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Open your legs to me As I kneel before you. My head bowed in reverence. Mouth watering, waiting For your signal. I slowly lift my eyes Taking in the splendor Before me. Drawn in with the curves of your thighs … Continue reading

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Her Penises

My goddess has a fascination with penises. She relishes them.  Loves to see them grow.  Even loves more to see them stretched at full height, bobbing, if possible.  And she likes to be in control of them.  Loves to tease … Continue reading

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A Dominant’s Response

Dominated. You want to be dominated. Will you have my name tattooed on you?  Where? Will you provide me with sexual satisfaction? Anywhere, anytime, any way I want? Will you explicitly allow me to determine And manipulate your sexual life, … Continue reading

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Machine Sex

Intelligent Machine sex that detects every minute reaction of your body and responds in kind with its own stimuli.  Her story. It enveloped me.  Lightly embraced my flesh.  Making me weightless.  Tentacles squeezing, sliding, and entering all of my sensitive … Continue reading

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Muse Wanted

Looking for a muse. Someone who can provide encouragement, constructive criticism, and occasional inspiration. If you enjoy my writing, please consider. I could be so much more productive, I think. Feel free to connect at rushmore.judd@gmail.com.

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The Doctor

The doctor apologized before he began!  She had come to him for the pain in her back.  He said it might be her posture which caused the pain.  Or the length of her legs or the way they connected to … Continue reading

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Layoffs Coming

She was the Vice President of Human Resources in a large company.  It was a very important position.  Her bitter divorce happened a year ago to the day.  She didn’t feel like celebrating.  He turned out to be a lazy … Continue reading

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The Spanking

It was a spanking I deserved.  She decided to share it with a friend.  She brought me to her friend’s house who had set up a wooden coffee table.  She had strapped pillow to the table and had straps tied … Continue reading

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Free Books

  As my contribution to the boredom of the quarantine, I have made all of my books on Smashwords.com free until May 30th.  Give yourself a mental break.  You’ll find them here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Rushmore If you enjoy them, tell a friend, write … Continue reading

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The Cage

She bought me a cage years ago but I had refused to wear it.  It would give her too much control and I enjoyed my orgasms too much.  But finally, I gave in when she came up with an offer … Continue reading

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