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Open your legs to me As I kneel before you. My head bowed in reverence. Mouth watering, waiting For your signal. I slowly lift my eyes Taking in the splendor Before me. Drawn in with the curves of your thighs … Continue reading

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A Dominant’s Response

Dominated. You want to be dominated. Will you have my name tattooed on you?  Where? Will you provide me with sexual satisfaction? Anywhere, anytime, any way I want? Will you explicitly allow me to determine And manipulate your sexual life, … Continue reading

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***Inspired by James Ciriaco.***   The break never seen Yet the leaves still fall. *** Grey dawn A dome on the world. *** Dark.  Cold. A star giving hope. *** Dirty, nasty, forbidden. A thousand thoughts as one Come Before … Continue reading

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Lust is such a wonderful state of mind. To feel the heat of desire. To lose oneself and all your worries While your body soars Higher, harder, deeper, wetter. Like a siren calling from afar It whispers hotly in your … Continue reading

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