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It’s not that I like the taste. The slightly musky taste generated by the heat between us. Your anticipation of my obedience to your command. I can feel the heat building between my own legs. In my clenched crack. It’s … Continue reading

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Open your legs to me As I kneel before you. My head bowed in reverence. Mouth watering, waiting For your signal. I slowly lift my eyes Taking in the splendor Before me. Drawn in with the curves of your thighs … Continue reading

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My Goddess

Your photos draw me in. The photos of your stare. Inviting, hypnotic, sensual. A woman now, if never a child. Who loves to exercise the power – Your feminine power. Your look makes me want you. Want to please you. … Continue reading

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The Spanking

It was a spanking I deserved.  She decided to share it with a friend.  She brought me to her friend’s house who had set up a wooden coffee table.  She had strapped pillow to the table and had straps tied … Continue reading

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Our First Swing

The four of us sat in the living room huddled in an L-shaped comfortable couch-love seat arrangement cuddling our martinis and whiskeys.  I was in awe of the beauty of our visitor.  Strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, cute freckles lent … Continue reading

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Smother Me

Smother me with your thighs Let my lips separate yours. Let my hands lift your bum Gripping and grasping While my mouth is gasping My tongue is dancing.   Let the tip of my tongue Touch the tip of your … Continue reading

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His Story

Most people assume that I have somehow been broken before I agreed to Elizabeth’s dominance.  Not true.  Even she tells the story like I was manipulated into becoming her obedient servant.  The truth is that I love Elizabeth very much.  … Continue reading

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Look at Me (she said)

Look at me. Constantly. Keep your eyes on me. Undress. I want to watch you unveil Piece by piece. Start with my feet. Kiss my toes. Lick between them. Suck them. Look at me. Now move up Let your hair … Continue reading

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I was still dressed in my work clothes.  Dark blue striped shirt, tie to match and jeans.  I found her in our bedroom waiting for me, calling to me.  She was half dressed.  Still wearing her silky black slip over … Continue reading

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