Sex Therapist 11, Lena

(New Readers: Lena’s sessions start here)

“Hi Doctor.  How are you today?”  Lena shook my hand and immediately invaded my space, moving her body right in close to mine.  I didn’t mind.  Taking in her aroma was like fresh based bread.  No, it was like the fresh scent of flowers in the spring.  No, it was her.  The warm heat of her smooth flesh emanating an odor that surrounded her like a cocoon, and enveloped me in its sweet, soft arms.

Today, I expected to fuck her and so everything this gorgeous nymphomaniac dished out today, I was willing to accept.  I hoped it would lead her to a better understanding of her behavior but I had also got caught up in the fantasy.  All week I had been thinking about her.  Letting my imagination get away from me.  Letting my erection grow under my naked self as I went to bed.  Sometimes having to relieve the pressure that built up within.  These were good releases.  Strong releases. 

Realizing that I showed no intention of moving away from her, she pressed her body against me.  I felt an electric shock as her breasts squeezed themselves against my chest.  Her arms slithered around the small of my back.  My cock was already hard and it pressed against the rounded flesh of her abdomen.

“Are you going to make love to me today, Doctor?  You’ve hinted at it.  You seem ready.”  Her eyes pointed downward.   I was aware of every movement of her body.  Arms, breasts, stomach, legs – all moving just slightly making my insides shudder.  Her blonde hair fell across my neck.  Its softness was startling yet soothing.

“Well, Lena, I occasionally use it as part of my therapy.  I sometimes find that it helps a client make progress toward understanding their behavior.”

“Well you’ll have to stop the mumbo jumbo talk if you want a piece of this.”  She took a step back and pushed one strap over her shoulder, then the other.  Her dress fell to the floor, revealing her black matching see-through bra and panties.  Why is it that seeing a breast or a pussy in a shadow, fully exposed but slightly disguised is so much hotter than the naked truth?

“You should be telling me how beautiful I am and how much you want me.”  She had one hand on her hip and was swaying her body, flaunting her perfect figure in front of me.  “If you think I’m so easy that you don’t have to romance me, you are mistaken.  I want the romance just like any other girl.”  She moved forward putting her outstretched hand on my chest.  She pushed me back into my chair until I was seated.  She then straddled me.

“Well, what have you got to say for yourself?”  She reached behind her and started to remove her bra.  Her hips were moving across my thighs rubbing against my extended cock.

“Do you always get the romance you want?  Could you stop yourself now if you wanted to?” 

“Of course I could stop.”  She leaned forward and pressed her naked breasts against my chest.  Her mouth hovered over my ear while her hair tickled my cheek.  “Do you really want me to stop?  I feel something down here that tells me you want to continue.”  Her hand was rubbing my swollen cock which was feeling terribly cramped inside my pants. 

Her wet lips kissed me just below my ear, then on my neck.  Her hands worked at my belt.  Oh, her aroma, the softness of her hair.  My arms surrounded her, touching her warm supple tempting flesh.  I felt her pop me free, as she slid down my body, her face moving closer to my cock, now constrained not by my pants but by the size of my skin.  I swear the inside of my cock was trying to expand outside its skin.  It wanted to explode.  My mind could sense her moving, coming closing.  The anticipation growing powerfully like an accelerating freight train.   Finally her lips wrapped themselves around my hard stiff pole.  Her tongue and lips danced, her hands removed my pants.

It’s a powerful feeling to have a beautiful woman attending to your sexual desires.  Watching her between her legs, sitting at your feet.  Her eyes staring up, submissively, actively seeking your approval.  She had sparkling blue eyes that darted back and forth, seeking, searching for every little sign of reaction.  With every reaction to her lips, her tongue, her cheeks, her hands, she countered.  I had to admit she was wonderfully talented.  Accelerating my excitement she would take me close to the brink and then slow before it’s too late.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  Each time a new level was achieved.

I don’t remember removing my shirt or shoes or anything for that matter.  I do remember her leading over to the bed and lying me down.  We were both completely naked when she sat her soppy musty pussy on my face.  It was demanding attention and I didn’t let it down, licking her moisture, tonguing her slit, sucking on her quite large clit.  Her clit was like a tiny penis.  I had never had one so large inside my mouth.  I could actually pull it into my mouth, wrap my lips around it and pull the skin up and down it.  She began screaming with each thrust of my lips. 

She was playing with my cock but I could tell she was losing control as her ministrations began to lose focus.  Her breathing became labored and when I poked a finger into her ass while sucking on her clit, her body released and convulsed.  Fluid poured from her cunt, soaking my face.  Her legs clamped around my head.  I had trouble breathing but held on through the length of her orgasms.  When she finished she rolled off me and while I was still gasping for air, mounted me.

She sat on my erection pushing it slowly into her.  In spite of the abundance of moisture, her tunnel was tightly wrapped around me.  It was wonderful, natural, normal.  She sat on me and moved up and down slowly.  Her hands rested her weight on my chest.  Her hair fell around her face as she stared into my eyes.  Her eyes were no longer darting, no longer seeking but driven, purposeful, persistent.  She moved her hips deliberately.  Gaining speed, she lowered her chest against mine.  Her nipples hard as pebbles, pressed into her pillows of supple flesh.  It didn’t take long before she overwhelmed me.  Wrapped together as one.  Hips moving together.  Flesh melded.  My excitement all consuming and her enabling it, allowing me to consummate it.  In perfect time I exploded deep inside of her.  Her movements perfectly timed to each explosion.  Peaking with each burst.

“Fuck,” I thought as I realized I hadn’t used a condom.  Stupid, stupid, stupid.  But done.  Too late to reverse the action.  I could only hope she was clean and on birth control.  And I knew, of course, that she perhaps the highest risk person I had ever fucked with.  A woman who probably does 20 men a month.  Gesus what was I thinking.  Normally I would want to push this woman off of me but in spite of her promiscuity, I felt a connection with her and continued to hold her in my arms as a soothing numbness filled my brain.

She woke me up when she pulled off of me.  The cold air rushing over me where her warm body had been.  How long had a slept?  I looked over at the clock and our time was over.  I had another client in 15 minutes.  It was the last thing in the world I wanted.  And I sure didn’t want to use our entire session fucking.  There was supposed to be a wrap up but it would have to wait until our next session.

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9 Responses to Sex Therapist 11, Lena

  1. mala says:

    “She was playing with my cock but I could tell she was losing control as her ministrations began to lose focus.” I love that moment 🙂

  2. marica0701 says:

    Woah, she really took charge in that session!

  3. Nora says:

    For a character like hers, it was nice to see that tender moment from her right around the end of the session, having let him sleep in her embrace for a while.

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  5. Kristi says:

    you should continue these. why did you stop?

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