Index, Diary of a Sex Therapist

If you are new to my blog, I wrote a series of stories about a Sex Therapist.  Using this index you can keep them in some logical order.  I hope you enjoy them and keep in mind that comments and likes on old posts are still appreciated.

The first story was written in August, 2013 and can be found HERE.  It introduces Michael, our first patient.  Michael is very shy around women and his mother has brought him to the therapist in order to improve his confidence.  More of Michael’s sessions can be found:

Second Session

Third Session

Fourth Session

Fifth Session

Our second patient is Marina.  She is 29 and has never experienced an orgasm.  She is concerned about her frigidity but her medical doctor has assured her that her problem is not physical.  Her story starts HERE.  And continues

Second Session

Third Session

Lena was a nymphomaniac.  A beautiful woman she was unable to maintain a relationship with any single man because she desired every man she encountered including the Doctor.

First Session

Second Session

Third Session

Binita is a shy woman of Indian extraction.  She’s hoping to gain a better sense of her body and the role sex plays in her life.

First Session

Second Session


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One Response to Index, Diary of a Sex Therapist

  1. Kristi says:

    thanks for sending me here. it will be a good reference for me to come back to as I continue to read.

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