It seems to be that a large number of women want to be dominated by a man.  I’ve noticed that a high percentage of the erotic writers are targeting this audience (and probably share the fantasy as well).  This seems in contrast to the push for advancement in “real Life” that women have pushed for and achieved in the last 40 years.  I wonder if one is related to the other.

When I was younger, I often heard that the very successful men often liked to be dominated in the bedroom.  They liked to be told what to do.  It represented a change of pace,  An escape from their day to day reality of being in charge.

Is this what is happening now or have women always felt this way.  Is there something inherent in the feminine makeup that seeks out male domination or is it the result of women dealing much more with the pressures of career, money and independence.  What do you think?

And finally, are there enough dominant men to go around?


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6 Responses to Submissives

  1. erikamsteele says:

    I think you think about things too much, or maybe it is just me. I don’t think about things enough. Maybe some people like t be dominated because of stress and they want to relinquish control. I think that’s weird. I hate when things are not in my control. For me, domination is about a power struggle. I don’t want to be told what to do, I want to be made to do it. I think most of the men that were more dominant than I am also liked the idea of making me do something.

  2. hm idk I don’t think I’m submissive but then people seem to think I am, it’s a matter of perspectives I guess.

    I don’t like being told what to do, but I am a pleaser, I like to please the person I love in every way possible, even better if he/she doesn’t even have to express such desire, I like pleasing him/her without being asked/told to.

    • rushmorejudd says:

      What is your man wanted to be dominated. Would you be comfortable in control as a way to please him? Telling him what to do, etc.

      • yup, I would be comfortable and I’m usually able to have lots of fun on both roles, but it has never happened before (previous experience) so I guess it has a lot to do with how safe I feel with my partner atm.

  3. I am a VERY laid back person AND a people pleaser…so, I have to be careful…because I DON’T like it when strong-willed women try to boss/dominate me…especially if they do it in a mean way.

    As for domination sexually…if I can trust the guy…if he has concern for me…then I enjoy being submissive. I have a man in my life who does this for me, and he does it well. But sometimes I still I have to encourage him to be rougher…because he’s worried about hurting me. But, we do have sex that is very gentle, too. We mix it up.

    Given some things that happened in my childhood, it’s weird that I like to be dominated “in the bedroom”…but I do. I’ve never had anyone analyze this…I think I know why…but I’ve never discussed my personal thoughts with anyone else.

    I can be the one in control in any situation if the need arises or someone wants me to be. I’ve been a teacher for years…been in charge of many classrooms (of children and classes of adults)…I’ve been in charge of projects and volunteer groups that involved hundreds of people, etc… I CAN take charge and I do it well. But, for some reason I like when a good man is in control.

    Most of the men that I’ve talked to about BDSM have said they don’t like it…they are afraid they would hurt the woman.

    Well, just some feedback to your questions.

    Submissive HUGS!!! 😀

    • rushmorejudd says:

      I suspect that for those of us who grew up feeling unloved in some way have a similar profile – we want to succeed in business/social situations (to prove our worth) but feel more comfortable in the submissive/giving position sexually.(to please our partners).

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