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Birthday Massage

It was for her birthday.  A portable massage table that could be set up for massage and then put away in a closet when not in use.  Along with the table he promised her a 90 minute massage at her … Continue reading

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The Doctor

The doctor apologized before he began!  She had come to him for the pain in her back.  He said it might be her posture which caused the pain.  Or the length of her legs or the way they connected to … Continue reading

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Cuckold Curious

Having an interest in being a cuckold is not always about having a small penis.  It is also not about being unable to satisfy your wife with mind blowing orgasms.  It can be about love and devotion.  Loving to see … Continue reading

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Her Threesome

She had the two of them. One, her devoted husband, the other, his best friend. She planted the seeds with her husband as a birthday present, who discussed it with a reluctant Rick.  He eventually agreed, a triumph of need … Continue reading

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Denial or Not

She thought she wanted a strong man who would use her and command her the way she wanted.  Frustrated in her marriage at the lack of orgasmic sex, she yearned for explosive orgasms.  Yet here she was with this man … Continue reading

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Legalized Prostitution

If they ever made prostitution legal, I wonder if there would be more services available to women.  I imagine it would be done in a spa like atmosphere and would include such services as: Full body massage with happy endings.  … Continue reading

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Layoffs part 2

He was at her house at 7:30 and waited outside in his car until the appointed time.  It took him the entire 30 minutes to build up the courage to knock on her door.  He was very nervous and didn’t … Continue reading

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Layoffs Coming

She was the Vice President of Human Resources in a large company.  It was a very important position.  Her bitter divorce happened a year ago to the day.  She didn’t feel like celebrating.  He turned out to be a lazy … Continue reading

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Exposing Eve

I’ve published a new story (40,000 plus words).  Exposing Eve s the story of a young woman who discovers her sensuality even though she considers her looks average at best.  As she realizes her effect on men she gains confidence … Continue reading

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They were there to receive training.  “There” was the secret society of Femdom.  Where young daughters were taught to learn about men.  How to control them, how to dominate them, and how to please them.  For it was in providing … Continue reading

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