A Fantasy

I was 18 and my little sister was 16.  She had a friend, Kate, who had a crush on me.  One day I was home in the afternoon.  I decided to take a shower.  The bathroom separated my room from my sisters.  Coming out of the shower I heard voices in my sister’s bedroom.  They were laughing and I recognized Kate’s voice.  With a towel wrapped around my waist, I knocked and then opened her door.  They were both sitting on the edge of the bed.

“I hope you girls are being good.”  I noticed Kate’s eyes go wide as I stood almost naked in the doorway.

“Unfortunately, we are,” my sister blurted.  “What are you doing?  Showing off your abs?”

“I just took a shower.”

“Are you sure you weren’t just being naked in your bedroom.”  Her tone made it clear she was referring to something dirty and Kate laughed.  Kate’s nervous laugh reminded me how close to complete nakedness I was and I could feel my cock becoming semi-erect.  I noticed Kate looking at my slight lump amid the towel.

“You two are the ones with the dirty minds, Sis.  “I just came in to say hello.”

“I know all about your dirty mind, big brother.  I can hear you at night when you go to bed.”

“Well, a man has needs you know.”

“No, I don’t.  Tell me about them.”  She laughed.  She was egging me on and I knew it.

“I guess you are still too young to understand.”

“Am I now.”

“Yes, you’ve probably never even seen a live cock, have you.”

“Un-huh.  Yes I have.”

“I haven’t!” said Kate.

“Really.  Would you like to see one?”  I have to admit there was something that excited me about showing off my semi-erect cock to her.

“Yes,” she said emphatically.  I held the towel where the top was folded under.  I moved a little closer to them.

“Are you ready?”  Both girls were wide eyed, staring at my towel.  I could feel my cock getting a bit larger.  When I pulled the towel open, my cock sprang out and pointed toward them like a dowsing rod, not fully erect but extended to most of its full length.  The girls both stared at it taking in all of its intricacies.

“Would you like to touch it?  Without giving a response, Kate reached out and encircled it with her hand.  She squeezed it a couple of times.

“Does it feel like you expected?”  I could feel it growing harder as she squeezed.

“It’s a lot softer than I thought it would be.”

“Can I touch it too?” my sister asked.

“Sure.”  Kate let go and my sister grabbed it.  It was now pointing up but it didn’t get a comment from either girl.  My sister pulled the outer skin down and then back up.

“That’s it sis.  I see you do have some experience.”  She blushed and I noticed Kate trying to casually smell the hand that touched me.

“I saw that Kate.  Do you want to smell it?”  Her eyes looked up pleadingly at me from below.  “Go ahead, Kate, you can touch it, smell it and taste it if you want.”

With my encouragement, Kate leaned over and took me in her hand pulling me closer.  She pressed her head against my groin and took a deep breath while her other hand reached under and held, then squeezed my balls.  I jumped back.

“Ouch.  Balls are very sensitive, Kate.  You can’t just squeeze them.”

“Sorry,” she said meekly.

“That’s Ok.”  I moved back closer encouraging her to continue to explore my cock with her face.  “Would you like to learn how to please a guy and maybe watch me cum?”  There was a moment of silence while the girls looked at one another.

“You wouldn’t be able to tell anyone about it, it would just be our secret.”

“Okay,” my sister blurted, “You’re on.”

I stepped back and dropped the towel from my hand.  “This whole area is very sensitive,” I said, circling my entire groin with my hand.  “But, of course, the cock is the most sensitive.”  I held it in my hand.  “See how the skin is connected here at the bottom of the cap.  This is where it is most sensitive.  But it can be excited in a couple of different ways.  One is the pull the skin here – see how it’s a little loose – up and down.  This pulls on the skin under the cap and is very exciting.”  I yanked at my cock back and forth watching them almost drool watching it.

“It can also be excited when it enters a pussy or a mouth because not only does the skin get stretched but the wet membranes rub directly on the underside of the cap where it is the most sensitive.”  I stopped jerking off.  I moved closer to her and put one foot on the bed.  “Down here the balls are very sensitive and you must always handle them with care but a light caress is an added stimulus.  Beyond that, the area right here” – I pulled my balls aside and pointed to the small area between my ass and my balls – “is super sensitive to a kiss or light stroking.  And there is nothing as exciting as licking someone’s ass but that is for advanced players.”  I smiled broadly and the girls appeared to be disgusted by my last remark.

“Want to try, Kate, and I’ll let you know how it feels.”  I put my foot on the floor and thrust my hips and cock toward her.  She timidly grabbed it and began to move up and down the shaft slowly.

“The faster you go the better but your hands are a little sweaty and this is causing some unwanted friction.  Sis, do you have some lotion handy.”  She got up and went over to the dresser, grabbing her bottle of lotion.  When she returned, she sat right next to Kate to be closer to the action.  Kate meanwhile was rubbing faster but I was definitely feeling too much friction.  I didn’t say anything, however.

“Put some of this on your hand and try it.”  Kate opened her hand and my sister pumped a couple of squirts of lotion on it.  She returned to my cock and the difference was amazing.  Her hand was now sliding along my shaft and feeling very good.”

“That feels wonderful, Kate, good job.”  I paused for a while just enjoying the feeling of her hand rubbing my cock.

“You can squeeze harder and go faster if you want.”

“It seems much harder than before.  Does it feel good when I squeeze it?”

“Oh yes.  Yes.”  I was definitely getting excited.

“Hey, I want a chance too,” chirped my sister.  Kate reluctantly stopped and let my sister grab me.  I turned to give her a better angle and she began imitating what Kate was doing.  Kate, meanwhile, facing the side of my hip, put her hand on my ass.

“Nice, sis, that’s it.”  I turned my head to the side.  My sister was developing into a woman.  Her breasts were still growing but were definitely protruding.  They were plump and perky.  I could see her nipples hard under her flimsy top.  However, I was more interested in Kate.  She exuded sex whenever she looked at me and I had fantasized about her for months.

“That is also an erotic zone, Kate.  I don’t know how I forgot to mention it.  Move your hand around and caress it like you mean it.”  Kate did just that along with a few pinches and a little slap which I didn’t mind at all.  I spread my legs a little to allow her to move her hand between my cheeks.  Her oiled hand felt so good moving around down there.

Soon Kate wanted to take over my cock again and my sister leaned back and just watched.  Kate asked me if she could put my cock in her mouth and, of course, I agreed.  Her lips surrounded my tip and her tongue licked my sensitive underside.  I moaned and Kate pulled back.

“Are you OK?  Did I hurt you?” she asked.

“Not at all Kate.  Your mouth feels wonderful.  Please do it some more.”  I tried not to sound as desperate as I actually was.  I was on the verge of cumming but the inexperience of these two was making it difficult to climax.  They stopped when I wanted them to keep going.

“Yes, that’s it, Kate.  Keep doing it just like that.”  She was slipping my cock in and out of her mouth.  I looked at my sister and was suddenly hit with the reality of how wrong this was.  But how good it felt.  I was not going to stop now.  She looked back at me, with a devil’s look in her eye.  Clearly, she didn’t feel guilty.  Her big grin told me that.

Kate kept bobbing her face on the top half of my cock.  Then I felt one of her hands reach under and just hold my balls.  It sent me over the edge.  My first spurt surprised Kate and she immediately pulled off choking.  My second spurt splashed all over my sister who immediately tried to move out of the way.  With the two girls running and ducking for cover, my hand reached down and led my cock to its conclusion.  By the time the girls recovered, I was growing limp.  I picked up my towel and went to my bedroom.

I heard the girls laughing and a few phrases.  “Did you see…  Oh my god…”

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