Denial or Not

She thought she wanted a strong man who would use her and command her the way she wanted.  Frustrated in her marriage at the lack of orgasmic sex, she yearned for explosive orgasms.  Yet here she was with this man she met over the internet.  In a hotel room he arranged.  They were just supposed to talk but they talked about their sexual desires online.  Desires that were similar not complimentary.

He considered himself a submissive.  Wanting to service women sexually.  Both were into tease and denial.  Both were into being used.

“I want to look at you,” he said.  She took a step back and twirled.  Her short pleated skirt lifting slightly showing off her legs.  Her braless top cut short at her waist exposing just a sliver of her olive toned flesh.  She watched as he looked her up and down.

“Nice,” he said slowly.  “But it’s not what I had in mind.  I want to see you – naked.”  She had sent him pictures of her naked but here in person was a different thing.  Her head lowered, her eyes looking up at his tall frame.  “Now.  I want you naked now,” he demanded.

From their time online, he knew about all of her desires.  He knew her hot buttons and his commanding voice sent a shiver through her.  Her delicate fingers reached for the bottom of her top, pausing just briefly before pulling it over her head.  He was staring at her naked breasts, mesmerized by her erect nipples.  She stood silently enjoying the feel of his lusting eyes.  Time passed.

“Well,” he finally said, “the rest.”  Looking down she removed her boots, skirt and with one last eye lock, she stripped off her panties.  Completely naked, he drank in her figure.  She could see the growing excitement in his eyes and in his pants.  She was an attractive woman, slim and fit for her age.  He made no effort to remove his clothes.

“Get on the bed and open your legs.”  Again commanding.  She was a little confused but did as she was told.  He reached into his overnight bag and pulled out Velcro straps and before she could object he had strapped her arms and legs to the 4-posted bed. 

“What are you doing?” she asked. 

“No questions.  I am going to tease you for the next two hours but not let you have an orgasm.”  With that he got between her legs and began to kiss along her upper thighs.  His nose worked its way between her lips as his tongue found its way to her opening.  His tongue pressed the edges and ran along the rim.  Eventually he lapped the juices pouring from her up inside her lips toward her clit but he didn’t quite engulf it.  Flicking near it created a movement she loved.  It was exciting but not overwhelming. 

He sat up and removed his shirt.  He lay on top of her his naked chest on hers; his lips on her neck; his hand rubbing her mons. Slowly he moved from one position to another.  Suckling on her breasts.  Kissing the flesh of her abdomen and, of course, returning to the center of her sex for more licking, flicking and rubbing.  He inserted a finger into her pussy, then two.  Pushing deep he found her g-spot and rolled circles around it slowly. 

She stretched, arching her back.  His slow pace was killing her.  She wanted more.  He removed the restraints on her legs, lifting each and tying the strap to one of the headposts.  She felt very exposed and vulnerable with her legs spread over her head this way.  With both hands on her ass cheeks, he spread them open and kissed her right in her crack.  No one had ever kissed her ass before and it, at first, felt dirty and wrong but as the kisses turned to licking and the attention moved directly on her brown rim, her pleasure erased her embarrassment.  She felt every slow movement of his tight tongue at her rim, licking her, poking her, spreading her.  His nose was right at the opening to her pussy while his tongue administered to her ass.

He broke for a minute and removed a vibrator from his bag.  “Now the fun begins.”  He turned the vibrator on and applied to her.  She felt the vibrations shocking at first but like a dog running at the end of a leash, it suddenly gripped her in a deeply sexual way.  He moved it up and down near her clit, knowing her clit was too sensitive to be directly stimulated.  Then he removed the vibrator and kissed her clit, wrapping his lips around the little nub and sucking slightly.  He did this again, and again.

“Tell me if you are close so I can stop, he said as he held the vibrator with one hand and inserted fingers of the other deep inside of her.  She had no intention of telling him.  She was trying not to appear too excited, hoping to reach the orgasm he was denying her. 

He moved from one pleasure trigger to the other.  The vibrator and sucking her clit.  Then rubbing her g-spot, kissing her breasts occasionally, pressing his finger through her crack and across her hole.  It was a round robin of excitement.  Changing up the speed and order until her mind entered another zone. 

“Please,” she murmured.

“No,” he said but his assault only grew.  His mouth and the vibrator found room together between her legs.  His rubbing of her g-spot became more rapid.  She was cuming, trying not to show it expecting him to stop if she did.  The arching of her back and the closing of her legs (as much as she could) gave her away.  But he continued to assault her in all of her tender spots.  Her orgasm was gigantic, crashing, impossibly pleasing.  He released the vibrator as her first orgasm subsided and focused on her g-spot.  Shoving his fingers in and out of her, rubbing across the sensitive fleshy patch inside, she began a new orgasm sprouting differently and releasing her fluids. 

When she was fully drained, he released her legs, stood and quickly removed his clothes.  He knelt naked between her legs, his stiff member pointing at her head. 

“May I,” he asked looking at her naked body below him.

“No,” she said sternly.  He fell on top of her with his cock against her abdomen and kissed her.  His hips moved and she felt the warm squirt of his jism between their bodies.

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