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The Hotwife Lifestyle

The hotwife lifestyle, as seen by a devoted male, is not about an inadequate male. It is about a male who enables his loved one to fulfill her wildest dreams by giving her complete control over their combined sexual activities. … Continue reading

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Little Linda

She was the dream of many men and she knew it.  But she also knew that they just wanted her for sex.  She knew because, sometimes, that was OK with her.  It was her body they wanted.  They lusted after … Continue reading

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Cuckold Curious

Having an interest in being a cuckold is not always about having a small penis.  It is also not about being unable to satisfy your wife with mind blowing orgasms.  It can be about love and devotion.  Loving to see … Continue reading

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Denial or Not

She thought she wanted a strong man who would use her and command her the way she wanted.  Frustrated in her marriage at the lack of orgasmic sex, she yearned for explosive orgasms.  Yet here she was with this man … Continue reading

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They were there to receive training.  “There” was the secret society of Femdom.  Where young daughters were taught to learn about men.  How to control them, how to dominate them, and how to please them.  For it was in providing … Continue reading

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The Spanking

It was a spanking I deserved.  She decided to share it with a friend.  She brought me to her friend’s house who had set up a wooden coffee table.  She had strapped pillow to the table and had straps tied … Continue reading

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Free Books

  As my contribution to the boredom of the quarantine, I have made all of my books on Smashwords.com free until May 30th.  Give yourself a mental break.  You’ll find them here: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Rushmore If you enjoy them, tell a friend, write … Continue reading

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The Cage

She bought me a cage years ago but I had refused to wear it.  It would give her too much control and I enjoyed my orgasms too much.  But finally, I gave in when she came up with an offer … Continue reading

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They met at a Company-wide conference.  He was from the West Coast; she from the East.  They had been put into a few smaller team groups, clicked and sought each other out for lunch breaks and dinner.  On the third … Continue reading

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Naked Sister

She pretended to be asleep.  Lying naked in her bed with her door slightly ajar.  She heard her brother stirring around in the bathroom.  He would have to pass her room to return to his.  She knew he liked to … Continue reading

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