Her Massage Part 2

I’ve had a few requests for a follow up to this story.  When Tracy’s mother showed up at her appointment, she gave absolutely no indication that Tracy and I had crossed the line of professionalism.  Her massage was routine and much like our regular ones.  When she asked about how the meeting with her daughter went, I politely told her nothing but did mention how beautiful her daughter was.

Tracy’s friend, Megan, was a different story.  She asked if I had more time than the hour I had planned.  I told her I didn’t but, in the future, she could schedule a longer massage if that was her preference.   She asked about what different massages I offered and after a run down on the usual, she asked how much extra it was for a ‘full body’ massage.

“I don’t offer a complete full body massage.”

“That’s not what Tracy told me.”  Her tone made the implication undeniable.  Tracy told her what happened.

“What happened with Tracy was a mistake and it will never happen again.  Not with her or anyone else.  I’m sorry.”

I proceeded with the massage and when I massaged her buttocks she moaned.  Refusing to get pulled in, I actually spent less time on her gluts than usual.  Finishing her back I had her turn over and began to massage her head, neck, and shoulders.  I could see her hands move under the sheet, toward her middle and she began to play with herself.

I considered ending the massage but then thought why get mad or make a scene.  If she wants to play with herself, I can just ignore it.  After a few minutes, it became hard to ignore.  She lifted her knees spreading them apart.  Her hands were moving rapidly under the covers and her breathing was loud and shallow.

I moved to the bottom of the table.  “Would you like me to massage your legs?”

“Yes, please.”

“Is it okay if I reposition the sheet?”

“Yes.  Remove it if you want.”  I sensed a challenge in her words.  I spread the sheet over the top of her torso removing it from her legs.  I positioned the edge of the sheet over her hips, covering her hands but it didn’t remain there for long.  As I straightened one of her legs, the blanket slipped away from her hands exposing her playful fingers.

She now had one leg akimbo and the one that I was massaging was flat on the bed.  One of her hands was holding her lips open and pulling on her exposed clit while the other gently rubbed her nub.  She was moaning and her eyes were half open looking at me.  Her look was challenging, brash, bold.

I massaged to about halfway up her thighs but no higher.  Yet as my hands moved up her leg she moaned as though I was penetrating her slowly.  I will admit I was hard as a rock but tried my best not to show it.  When I moved to the other leg, she shifted slightly.  I looked up at the clock and told her we had seven minutes left.  I was afraid she would not finish and might give me a hard time about stopping.

I was wrong.  She was completely in control, her fingers began to move faster, her legs parted a little wider and her eyes stared more intently.  Soon she was on the verge and I had all I could do to not to slide my hands up into her pleasure area and push her over the edge.  But she did it all herself.  Letting out a loud moan, followed by a number of shuddering sounds, she orgasmed.  I swiped both legs from mid-thigh down, squeezing both feet and then moved back to the top of the table.

I rubbed her head while she recovered in the glow of her orgasm.  She seemed pleased and satisfied but I had to wonder if she would leave disappointed.  When she finally did leave, she left me a reasonable tip but did not request another appointment.

* * * * * *

I was not looking forward to Tracy’s next appointment.  As the day drew near, I became more and more nervous.  She scheduled a longer appointment and I deliberately did not schedule anyone after her.  It was my plan to have a discussion with her and to tell her that we had to stop our inappropriate behavior immediately.  And I would ask her not to tell others about it because it raised unrealistic expectations.  I figured I would make up the time at the end of our normal session.

“You understand why what we did was wrong.  Especially what I did was wrong.  Maybe not so much for you but I broke every code of my profession.  I could lose my license, my livelihood, and my profession which I’ve been doing now for 10 years.”

“I didn’t see anything wrong in what we did!  I could have stopped you if I wanted.”

“Yes, but I must stop and you must stop telling your friends”

“Well, I only told one friend.  And I can understand that, I guess.  I enjoyed our first session and I would like to do it again.  Is that so wrong?”  With that Tracy began to undo the buttons on her blouse.

“For me, it is terribly wrong and we must stop.”

“Why?”  She said slyly as she removed her blouse.  I was feeling like I should leave the room but I hadn’t got her to agree.

“Because it would be the ruin of me if it got out.  If the licensing board ever found out what happened I would lose my license.”

“So, if I told the licensing board what happened between us, then you could lose your license.  Sounds like a good reason to do as I wish and keep me happy.”  She unzipped her skirt and let it fall off her legs.

OMG, I thought, she wouldn’t, would she?  She reached behind her and unsnapped her bra, quickly removing it.  As she removed the last item – her panties – she said, “Let’s get on with the massage and let’s make it a good one.  I do love your hands.”  She kissed my cheek briefly before lying on the table, offering herself to me.

I did cave in to her desires and massaged her back and front giving her at least 3 orgasms with my hands.  Tempted as I was to lick her pussy I kept my mouth and my cock away from her.

When we finished, I told her it was important to keep our tryst a secret.  She should tell no one.  I could not be doing this with her friends or anyone else for that matter.  Smiling, she thanked me for a nice time, kissed me on the lips, and said until next time.

There was a next time and a time after that.  In fact, our relationship lasted for over a year until she found a serious boyfriend.  I admit I looked forward to her sessions and getting her to cum.  Sometimes I would tease her for the entire hour and a half session, not letting her achieve orgasm until very close to the end.  But that is a story for another day.

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  1. Michael says:

    Girls can be so naughty in the spa… 🔥

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