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Her Slave, Part 1

“Where’s Jonathan,” he asked. “He just left.” “May I service you today Miss?” He wanted her so badly.  No way, she said, unless you are willing to be my slave.  She had no idea how much he wanted to serve … Continue reading

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Cuckold Confessions

I am crazy about you.  Hot for you.  I want the best for you.  I want you to enjoy the full pleasures of being a woman.  I want to see you fulfill every fantasy that you desire.  Life is short.  … Continue reading

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Coming Home

She wouldn’t tell me why.  She just came home and made her demands.  Ripping off her clothes she led me to the bedroom and laid me on the bed.  I started to take my clothes off but with a sense … Continue reading

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Denial and Tease

Men’s orgasms cannot be denied.  The sexual urge is primordial, basic, base.  His mind is attacked by all sorts of perverted images and thoughts.  Until he must seek a release.  Somehow, any way.  Not later but now.  If not now, … Continue reading

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His Story

Most people assume that I have somehow been broken before I agreed to Elizabeth’s dominance.  Not true.  Even she tells the story like I was manipulated into becoming her obedient servant.  The truth is that I love Elizabeth very much.  … Continue reading

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D/s Stereotypes

When the woman is sub the fantasies are often about bondage, spanking, and forced orgasm.  The women has left all control to the male who drives her crazy sexually and uses her sexually.  He may humiliate her.  He may bring … Continue reading

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It seems to be that a large number of women want to be dominated by a man.  I’ve noticed that a high percentage of the erotic writers are targeting this audience (and probably share the fantasy as well).  This seems … Continue reading

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