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Machine Sex

Intelligent Machine sex that detects every minute reaction of your body and responds in kind with its own stimuli.  Her story. It enveloped me.  Lightly embraced my flesh.  Making me weightless.  Tentacles squeezing, sliding, and entering all of my sensitive … Continue reading

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Exposing Eve

I’ve published a new story (40,000 plus words).  Exposing Eve s the story of a young woman who discovers her sensuality even though she considers her looks average at best.  As she realizes her effect on men she gains confidence … Continue reading

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Of Bondage

A lot of people fee that bondage is a part of BDSM and that it involves pain and masochism.  It doesn’t have to be that way at all.  Bondage on its own can represent a fun way to enjoy a … Continue reading

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A Prop-osal

Note to my local adult sex store: I would be willing to demonstrate your bondage equipment live in the store.  You can tie me up naked or with minimal clothes if you prefer, perhaps something of your own choosing.  I … Continue reading

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