Sometimes I wonder if the increasing demand for sex change operations is partially a result of our societal stereotypes for men and women and our intolerance for variation.  What do you think?



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8 Responses to Stereotypes

  1. roxics says:

    I’ve wondered the same thing. I think there is a combination of both. On one hand there are people who are definitely transgender in the sense that they have alwys felt themselves (from a young age) to be the opposite gender they were born as. We’re probably just hearing about those people more.
    On the other hand there are people who see that and it influences them. They realize they aren’t happy with the gender binary but feel trapped by it. So they don’t know how to express it any other way and they know that society still calls for one or the other, male or female. So rather than trying to push the boundaries for their given gender, they instead just adopt the other gender.
    On the other hand(because this guy has three hands) there are crossdressers who specifically want to be both genders at different times. If they had it their way they would push a button and go out as Sally one night and Tim another night completely passable as either.

    My other blog is where I talk about this stuff more often. Pushing the boundaries for mens fashion.

  2. hmm… not everyone cares others opinion. Might be some of them wanted to feel “complete”.

  3. erikamsteele says:

    I think society is just becoming more accepting of people who desire to have the sex changed. I also think that more people are willing to see that gender is not a dichotomy and the lines between what is “masculine” and what is “feminine” are becoming blurred.

    Even though people are still pretty intolerant to “differences”, the internet and social networking makes it easier for people who are different to connect with others that are like them so people are probably more willing to express their true feelings.

  4. I think our society is still very intolerable about a lot of things. 😦 Which amazes me.
    Americans want to appear so enlightened and evolved…and yet are so unwilling to let people live their lives. There always has to be judgment and criticism. And I think all of this has gotten worse over the years. 😦
    And when it comes to anything sexual…I’ve found Americans the most uptight.

  5. I think countries that value a gender more than other have more cases of sex change or gender disphoria.

  6. I’ve often wondered if it has anything to do with the rising demand of shemale porn

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