They were there to receive training.  “There” was the secret society of Femdom.  Where young daughters were taught to learn about men.  How to control them, how to dominate them, and how to please them.  For it was in providing the ultimate pleasure that they could control them.  Jonathan, the Mistresses sub had agreed to be their subject.  He had done this before and was eager to do it again.  At 30 he was 12 years older than the girls.  He enjoyed the teasing and edging that came with the assignment.  His Mistress had already taught him how to stay hard for long periods of time and this was necessary as the girls had to learn where to touch him to get him excited.

They listened carefully to the Mistress as she explained how to give him a blow job, something at least two of them had done before but without direction.  The Mistress would teach them how to recognize when he was on the verge of ejaculation.  When he was about to shoot his load, she would have them stop and point out the telltale signs, letting his excitement ebb enough for the next girl to try.  Sometimes this would take a bit of time which Mistress used to instruct the girls, occasionally taking control herself.

She would have them finish him with their hands after putting a condom on him.  Then show them how to put a cage on his cock and lock him away again.


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  1. naughtynora says:

    Love this idea…and the picture!!! So hot.

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