Diary of a Sex Therapist, Part 2

We have been working with Marina for three weeks.  She is 29, and came to us for help with frigidity.  She has never experienced an orgasm whether with a man or alone.  Last week Hector began his first sexual foray.  He stripped naked for her and let her play with his penis and run her hands over his body.  She remained clothed for the entire session.  At the end of the session he engaged in kissing with her.  She began to show some signs of excitement but unfortunately they ran out of time.  Today’s session was scheduled for two hours and I was monitoring the dimly lit room through the webcam.

“How are you today, Marina?”  He got up from his seat and gave her a big hug.  He continued to hug her for an extended period of time while chatting softly in her ear.  “Are you ready for our session today?  Are you nervous?”  She said she wasn’t.  She wasn’t a virgin after all.  Hector kissed her while standing, hugging.  He made them soft kisses.  He continued until he felt that she was responding to his lips moving together, tasting each other.  He wore loose fitting flannel sports pants and his erection was easy for her to feel as it grew.

“Today we are going to work on you as I told you in the last session.  I’d like you to get completely undressed and lie on the bed.  You may put the sheet over you if you like.  I will be back in a minute.”  Hector left the room while Marina got undressed.  She was a bit on the slim side with small breasts.  She had long dark hair and her pussy was naturally hairy.  After a couple of minutes, Hector returned.  Marina lay on the twin bed with the sheet modestly draped over her.

Hector went over to her and kissed her resting one hand on her shoulder.  She put her arms around his neck and returned his kisses.  He took her arms and removed them placing them gently beside her hips.

“I’m going to ask you to relax while I try to discover what will excite you.  I want you to lie still and think about how what I am doing to you feels.  I want you to experience taking without any need to give back.”  He took her face in his hands and kissed it in a circle from cheek to cheek, forcing her to close her eyes.  His hands grazed the sides of her neck and smoothed the top of her shoulders.  His lips followed.  He rubbed his hand ever the sheet feeling her breasts beneath.  He began stroking her with both hands.   He moved up and down her torso with long gentle strokes.  I could see her nipples harden under the sheet. 

He moved to her lower section and spread her legs.  He tucked the sheet tightly around her.  Starting at her feet, he tucked each leg separately pushing it under her.  He pushed it under her crotch and around her hips, continuing up to the top of the sheet.  The sheet ended at her underarms leaving her arms still exposed.  The sheet felt cool, the sheet strangely comforting, and his hands nurturing.  She was beginning to feel relaxed.

He returned to stroking her body under the sheet.  Long strokes that went the whole length of her body.  Gently gliding over her breasts, through her abdomen and down her thighs.   Each stroke moved a bit closer to her pussy.  After about 10 minutes of stroking her he slowed his pace and began heading directly toward her private junction.  He could feel her thick hair under the sheet as his fingers slid across and down.  One hand rubbed her lips allowing her blood to flow and fill them.  The other rested on her rib cage just below her breasts.

“I don’t expect that we will achieve an orgasm today.  I’ll just be exploring what excites you, so try to stay relaxed and enjoy the sensations.  How does this feel?”

“Nice.”  Her voice cracked a bit as though some phlegm was caught in her throat.  His middle finger slid between her lips which were expanding under his touch.  His other hand cupped one breast pushing it up and brushing over her nipple.  After a long time stroking her pussy, he asked her to raise her knees.  He moved to the bottom of the bed, lifted the sheet and stuck his head underneath.  He kissed the inside of her thighs and her legs inadvertently closed on head. 

“Just relax,” he said in a muffled voice.  Using his arms to open her legs he moved closer to her pussy.  She smelled of excitement.  Moisture was forming around her opening as he opened her lips with his thumbs.  He licked her dragging some of the moisture out of her and into her slit.  The taste of her sweet nectar excited him.  His lips worked their way into the folds of hers, licking and kissing throughout, listening carefully for every response.  Eventually he worked his way to her clitoris, and as he pressed on it with his tongue, Marina moaned.   His lips surrounded it, pushed the skin backwards and he sucked on the tiny nub.  She moaned louder and arched slightly. 

He relaxed his lips, and began a gentle flicking touching her very lightly.  At the same time his finger found her entrance and he pressed against the opening.  A fingertip found its way into the tight ring of flesh, then two.  Slowly he pushed them deeper, wiggling them in.  Marina’s heart began to beat faster, her breathing became labored, her limbs moved involuntarily.

Hector fell into a rhythm.  He was an exceptional lover which is why I have used him in my practice.  I was getting excited watching him work his magic but I was able to maintain my professional composure and made a few additional notes.

Marina seemed to be on the edge but not quite ready to explode.  Something seemed to be holding her back.  Hector lifted his head and through the sheet aside.  His hands grasped her waist.

“Now Marina, I do not want you to have an orgasm.  I do not want you to finish until I am done exploring all of your sensitive parts.  Can you do that for me?”  Marina nodded, wondering to herself if Hector had forgotten why she was there.  His hands squeezed her breasts, his lips moved to her nipples and sucked on them.  He reached under her thighs and lifted her legs over her head.  His hands again reached for her breasts while still wrapped around her thighs.  He lowered his face back to her hairy triangle.  Dipping down his mouth found her opening, sticking his tongue inside while his nose dug in between her heavy thick lips.

He removed one arm from around her leg, replacing his tongue with his fingers and moving his mouth up and around her clitoris.  I could see his fingers pumping into her and his face moving and darting around her pussy which was slick with his juices or hers or both.  Marina was back into full excitement mode, responding to every movement of his lips and tongue.  Again she was hanging on to her reservations. 

Lifting his head slightly, Hector reminded her not to orgasm.  It was almost an admonishment.  But he returned to her as vigorously as ever.  There was no slowing in his method.  She stayed at the edge for quite a while.  Hector’s reserve psychology wasn’t working.  I was trying to read what was going on in her mind.  Hector began to slow down and took her from a high level of excitement down through stages to a more normal state.  When he lifted his head I could see her hair was soaked with juices.

“You did very well, Marina.  I’m glad you were able to control your orgasm.”  Hector lied.  I could sense his disappointment.  He picked up the sheet off of the ground and wiped up the juices with an edge.  “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“That was very interesting.  I may have had an orgasm.  I could feel a lot of my juices were flowing.  You are a very capable lover, Hector.  Thank you very much.”

“I’ll look forward to our next session, Marina.” 

To Be Continued


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3 Responses to Diary of a Sex Therapist, Part 2

  1. Interesting idea…subject…stories about a sex therapist! Great writing, Rush! Last year, I watched the movie The Sessions…and then a documentary about a sex therapist and her “job”…both movies were very good.
    Your story has me wanting to know more about the characters…and what happens next…
    And your sexual scenes definitely work…work really well…they get my senses and my body and mind involved. 🙂 (I’m trying to keep my comment decent.)
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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