Diary Part 5 – Michael

Michael had just had his first orgasm with Brandi.  It happened quickly, prematurely, while he was removing Brandi’s jersey.  He was embarrassed by quick trigger.

“You have an amazing amount of cum, Michael.  Do you think about sex often?”

“Y-Y-Yes.  It seems all the time, sometimes.”

“What do you think about?”  Brandi began removing his pants and shorts.  She had to pull his cock back through the opening of his tighty-whities to get them off.  It was the first actual contact she made with his penis and he involuntarily pulled his hips away slightly.

“W-W-Well I t-t-think about some of the g-g-girls at school.”  Brandi waited hoping he would continue his story without her having to pull out every detail of the conversation.  She had completely removed all of Michael’s clothes from the waist down.  His cock was still at attention in spite of its recent evacuation.  When she stood up she saw that he was staring at her breasts.  Her jersey was still bunched around her neck.  She removed it slowly, reaching her hands high in the air.

“Well, tell me more.  What do you think about the girls at school?”  Brandi led him over toward the bed and began to unbutton his shirt.  His chest had the slightest hint of hair.  His young tender skin showing his age.  Not an inch of fat showed anywhere on his toned body.

“I-I-I think of them as n-n-naked.  I t-t-think about touching them.  Sometimes I think about them t-t-touching me.”  After Brandi removed his shirt she laid him on the bed.  She took his penis in her hand and rubbed it up and down.

“Like this, Michael?  So you imagine the girls touching you like this.”  She could feel his cock stiffen under her touch.  “Do you see the way you can stay hard and get ready again after coming the first time?”  She stroked him gently.  “See how I can touch you now and you aren’t coming.  I couldn’t have done this before without you coming.  But I can do it now and it still feels good.  Doesn’t it?”

“Yes, it feels great.”

“Do you want me to put it in my mouth?”

“Y-Y-Yes, p-p-please.”

“It’s OK if you come again.  In fact, I want you to come in my mouth.”  He couldn’t believe she was saying that.  He never expected so much.  He had never had any sex let alone a blow job.  When she licked him he almost came.   He could feel the inside of his cock stretching against the outside skin, pulling it taut from his circumcised head to the very base where her hand held him tight.  She engulfed his tip and slowly moved down on it.  He wished she would do it quicker but it feel wonderful.  He had trouble trying to keep his hips from arching.  Her other hand cupped his balls very gently and her finger traced a line below the tight ridges of his balls.  She lifted her head momentarily.

“If you want me to keep doing this, tell me about your fantasies with the girls at school.”  She placed her lips on the top of his cock and waited for him to talk.”

“There is this one g-g-girl, Vicki, who drives me crazy.  S-S-She has a perfect figure and I think about undressing her piece by piece.  She sometimes wears an athletic bra with a l-l-loose shirt over it.  She’s very s-s-sexy.  I think about her when I masturbate.  I think about f-f-fa – about making love to her.”

Brandi began sucking him faster, pumping up and down on his slippery juicy cock.  His hips were locked in an arch.  He barely finished talked when he started to spurt.  Brandi kept her mouth around him sucking in his cum.  Her lips and tongue continued to rub the upper half of his cock while her hand pulled him at the base.

“OOOOOOooooooh,” he screamed rather loudly.  Brandie sucked in his manly spunk until he stopped spurting.  She lifed her head and swallowed.  A small dollop of cream spilled from between her lips.

“Thank you, Michael.  I enjoyed that.  Was it good for you too?”

“Oh yes,” he said emphatically without a moment of hesitation in his voice.  Brandi wiped her mouth and then picked a stray hair from between her teeth.

“Was it much better the second time?”  Michael nodded.  “Remember that for next time and try not to settle for the untouched one.  Oh, and by the way, next time we’re going to shave that pubic hair of yours.”

To Be Continued

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7 Responses to Diary Part 5 – Michael

  1. erikamsteele says:

    Change public to pubic, if you haven’t already. I’ve been enjoying reading these.

  2. Pubic hair become public when it’s in my mouth! 😉 Ha! 😀
    Another GREAT chapter! I’m really enjoying these!
    I really like when men write erotica…I find they are better at it than females. I love when you talk about how the man feels…what he’s feeling/thinking emotionally and physically.

  3. marica0701 says:

    These have been very good 😀

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