Naked Sister

She pretended to be asleep.  Lying naked in her bed with her door slightly ajar.  She heard her brother stirring around in the bathroom.  He would have to pass her room to return to his.  She knew he liked to try to steal looks at her, like constantly opening her door and coming in without knocking.  He often did so when she was dressing.  But she would yell and he would have to leave.

Now she was going to give him a good look and let him take her all in.  The anticipation was making her very wet.  He seemed to take forever.  She hoped he didn’t masturbate in the shower, something she saw him doing once.  She was thinking about how his long thin penis would get hard looking at her.  She tried to open her eyes just the slightest to see if she could see anything, positioning her head to get the best view.

She heard the sink go silent and then slight footsteps.  They stopped.  He was looking!  Her heart was beating out of her chest and she wondered if – with his eyes on her breasts – if he would see it.  And she was breathing harder.  And getting wetter.  She moved her hips slightly as though still asleep.

She was afraid of opening her eyes.  Listening for footsteps and hearing nothing.  Minutes went by.  Could he see the moisture in her legs?  Would he be masturbating? Is his cock in his hand?  She tried to open her eyes slightly but could only see his feet.  He was still watching her!

Her curiosity overcame her and she opened her eyes.  Yes, he was masturbating!  His tiny tightie-whities were wrapped around his knees looking like they were going to snap.  His hand on his naked cock going 90 miles an hour.  She quickly closed her eyes, his image burnt into her memory.  Did he see her open his eyes?  Perhaps he was too busy looking at her pussy lightly covered by fine red hair.

She heard no footsteps.  No running to his room, knowing he was caught.  She heard a muffled grunt.  With eyes closes she easily saw what was going on.  He was savoring her young woman’s body and masturbating to the point of no return.  Maybe he did see her open her eyes and just didn’t care.  Her whole body was filled with tension and she had to stretch.  Pretending she might be awakening, she lifted one arm and stretched, opening her legs a bit more when finishing the release.

She heard a noticeable grunt.  An orgasmic grunt.  He came, she thought.  She opened her eyes to see him leaning in her doorway.  His hand against the jam and his whole body pumping his cock through it.  His cock was still spurting fluid into her room.


Into her room.  That bastard!  GET OUT OF HERE YOU LITTLE BRAT!  She got up slammed the door.  Noticing the cum on her floor, she stole a taste with her fingertip and went back to bed.  She lay there for 20 minutes or so enjoying the effect of her body on her brother.


She realized his eyes were fixated on hers.  She smiled and he looked shocked and embarrassed.  She might have been naked but he masturbated.  She watched him while he awkwardly pulled up his pants.  She had to keep herself from laughing.  She pulled the sheet over her to disguise the movements of her hand.

Which ending do you like? One, two or three!

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3 Responses to Naked Sister

  1. tripx713 says:

    Definitely ending #2. Both know and they both are aware the other knows….
    It also shows how much the sister revels in her power….and knows how much power he could have over her. It also shows her desire for him….by tasting his proof of desire for her.

  2. ~M says:

    Thanks for following my other blog today. I loved this, and I’m glad I found your blog. I think I have a lot of reading to catch up on. Your writing style is one I really enjoy. 😉 The second ending was the best. And it left me wondering what they might do the next time. Would they eventually go farther and do what is absolutely forbidden? It made me curious to know.

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