Diary of Sex Therapist, 8, Lena

Lena was truly a beautiful woman by anyone’s criteria.  She was blonde, blue-eyes, with a perfect figure.  She was the kind of woman you’d assume would have the world by the tail.  Men would drool over her and women would be jealous or try to be her friend.

“Hi Lena, I’m Doctor Potterfield.”  Her hands were warm and I felt a shock of intimacy and desire when we shook.  “What brings you to see me?”

“Well, Doctor, I have a serious problem.  When I’ve mentioned it to friends they don’t understand.”  There was a pause and I( let it linger.  “I’m a nymphomaniac.”  Her eyes were looking down at the floor ashamed of what she was admitting.

“What makes you say that, Lena?  Can you describe your behaviors?”

“Well I want to fuck most of the men I see and I act on it all too often.”  Her eyes lifted, making contact with mine.  “I can’t seem to control it.  I just want to excite them.  I want to take off my clothes and make them hard.  And once they’re hard I want to taste them and hold them.  I once I taste them my pussy aches for them.” 

As she described her desires, I noticed that her eyes were looking me up and down.  My office was set up with two comfortable chairs and a small round table between them.  I deliberately wanted to create an atmosphere of conversation.   Her eyes had an effect on me but I found it easy to suppress.

“How old are you Lena?”


“And how many men have you slept with?”

“I don’t sleep with any of them, Doctor.  I just fuck them.”   She paused until I smiled at her little joke.  “I don’t know exactly but I’d say about 40 or 50.”

“That is, quite a few.  And how do you feel about these men once you’ve fucked them.”

“Indifference, mostly.  As I said I don’t sleep with any of them.  I just fuck them.  Afterwards, I go on as though nothing happened between us.  Although some of the guys , don’t get it and want to see me again.  But I shut them down.”

“Do you see any of these men a second time?”

“Oh, a few.”

“Have you had a longer term relationship with anyone?”

“In high school I had a boyfriend through junior and most of senior year.  Until he found out I was having sex with others, including our science teacher.”

“And how did he find out about your teacher?” 

“He found a note that I wrote for him.  It was pretty sexual.  I was telling the teacher how good the sex was with him.  It was, you know, because most of the sex I had until then was with high school boys and not very good.  He was the first real good lover I had.  He brought me to multiple orgasms for the first time.  Ever since then I’ve had a thing about older men.”  She looked leeringly at me when she said this last sentence.

“So you have no trouble reaching an orgasm?”

“No, not at all.  I orgasm every day at least once.  Usually more.”

“And so what are the problems that you see with your behavior?”

“It’s hard to maintain a relationship with anyone.  Anytime, I’ve had a boyfriend, if you’d call it that, I wind up cheating on them.  I can’t control myself.  And girls don’t want to be my friend either.  They get mad at me or jealous or both.”

“Do you feel lonely at lot?”

“All the time, unless I’m fucking.”  Her hand had been playing with her hair but now moved lower and absentmindedly was stroking the edge of her jersey right along the V-neck that exposed the inner tops of her white breasts..  Her fingertips were under the jersey as she stroked slowly up and down.

“And what about your parents – do you see them often?”

“My real parents died in an auto accident when I was three.  I was in the car but thrown out of a window.  I was in a car seat and basically unharmed.  I lived in a couple of foster homes.  The last couple took me when I was 10 and kept me until I graduated from high school.  They found out about my cheating ways and haven’t had much to do with me since I left.

“Do you always keep it so hot in your office? “  She stood up and pulled the jersey out of the top of her skirt.  She waved the bottom of it causing air to flow up and under it.  She unsnapped the button on her skirt and sat back down.  “Can I take off my top?”

“I think that is all the time we have for today, Lena.  Let’s set another date and we’ll continue our therapy then.”  I knew this was one I would primarily handle myself and I hoped to do so without having sex with her, although the idea was quite intriguing.  Maybe I should have sex with her as part of her therapy.  To experience firsthand the thrill she gets from sex.  Would that really be helpful or was I just feeding my own lust for this beautiful young woman.

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4 Responses to Diary of Sex Therapist, 8, Lena

  1. Oh. Wondering where this will go!
    I have a friend who IS “Lena”…you’ve described her sex life. She is often very lonely and sad. She can’t seem to make a deeper connection…an emotional connection with people.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

  2. marica0701 says:

    Hmm, I can’t wait to see what sort of treatments Lena will get.

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