finger into her slit and ran it slowly up from near the bottom of her slit until it rested just under her little nub.  Her swollen lips were puffy and her clit was not very large.  I could feel its stiff hardness inside her lips.  With small movements of my fingertips, I pushed against it.  She groaned and twisted her head.  Her legs spread open a little.  I wiggled my fingertip keeping it in contact with her trigger but increasing and decreasing the pressure of it on her.  Increasing my pace as I went along.  She began shouting encouraging words in no particular order.

“Yes! That’s it! Oh gawd! Faster! Right there.”  I was bringing her close to an orgasm but not sure if I could finish her with my fingertip only.  I managed to move around to the bottom of the table without breaking my rhythm too much and from below I moved my other hand into the crevice between her legs.  I entered her with two fingers and did so easily.  I pulled her opening a little wider and got a third finger inside of her.  Her hips synchronized with the movement of my fingers.

I stopped pressing against her clit with my other hands and instead used it to open her lips at the top by spreading two fingers from inside the deepest folds of her lips.  I leaned forward between her legs, put my head down and kissed her pussy.  I kissed her inside her lips and licked up to her clit.  I began moving the three fingers inside of her in and out making sure to press against the area of her g-spot.  I kissed her clit and then licked it softly.  I surrounded it with my lips and began to suck on it feeling her immediate response.   She arched and screamed and I felt her legs squeeze my head.  I took my hand that had spread her lips apart and ran it up to her breast which I squeezed like it was a ripe grapefruit.  She gushed everywhere.  I felt her pussy contract around my hand, her legs contract around my face, her mouth was gushing unintelligible words.  I held my ground and continued to suck and slide until she began to laugh and push my head away, yelling ‘stop, enough, please.’

I backed off caressing her body with my hand from her breast down to her hip.  I slowly withdrew my fingers from her soaking tunnel.  I stood and had a broad unashamed smile on my face as I looked down over my conquest.  This beautiful young woman would never be mine in the real world but here in my massage parlor I used my skills to seduce her.  And she was so completely mine at that moment.

It was when I finally retreated from the room that I realized how much trouble I created.  Her mother would be seeing me in two days.  When she came out she asked for another appointment and since that time one of her friends has called for an appointment.  I’m worried about what I have started and how this will affect my business.  I should have known better.

© Rushmore Judd, 2010

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8 Responses to Her Massage

  1. Storm says:

    Lord I’d love one of those
    massages lol

  2. herwishmycommand says:

    I see your conflict. As a fantasy this is awesome. In reality, there are a number of pitfalls.
    If I were in your shoes I would confess to her at the next appointment that what happen was a first for you and you are concerned/conflicted as a professional. See how she responds. Find out if her friend scheduled because she is thinking she is getting the same service.
    Then keep your future appointments on a professional level at your place of business. Perhaps there is a way to have delivery service where you are providing a special service for them but not at your business… if you don’t mind providing that service and can manage that on a ‘business casual’ level.
    It seems from what you wrote she was almost begging you to go further with her moaning and enjoyment. Good luck. hope to hear the next chapter.

  3. That was beautiful. I had a very similar experience, not once but twice with the same masseur. ❤️

  4. I am remembering a massage I received from a beautiful woman. She massaged my ass… and her hands wandered very close to my extremely wet pussy. I almost had an orgasm just from that. It was one of the most unintentionally erotic massages of my life. I have yet to relive it…. Great read. You have a new follower. 👌

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